through Lisa, 19th December 2006

Good evening Lisa. Greetings, my dear brothers and sisters. This holiday season is a most joyous time for some and a very sad time for others. Some believe it is a time to honor the birth of Jesus while others look forward to the family gatherings and the gift giving. I do not make any distinctions or judgments regarding traditions or beliefs.

The true meaning of the season is LOVE. And this remains true for the rest of the year as well. What I see in your hearts is the most important thing to me. If you are learning to experience the world through a loving heart, then you know the greatest joy of all. You are growing spiritually. If you can do all things with love for yourself and your fellow man you are truly free of the burdens of life.

Blessed are those who know their extended family. I am talking about your Celestial family. Blessed are those who sit alone and feel their extended family gathered around them. For they are never lonely.

We, your celestial family, are eager to gather with you this holiday season. We enjoy your parties, family gatherings. We gather with you in prayer groups, at holiday events. We celebrate the joy that the season brings. If you can bring a few moments of happiness to someone who is lonely or in need then you have answered our spiritual call.

I ask that you take time to send Light to the less fortunate, the poor, the oppressed, the soldiers, the homeless and the hungry. When they receive your loving energy it helps to elevate their spirits. It gives them the hope they need to carry on.

A smile can change the outlook of a stranger's day. Carrying a grocery bag to someone's car or offering someone a ride home are some of the ways you can make a difference.

This is how you grow spiritually, my children. Try to live in the heart day by day. Every time you reach out to help someone, you are reaching out to Me.

Did you know that your DNA physically changes when you laugh? When you have happy thoughts or love one another, you repair every living cell in your body. They take on the loving vibration of God. It's the perfect gift, is it not? Your cells work more efficiently and duplicate perfectly. This is the way to remain healthy as well as repair your body. It is very simple my children ... everything done in Love.

I send to each of you hope, peace, and happiness this holiday season. It brings me so much pleasure to see you caring for one another. I am with you as you enjoy the festivities. I am with you to partake of the wonderful food on your tables. I am there to do a little dancing with you. Will you remember to acknowledge my presence? What you do unto others you do unto me. I know your Hearts well.

I am Sananda

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