Sananda and the Second Coming

by 2012

An introduction to the new Mission of

Sananda/Esu Immanuel

It was foretold two millennia ago that the Man of Galilee, known by some as Esu Immanuel and other names, would return and that he would have a new name.

Neither of these prophecies seem to have gone down well with the Church in general. And I do not think that they relish this happening in their own lifetime! A bad conscience, perhaps?

This is unfortunate - for some - as it has been known for almost two decades now that his new name is "SANANDA". He also began informing some of his followers in early 2005 that this was the year for his Second Coming, at least in the spirit - and that Mohammed and Buddha would also return for their followers. That plan is still on hold but should be in 2008 as the announcement of NESARA was a prerequisite for his coming. [Mohammed also gave his first message in 2005]

Some receivers have given exact dates for his physical return, but he has always said that this date was not yet known, and that certain preliminaries (such as the announcement of NESARA) had to be completed before it could take place. Prophecies which give a specific date must always be taken with a grain of salt.

The first preliminary requirement was that his messages to the Churches be distributed as corrections to what their present doctrines held. He selected another "John the Baptist" (this time a woman, as this is the Age of Feminity) to receive these messages telepathically and present them in book form to his first selected Church. She will then meet with representatives of this Church, who may ask questions which will be answered through His messenger telepathically. At this point He will only be present in Spirit, not in the flesh.

The other Christian churches would then be addressed in a similar way.

A visit to Jerusalem would follow. It is not quite clear at what juncture the physical Second Coming takes place, but it will be after the visit to Jerusalem and when the world is at peace.

By that time the landing of space-craft will have become commonplace (starting two weeks after the NESARA announcement) - in fact, plans for the replacement of jetliners by environmentally-friendly 'flying saucers' or shuttles are now being readied. The biblical reference to "coming in the clouds" meant of course coming in a space-craft - which will be a shuttle from the starship "Capricorn." Every eye shall see Him.

His principal message is twofold:

Those churches which ignore His corrected teachings will not survive. His model church is being created under the name "First Church of St Germain", which has already been incorporated and will operate healing and teaching centres under the name "Sananda Center" and the first books containing his revised teachings are being published by the First Church of St Germain shortly.

Sananda and St Germain work very closely together.

One of the main problems with messages allegedly received from the Higher realms is that one must be telepathic in order to receive accurately. Sananda has stated that all congregations of all churches should have at least one telepath who can communicate with Him and receive messages, otherwise churches which ignore his new doctrines will soon disintegrate. The people (let's use the church's term of members and 'adherents') are becoming more and more knowledgeable and are questioning what they have been taught - which common sense often tells them cannot be right.

To help correct this problem a Guide to Telepathy is being put together which is free of charge.

Telepathy is becoming very popular and telepaths are grouping together to verify the accuracy of the messages they receive. This has had a profound impact on information being distributed at this most important juncture in the history of mankind.

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Joseph of Arimathea and Immanuel ben Joseph (Jesus Christ)

Amazing Photos
These photographs were taken near the Sea of Galilee on a visit to the Holy Land in 1967 by a photographer (who does not want to be named) with a simple Kodak Instamatic camera, at the invitation of Pleiadians, who said they would show her scenes from back in time (about April 31 AD). When the film was developed it showed Immanuel ben Joseph (Jesus Christ) with his maternal uncle, Joseph of Arimithea; and a group entitled "The Great Decision" with Joseph of Arimathea, Immanuel ben Joseph (Jesus) with his younger brother James and Simon Peter.
Second Coming foretold
Joseph of Arimathea, Immanuel ben Joseph, brother James, Simon Peter
It was at this moment that Immanuel made his choice to return to Jerusalem,
explaining the looks of concern and sorrow seen on the faces of the others.
It was this One Man's Great Decision which forever changed the course of history.

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