Sananda on the SECOND COMING

Part 9: October, 2005

(updated on a daily basis)

31st October: Now is the time for all the goblins to be around for your celebration of All Hallows Eve. We find that it is an amusing change from a holy day to a share-the-treats holiday. However, help ensure that all is done in safety. We hope that many of the children will be accompanied by adults in the background.

There is considerable interest in the Second Coming and that is as it should be. While no man knows the day or hour of my coming, it is sufficient to know that it is the season of My Coming. I shall soon be closer among you, in the spirit. There are some who are already requesting my healing influence in their lives. I shall do what I can, that is, for the betterment of those who ask or pray for my health-giving capabilities.

There will be some whom I will also endow with an increase in the healing abilities that they have been blessed with. There is much to be done, and it will take many of us, to be able to make the changes that will ensure that there is better health and better healing for those who desire to be healed.

It will be important for me to be able to communicate more closely with my many church leaders. Your efforts to get mailings to my church leaders is appreciated. I shall be expecting to have such communication sent to the many church leaders in your area as soon as the first landing is completed. There will be an intensified interest when the church leaders are again told that I shall soon be among them in the spirit. They will have messages from me through the voice of my beloved helper, Angela, and she will be able to take my thoughts and present my messages directly to all of those of my churches who will take the time to listen. Let them know that I come in the spirit to be among them at the time of the first shuttle show-and-go landings. Can you do that?

Yes, dear Sananda. The letters will be duplicated and mailed as soon as the shuttle landing in known to happen.

I must help bring peace to Jerusalem so that the world will know that I have come and that I am the same Lord and Savior to both the Jews and the Christians. I will also have the help of other ancient religious leaders so that others can see much peace brought into the world.

Can you tell us if you will be with us in the flesh before the end of this year?

It is the season of my coming. That is good for all to know. The time of my coming will not be made known until I am among you in the flesh. As prophesied I shall be with you in Zion and then I will go to Jerusalem.

29th October: Sananda through Angela

I will walk with you
And I will talk with you
And I will tell you I am your own,
And the joys we share
As we tarry there
None other will ever know.

What does it mean to walk with the Master?
Will you put on the sandals and walk in the dust?
Or will you bend down and pick up a child,
And give it tender loving care?

What does it mean that you will walk with me?
Does it mean that we will sail the seas?
Or does it mean that you will speak out
Against greed, and corruption and hate?

What does it mean that you will walk with me?
Does it mean that you will celebrate at an altar?
Or does it mean that you will allow me
To fill your mind and heart with the truth?

What does it mean that you will walk with me?
Does it mean that we will dine together in style?
Or does it mean that we will feed the hungry
And care for the sick?

I am coming to earth soon,
And will walk with you soon.
Will you be ready to accompany me?

27th October: (Second Message)
Over the hills and valleys the Finger of God comes, to touch all of Humanity on this day. Not one person will be left out. From the smallest infant, to the old man breathing his last breath, all will be saved. Yes, all will be saved. I did not come merely for the holy, I came to earth for all, and I will not break my promise. I shed tears of joy that your [humanity's] sufferings will soon end. I give my heartfelt thanks to those who have worked untiringly for this day.

I will be in Utah for the First Contact. Some of you will see my form, or my glow. You will feel my presence in a new way, and you will never be the same.

I am coming with all my glory and all of my power, but it will be cloaked for but a little while longer. And then you will see me in a new body, a different body, but the same Spirit.

I am the Spirit of Gentleness, the Spirit of Forgiveness, the Spirit of Reconciliation. I will bring peace to your heart, and to the heart of every nation on earth.

Ring out the bells, dance in the street, make music, enjoy a feast. The day we have waited for has come. Allelujah.

I am Lord Sananda, glorious and free, as you shall soon be.

(1st Message)
I shall soon be with you at 10 a.m. on Saturday and that Saturday is not far off.

We are sure that there will be many of my church members who will welcome my coming in the flesh as the Second Coming. However, only a few of my churches are seriously thinking about this long-predicted event to come in their lifetime. There is much for these church members and their leaders to learn and to share about My Coming and about the changes in doctrine that accompany the resurrection. So do you have any suggestions about how we can influence those of my church leaders so that I can communicate with them?

The planned second letter will help. Perhaps a word of warning direct from you to be included in the letter would be helpful.

So be it: Add this message: "This is Jesus-Sananda speaking to you: You are to be visited by me in the spirit and in the flesh. Listen to my voice though the voice of my chosen communicator. Through her I will have a message specifically for you and your members. Don't be left out at My Coming!"

Thank you dear Sananda. That message should help get their attention.

So be it. Get the letters out soon after the NESARA program is announced.

26th October: You are to be the emissary of good news to help spread the word that there is soon to be a Second Coming that the world has long anticipated - at least some of the world. There are many who are steeped so heavily in worldly things that the spiritual aspect of men and angels is not a part of their belief system. We shall be pleased to be able to help change their knowledge of the Second Coming and, more generally, of the continued existence of mankind throughout eternity.

It is very difficult for us, who have had and can recall many lives, to try to imagine the kind of belief system that would allow only for a relatively few years in the flesh and then total extinction! That is such a strange concept, especially when your earth life is usually less than 100 years. You know better and have been chosen by me to help in the days to come. I shall have much more to impart to many of my church leaders when I am closely among you in the spirit after the first landings of the shuttles.

How long will you be with us in the flesh before you leave and go to Jerusalem?

That is not a fixed time. I shall be with you long enough to get my message across to those leaders of my many churches who will respond to my presence in the spirit. This will be a kind of a test for those church leaders who pray to me. We shall learn how many of them are going to be able to listen to my voice in return to reply to their prayers. It will come as a shock to many of my church leaders who preach about the Second Coming but have no idea that it is at their doorstep. I shall be most interested to find and teach those who are willing and able to respond to my messages that will be given to them while I am among you in the spirit.

25th October: It is time for us to prepare to be actively involved in your earth life. The time will soon arrive when the shuttles from the Capricorn will be landing and be among you. There will be times and places where they will show themselves and help to ensure that all of the people know that they come in peace. They will be pleased to greet you and later to meet you in your part of the world.

You and your laboratory have been instrumental in making the kind of developments that will be of great help in cleaning up the earth's atmosphere. That is, as you know, one of the major assignments for the Capricorn and its crew.

With the first landing, I will be among you [in the spirit] and together we will make some changes, hopefully, in the way that people believe that I exist and that there is a Second Coming. In addition, with my presence among you, for a short time, there will be some new doctrines that will be provided to many of my church leaders. They will be aware of my coming and part of the awareness will come from the additional mailing that you are preparing to accomplish after the announcement of the NESARA program. There are great changes coming to old Mother Earth, and we shall be a part of those changes.

24th October: Good morning You have been busy in trying to help obtain hurricane control. That is good. You are the kind of person who thinks of others. There should be more of that type of thinking among the many persons who inhabit this earth. That day will come, when my messages can get out to more people, when we can learn together the effect of love, friendship, and the joy of giving that surpasses the joy of receiving. It shall be to the benefit of all mankind when there will be more of a Christ-like attitude among more of my people.

It is my role to help in teaching the concepts of true Christian living and the rewards that come from living those concepts. There is much that can be done. In fact, there is little that cannot be done if together we learn to live and practice the arts of giving, the arts of showing love to all of our fellow humans. There are special places in heaven reserved for those who best learn to live by the principles of love. That is the rewards that shall come to many who learn about and live a full Christian life. There are many of my church leaders who do, indeed, preach and practice true Christian living. There will be improvements that will be made before and during My Second Coming among you. There will be some new Gospel principles that will be presented and accepted by those who are truly leaders in my churches.

20th October: Thank you for being there and calling on me. We shall enjoy our relatively short time together before I am there and then go to Jerusalem. I shall be too busy handling the Jews and Palestine problems to be of much help in communicating with you on a daily basis. However, you will be my stand-by messenger for those events that I need to communicate with any of my church leaders in your part of my Kingdom. You are to become famous for the work that you are doing with developing new-energy devices, but little known for your work with helping me with my communication later when I go to Jerusalem. I sense that you cringe about becoming famous?

Yes dear Sananda, I have no desire to become famous. I just want to help improve the way we produce and use energy.

Not to worry. Fame is as short lived as the evening sunset. However, you are being aided by others in what you are doing and your work is being blessed by me and others. Back to other business.

We are in the throes of a new civilization that will eventually encompass the earth. It is not that there will be one religion, there will still be many religions, however, the change is that the world's major religions will revert to more of the original doctrine which was peaceful and never did officially include the concept of killing the infidels. That part was added to the Moslem creed after the death of Mohammed. So peace will endure.

Other religious leaders are returning or having emissaries who will help increase the peacefulness that accompanies all true religions and is more indicative of what will be experienced by all when they die in this life and their spirits come to this side of the life line.

19th October: Much of our concern is for the members of the many churches that are "Christian" churches and where the church leaders preach and pray for their members. Most of those who make a living from preaching and praying are good honest folks. Some are not. It is my desire to be able to communicate with my church leaders and ensure that they are aware of the imminent Coming, first in the spirit and later (at a time of my choosing) in the flesh.

Your efforts to contact many of my church [leaders] that are located in your area and nearby, is appreciated. It may be wise to have another mailing to be provided immediately after the NESARA program is announced. There will be a great impact and many questions about the NESARA program.

Many of my leaders are unaware of either my coming in the spirit with the first shuttle landing or the announcement of the political NESARA program. There will be a lot of consternation and it will be a part of your group's efforts to help reduce the level of consternation by having factual information to provide. You and our good friend are some of those who can help provide the reduction in the level of consternation and ignorance. So be prepared, there is not much time until such an announcement will be made and the program will begin in earnest that we have set out to do with my many churches.

19th October: You are one of the few who can communicate with me and not be overly fond of putting in a lot of your own thoughts. We are in a precarious position with regard to the coming to visit with you by my being a part of the first landings of the shuttles from the Capricorn. There is a great desire among all of our people to get "on with the show," as you might say. However, there are serious efforts to delay and/or prevent the changes that must precede the first shuttle landings. We have some influence but no control over those machinations of your leaders. That change has to come from the bulk of your citizens and that requires information with much of the information media in the control of the ensconced leaders. My message is for all of America's citizens to wake up and make the necessary governmental changes that will restore America as the world's best democracy that was so carefully framed and then so diligently changed in the 1930s.

I shall, of course, continue to do my best to influence people to help and recognize that there is more to good government that just elections. There has to be a degree of control of your leaders that has been missing for several generations. Well, enough of that topic.

Dear Sananda, will you be helping to teach us for a better understanding of life after death and the avoidance of "hell fire and damnation?"

Yes. That will be one of the topics that needs to be cleared up. As you know there is learning, teaching, recovery from abuses, but no "hell fire and damnation." The spirit kingdom is a peaceful kingdom where each of us can grow, learn, develop, and return to have more experiences in the flesh. Those will be some of the important topics that I shall be giving to my church leaders, at least to those who will listen to me.

18th October: We are now in the throes of great changes that are to come to the world, beginning first in North America. There will be the vast political changes that will restore your nation to constitutional government. Then there will be the ecclesiastical side of the changes. It will not be long and I shall be among you, first in the spirit, and then in the flesh at a time of my choosing. You will not be told of my coming in the flesh, however, you have been told that I will be with you in the spirit at 10:00 a.m. Saturday on a date to be given to you, and to others, in the near future. There will be much that we can accomplish in the spirit. However, it will require some doing on the part of you three others to help to get the attention of some of my church leaders. Therefore, another letter is appropriate so that they will understand more of the truth of my coming, first in the spirit, and then in the flesh.

17th October: I enjoyed the communication from our mutual friend where she tells of your visits to some of the groups in the spirit world.

Yes, I do have the task of maintaining communication with both the living and the dead, or at least to those who accept my existence and desire my presence among them. You might say that it spreads my spirit around. However, one of the major aspects of my spiritual being is involved in this entity that is called Sananda-Jesus and which will be having, again, an earthly experience in the flesh. This will be one of the culminations of my being. We are truly living in the last days, as your church members so often state. However, it might better be referred to as the "First Days" in that there is a new earth to be formed out of the old, in the sense that we can change many of the less desirable aspects of earth life and embrace and develop some of the better aspects of what Mother Earth has to offer.

You are to be among those that will help in this plan. When I go to Jerusalem, after my coming among you in the flesh, then you will be my messenger (if you remain prayerful and willing) so that I can communicate safely and effectively with other church leaders back here in Zion, as you call it.

There is much violence in this world. There is much that has to change. There must be an awareness of the reality of the afterlife and that the rewards for living a good life in the flesh await each of you and, to a large extent, the next life is patterned after the way in which you have prepared for the next phase of your existence. There has to be restitution and changes made to those humans, who must understand that they are responsible for their acts. Kind acts are rewarded with further kindness. Unkind acts must be accounted for and the soul that commits such acts must be trained to become a better soul. There is much to be done in the governmental and educational systems so that laws are made and developed that reward good behavior and that there is an accompanying educational aspect so that each person understands that he or she will be rewarded or punished (taught better) in the next life. It is a difficult topic and there is much to be accomplished to change the drift away from personal accountability and to recognize that each of us is accountable in this life and the next for our actions. It is a complex subject and we shall have more to relate on this topic in a future communication with you.

I believe that when you come in the flesh, that there will be a better understanding of the rewards that can be obtained for correct living in this life. Will you have time to teach us more about this topic when you come in the flesh and before you go to Jerusalem?

Yes. In fact, that would make a good topic for my presentation in your church, as I have promised that I would speak to your congregation when I am there in the flesh.

14th October: You are troubled by the lack of information you have received. Be not troubled. The world you live in is greatly complex. It is even more so on this side. There is much information, much more than can be handled by even the best of the spiritual minds that are coupled with our spiritual bodies. You are doing the best that you can. Do not be disturbed that not all of the many facets of information are immediately available to any of the spirits here nor any of the human minds on earth. Even I have limitations. However, my strong coupling with the All-in-All provides me with greater access to information that is not, as yet, available to you or any other human. You will progress and learn. The more you gain an understanding of any topic, the more you will be able to learn and understand.

My many churches are soon to receive information that I exist, that I am coming in the flesh, at a time of my choosing, and that there will be important prophecies fulfilled in this generation. That information will come as a great surprise to many of the leaders of many so-called Christian churches. It will take some doing to increase the awareness of My Coming to the many church leaders who pray to me and preach about me. There is scarcely one of them that has the spiritual capability at present, in their use, to communicate effectively with me. That is why it was so important for me to find and train our dear friend to be my communicator. She has done extremely well, as you know, and she will still have much to help me accomplish before my coming in the flesh.

If it is deemed feasible it would be pleasing to me to have another round of letters sent to my various church leaders. It is important to me and to the many in those church congregations for them to know that I am coming and will be among you for a short time, in the flesh, before I go to Jerusalem. Do what you can to help.

13th October: Much of the preparation for my coming again in the flesh has been properly handled. There is a great deal of interest in My Second Coming and there will even be some of the churches who use my name, the so-called Christian churches, that will be willing to hear my latest messages that I have to deliver to them and their congregations, where the leaders will only request the help that I can give to them.

It may be that a second letter should be delivered to my churches when the NESARA program is announced. That change in government should get their attention and to have that occurrence coupled with the information that I will be here in the spirit before coming later in the flesh, should get the attention of several of the many who call themselves ministers of Christ. Unfortunately, there are some who preach and pray for the collection plate more than for the salvation of the congregation. I shall have some good messages for any who will listen to me through the voice of my good friend, and yours, who has been trained to be my voice and my recorder of righteousness.

There is much that can be accomplished in this continent and in the world by the proper use of the funds that will soon be distributed widely in this area of the world. There are many of you who have invested in the so-called "prosperity funds" and who will soon receive large amounts of funds in return. You will be able to do much good for the world with the funds that you have received. It is highly desirable that you use those funds prayerfully. There are many good people in the world that need a more healthful existence that can best be provided when there are funds to help. We are going to be involved in many of those good programs. Much of our efforts will result in saving lives, teaching the truth, and in doing good. Although those are generalities, they can be made highly specific when there are a few dollars to use in the work that we will be doing.

12th October: We are aware of your needs and the needs of some of your friends who are learning through your efforts that I exist, that I will be coming to be among you in the flesh, as the resurrected Jesus Christ, and that the first in-the-flesh appearance will be determined by me but that it will not be long now. I shall be with you in the spirit within the next few weeks, actually a few days will be the time for my spirit to be among you. Hopefully, you will sense or even see my spirit body (with your ability to see auras), which is an emanation of the live spirit within a body.

I shall be with you but a few days after I come in the flesh. My spirit, with the help of our good friend will be providing some information to a few of my church leaders. Then there can be a more general reformation of some of my church doctrines that will then be preached. And I shall go to Jerusalem to build an amalgamation of people, doctrine, and update to the Bible with some of my presentations to the church leaders in Jerusalem.

11th October: It won't be long and I will not be so readily available for daily communication with you. When I go to Jerusalem, I will be using you, on occasion, to handle messages to some of my church leaders. So keep practicing and praying, your prayers will be answered mainly by your efforts and diligence.

You remember a story of a man who prayed for help for his neighbor, then got up and took some sacks of food to his neighbor. Then he returned to his prayers and thanked the Lord for answering his prayers.

There is much good in this world and there is also too much grief. The earthquakes in the Mideast are no joy to anyone. I am doing my best to encourage those who have the capability to help send food and supplies to those decimated areas. Your own daughter, on the spirit side, is one of those who is helping to welcome over to the spirit world many of those whose spirits have left their bodies.

For many, it will be a great relief to be back in the spirit world with their memories gradually restored and where they can review the life lessons that they have learned. It is the same with you when your time comes. I have the training and experience that I can communicate, relatively easily, with both the spirit world and with a few like you in the physical world. There will be some of you who will grow and develop your telepathic skills so that you can obtain and relate information from both the spirit world and from friends in the living world. If you were to set your mind and have the desire to do so, you would find that you could learn to communicate, telepathically, with others on both sides of the veil.

10th October: There is considerable consternation among some of your leaders as the time approaches for them to be released from their jobs. It will not be long now before those who are in charge of the NESARA announcement will make the final decision and tell the world about the new government program. There is still the completion of the distribution of the funds to be accomplished, prior to the NESARA program announcement. It is the same decision makers who are involved with both activities.

Much of the work that I desire to do will be accomplished soon after my landing. From what you are thinking, there has been only one call from those of my church leaders who were sent letters encouraging them to allow me to provide them with a message. However, this work (the mailing of the letters) will have a great impact, when there is the landing of the first shuttles. That will come as a shock to many, for they are not willing, for the most part, to believe that there are such things as starships, shuttles, and aliens among them.

It will be most interesting to see if the first landing will not encourage a few phone calls to you asking for further information or for contact with me. You realize, I am sure, that this is a very difficult situation for those who have no experience, as you have had, with the so-called 'UFOs'. Those who are busy planning church activities do not normally become involved in UFOs. However, they do have some good information and there will be some impact from our first landing. I expect that there will be some positive results from this activity.

7th October: I lost our communication yesterday where I recorded on my laptop and then accidentally erased your message. Please let me know of any specific items that were lost, if important.

You have a saying that you often repeat: "The best laid schemes o' mice an' men gang aft a-gley", Robert Burns, I believe. There will be in this message to you any important topics that were lost.

This morning I have a message for you. There is much to be done to ensure that my message of peace and love for all mankind is received and promulgated. There is a time for me to be among you in the spirit, with the first landing, and there is my message of love and some words of wisdom about the lives hereafter.

Few of my churches address the issue of what can happen to each of us. I am not the only being that has been reincarnated. All humans have the privilege of perpetual growth and development. That is accomplished by a continuation of lives. After your sojourn in the spirit world you will have the choice of coming again, in the flesh, for more experiences. These sequences of lives are for the development and perfection of your spirits so that eventually you can become as gods.

This is a long process but time is not of major importance in the spirit world. You will be able to progress, grow, and develop as you continue in these sequences of lives. That will be an unusual message for many of my churches, including yours, however, that will be a major message upon my coming in the spirit and in the flesh.

5th October: It will not be long now and I shall be among you. There are great and wonderful changes that are being made so that your country again can demonstrate great leadership in the world and be the source of much good. Your new leaders will be fully aware of the importance of this dramatic restoration of the Constitution of the United States. For so many years you have been under the control of avaricious, money-grubbing, political leaders. Now it is up to all of you to ensure that you are electing those who will serve their country more than to serve themselves.

Your church and other churches will also see the changes that are necessary. There must be a new view of what is right and wrong or what is best for mankind. It is with service to mankind that My churches should be involved. Here again, there are those who are more interested in service to themselves. My message to many of my churches will be to help ensure that it is the Gospel of mine that is being taught and not the gospel of men.

To begin with, we shall make some changes in the Gospel to be preached so that there is the realism of the knowledge that there is a sequence of lives from which there can truly be eternal progression for each and every soul. There is no perpetual Hell and damnation. There are experiences and the restoration of dignity, truth, love, and good behavior that will be made manifest for all those who come, live, grow, and develop themselves.

I will be there to inspire and to help, to lead, to guide, and to answer the prayers of those who desire my presence in their lives. That is my assignment, but first, I shall be among you in the spirit, later in the flesh. There is a new world to be awakened and it will be my privilege to help many of you to begin that great task

4th October: Dear Sananda, we have been deceived by others as to the release of proper information.

Not to fret. Those who deliberately misled your sources of information had a good reason. They were trying to protect those who were doing the real distribution of the bank documents. At any rate, those bank documents are being delivered and there will soon be the release of the NESARA program. At least, that is what it appears to me from telepathic sources of information available. Even I have been misled. However, we shall soon know for sure.

The important events are that there will be the final distribution of the prosperity funds and the announcement of the NESARA program. Then there will be that removal of the standing Air Force orders to shoot down any UFOs, or to try to. Then that [action] will pave the way for the shuttle landings and my return, in the spirit, to the earth that I love, and to the people who are doing an excellent job of living a religion that involves doing good unto others. I shall be delighted to meet with you and with our dear telepathic friend, who will then help me in getting my message to many of my church leaders, or at least to those who will respond to my call to them to listen to my message that I bring, prior to my Second Coming.

The many letters that were sent out will result in some responses and then there will be the soon-to-occur landings of some of the shuttles from the starship Capricorn. That will pave the way for my coming, and my presentation of information to those of my churches who can respond to a call.

Let those who will, respond. Keep accurate information about any calls or information that you receive. We will deal with all who respond in an effective manner. To those who do not respond, that will be to their detriment.

3rd October: You are soon to be made aware of the dramatic changes that are soon to come to your government. There was a delay brought about, in part, with the great world-wide broadcast from one of my church's great semi-annual conferences. There will soon be a restoration of the changes that were expected to be announced this past week end.

Much of our plans for the Earth will soon be more diligently established and messages will soon be made available to many of my church leaders, thanks to the help of your friend, and mine, who has developed such an excellent mode of telepathic communication. She will be my voice for awhile before I come in the flesh. These [communication] sessions will soon begin. The only delay is the landing of the first shuttles from the Capricorn and that will soon be announced. There is much to be learned, much to be taught, much to be experienced, with the landing of the shuttles from that great vessel [Capricorn]. We are here to help Mother Earth and we shall each do our part in this great endeavor with the coming of dramatic changes to the earth, herself. Be of good cheer, my friend. All is well in Zion, as your local church leader would say.

Dear Sananda, thank you and bless you for your communication and for teaching me. Do you foresee any delays in the shuttle landings that were expected about the middle or so of this month?

There may be a few days change, however, it appears that today and tomorrow we shall have more definitive information about the landing times.

See November for next month's messages

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