Mohammed Speaks About the Cartoons

through Candace Frieze
8th February 2006

Hello beloveds, I AM Mohammed. I come today to discuss the recent issues of the caricatures of myself, and the reaction to them. This is a politcal ploy to unite Western peoples against Islam, in a sense to increase the sagging support of these peoples. It is but a game.

I would love for the people of Islam, to do one of two things, either ignore it, or fight back in a similar manner, put up comics against the Western belief systems, and similar peaceful and educational tools. To war and burn down buildings of my caricature, is not what I would have taught, and nor do I support these tactics now. The world needs to understand all these games being played, and to play back in a more thoughtful way. Make your cartoons truthful, do not put falsehoods in them, and in that you show you are the better team!

To burn buildings and hold riots only adds fuel to the Western fire. You make yourselves look less than godly in this, and that of course is the goal. You have behaved exactly as they hoped, you fell into their trap. Show a better way.

Islam was created to fight the dragon, and there are better ways to do this. There is nothing so sacred about me, that a picture or cartoon can't be used. In fact, the thoughtful use of a caraciture of me, in political retaliation would be quite a good idea. To use what you think I may have looked like back then, in a good political way, supporting the few great teachings that I was able to instill, would be good to do. Burning buildings is not. Do not assist the antichrist. Recognize the games of the antichrist, and do not play them. They have infiltated Islam, with their filth and their ways. You must discard this.

There has arisen an interesting leader in Iran at this time, who knows the dragon games rather well. And the NWO is not pleased with being openly challenged. There is not the creation of nuclear weapons in Iran at this time, anymore than in Iraq. This is a ploy, an attack against this leader, who knows the truth and is willing to stand in it. This creates as usual fear and hatred in the Western peoples, who are of Judeo Christian origin, and in general in the hands of the antichrist, without knowing it. You can use good journalism to educate these ones, and better display the God within. I am not up there in the sky my friends, and neither is God. You are God together, and you must come away from the concocted teachings that have been added to Islam, that I did not bring by my choice.

Islam has many problems culturally right now. You put down your women and make them dress absurdly. They in general do not have power in many areas. Women are 1/2 of God, fully 1/2, not the lesser half. They need to be in your politics, you will benefit greatly from the feminine energy, that tends to use non violent methods to get work done. To war in a physical manner, especially as the aggressor is not of my teachings. Warring is for defense only. It is not for conquest, nor it is useful to defend a non physical warring, as has happened with the cartoons, with physical war. Why must you burn buildings fair away from Europe in your anger? What does that look like to one who observes from a distance, watching it all?

Fight fire with fire, is a good idea to consider. They fought with cartoons, fight back with cartoons, my beloved. Fighting fire with fire is valid, even with real fire. Firefighters often create a fire, to burn ground and direct the new fire towards the central fire, which works by taking away fuel for the central fire. Take away their fuel my beloved, do not add to the fire with real flames.

Use political and psychological tools just like they are using. Be creative, do it better. Show my "image" of being one with all, show your Godhood in this manner. Only fight back with weapons, if that is the needed defense. You have shamed yourselves in others eyes, by the burning of these buildings. You have defeated your cause, rather than building upon it.

I AM asking all who read at Candace's website, to identify Islamic websites and Islamic News services, including and send both my big message from last summer, and this short one to these places. Most will not listen, but a few might at least study the idea. And you will have opened a door in the process. We have much to do to heal Islam, and in the healing the truth of how my mission was obstructed, will come a new and wonderful Islam.

This is a strong statement to those who will receive this message in the press, but the Quran is not truly my work. You must understand that I was deceived and a radio chip planted in my brain, through which the Surahs were given. These were never written down, but memorized according to the traditions at the time. There were few that were literate, and I was not either. By the tradition of oral memory the Surahs were further degraded, and the others Islamic resources are not valid either.

After my coming, we shall throw out the Quran and start over from scratch. You must stop being offended by such as the throwing of the book in the trash, or down the sewer. I will shortly in this wait, work up a new simple set of instructions for you, which Candace will publish on her website for future readers, Islamic and non Islamic. This would be appropriate to place in her Changing the Face of Religion section. I do remind you, I am returning my beloved's, to set the record straight, and gift Islam with the real tools of life, real truths, that which IS. Namaste, raise up your Godhood within, Mohammed.

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