Sananda on the SECOND COMING

Part 11: November, 2005

(updated on a daily basis)

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30th November: Much of our waiting for the proper governmental changes are now coming to an end. Unless there is some upheaval caused by the local authorities, we should have a culmination of the delivery of the funds and the announcement of your government changes that will usher in a new prosperity for your country and eventually for the world. We are pleased to be able to be with you in the spirit and we shall meet and greet you subsequent to the first shuttle landing in your valley.

There is much to be accomplished to align my churches with new and similar doctrine. When I come in the flesh, there will be a new beginning for my church leaders, and for those who will follow and learn the new doctrine and be willing to be guided by the new information being presented.

You are to be ready to help me communicate with church leaders but not of your church. I will handle that communication when I come in the flesh.

29th November: There are some developments that will soon culminate in getting your funds and in making some of the desired changes in your government. The timing appears to be imminent now. There is a flurry of concern (of what we can understand) among your government leaders. We are reasonably certain that your leaders understand what is developing and they have done much to prevent the final distribution of the funds that must precede further political developments. You will soon be informed of the dramatic developments that will take place.

28th November: It is time for the final events to occur that will lead to my being with you in the spirit. It will not be long now before the first shuttle landing occurs and I will come in the spirit at that time. Are you ready to make the announcement of the landing and my coming in the spirit?

The envelopes are all ready to be stuffed and sent. The announcement to the media is ready to be sent as soon as we have the information of the completion of the distribution of the bank documents and the announcement of the NESARA program.

The plans are being put together and, it is strongly expected that there will be the announcement that you seek. In any event, there will soon be an announcement of the new currency and subsequently some government changes. There is much consternation among your government leaders. They know that the end of their regime is near and they have done what they can to stop the distribution of the final funds that must be done before our landings among you.

It will be up to me to make a determination of the time of my coming in the flesh and that event will occur without there being an announcement. Then, subsequent to that, I shall be meeting with some of my church leaders and doing what is necessary for the better understanding of the purpose of this life and the purposes of the continued progression of each of you marvelous human beings. You are truly living in the last days: the last days before the Second Coming. And as you have desired, I shall be with you in your church meeting to restore your reputation in the eyes of your neighbors, who were told by your superior that you were having hallucinations. That will be your reward for your efforts to help me and become a better receiver of my words.

25th November: It will not be long now before I shall be with you in the spirit. There are only a few events that need to be handled and we will have our first landing among you. Not all of the changes to be made will be made at one time. It will be more of a progression. However, there will be an announcement following the distribution of the huge amounts of money that are now being delivered in the form of bank documents. That will make a great deal of difference in your country and is part of the planned activities that will precede our landings among you. It will not be long now.

The era of poverty in your country and in many nations is coming to an end. The vast wealth that has been accumulated over the past three decades will be redistributed and much of it will become available for the benefit of many people throughout the world. It will take some years of doing, but there will be much less poverty in the world. Your world can produce all that is needed for the proper sustenance of all mankind.

The changes that we bring will be both political and economic and the result will be the gradual replacement of poverty with sufficiency and there will be a great deal of emphasis on the health of all peoples. Many diseases will be conquered and there will be better world-wide health. That is the kind of efforts that are greatly applauded by me. My love of all mankind will result in some of the great efforts that will be made by my churches and by other churches of other religious affiliations. In essence the people of earth should consider themselves as one people in terms of sharing the wealth that the earth can produce in terms of food and water for the sustenance of all.

There will be more of an outpouring of aid from many of my churches as they come to fully understand that I am here among them and that it is my desire that they do more with their increased wealth to help others who are less fortunate.

24th November: Your friend in Canada is doing such a good job in receiving messages and getting her book on telepathy completed. That will be a marvelous addition to the instructions on telepathy. It is likely that this is the first time in history that a book on telepathy has been dictated from off-earth sources. That will be one of the attractions of this book. You will soon have the funds by which this effort can be realized. The funds that have been delayed will arrive only a short time from now. The holiday will put some delay in getting deliveries of the bank documents made, however, that will soon be completed. Then there will be vast funds released into your economy. Everyone will benefit, although there may be much turmoil by the lack of understanding of what is being accomplished. You will be able to help calm some of those who would worry about the situation. Do your best in that regard.

Dear Sananda. We shall all be most pleased to have the change in government and the ability for the shuttles to land among us. That is a day that we will rejoice to have occur. Do you have any specific information that allow you to know the date of your first visit with us?

Unfortunately, there is much turmoil among those government leaders who are in control. They know that there will be changes but the changes are, to some extent, dependent on the completion of the deliveries of the bank documents and then the announcement to the people along with the change in government. That event is still undecided, but apparently will be very soon now.

23rd November: It will not be much longer before I shall be with you in the spirit and then later, at a time of my choosing, to be with you in the flesh. I shall be able to use your services when I have gone to Jerusalem and need to send messages back to any of my churches. Hopefully, there will be many that will be inspired by your efforts and those of my dear friend in communicating by telepathy.

As I have stated before it is my desire that there be telepathic persons in all of my churches and in all of the wards and stakes of the church you belong to. Then we shall have the means by which gospel messages can be easily be presented and received throughout the Christian community. Hopefully, there will be many who will study the book that has been given by several of the celestials to our friend and it is expected that the course on telepathy will soon be published and made available.

There is much to be done to help bring peace to this troubled world. There must be an end to war and it will begin with changes that will be made in your own government in the very near future. That peace must be declared by your new officials. The U.S. must become a leader in peace and not in war. There is much that has to be done to recover the perceived sanity of the United States. There has to be a new leadership and a change in the way in which the U.S. Government manages and handles its international affairs. That will soon be evident and must happen as soon as possible.

The final big effort that is now being made for the distribution of the funds that must occur before the announcement of the governmental changes is now under completion. We are most pleased that this stage has finally been achieved. There will be much money to be provided to many people [through the 'Prosperity Funds'] and these persons will have the task of properly using those funds for the betterment of themselves, their neighbors and to help wherever help is needed. This is a great outpouring of money and should be accompanied by an outpouring of peace and charitable acts. The real test of you being here and having wealth will be gauged on what you do with that wealth. This is a time for good old biblical charity to others. "Do unto others as you would have others do unto you," is a great admonition.

Dear Sananda. A wonderful message. Will this outpouring of wealth be mainly in the U.S.?

There is the bulk of the new wealth for the U.S. and much to Canada and some sprinkling around the world. It will be a challenge to the thousands of new wealthy persons to make the decisions as to how best their funds should be used. Some will seek additional wealth and that will not be to their celestial advantage. It will be interesting times and begin with a bit of turmoil as this wealth is not being delivered to everyone. However, everyone will benefit as will soon be understood.

22nd November: The message is that I shall soon be with you in the spirit but close by, coupled with the first landing of one of the shuttles in your valley. We, like you, have long awaited this time.

If all goes according to the present expectations, there will be a sufficient distribution of the prosperity funds so that the announcement of the release of those funds can be made in a special broadcast that could happen tomorrow on the eve of Thanksgiving Day. That would make for a much better Thanksgiving for many to understand that there would be a return to Constitutional government. It is planned and, unless there is some man-made catastrophe, it appears that there will be the long-awaited announcement tomorrow.

21st November: You are soon to see some dramatic changes in your life, and in the lives of others. The current on-going distribution of bank documents will lead to the release of an enormous among of money into your country (and to the world) but mostly in the United States. There will have to be accompanying political changes and that will be of great surprise to many of your countrymen who have been less informed of the vicissitudes of your present administration.

There will be landings of aliens and alien fly-overs so that your friends and neighbors who are now oblivious to the presence of aliens, especially in the skies above you, will be of great surprise to them. There are many of us who will be most pleased to participate in the great awakening of the world's populace, especially of you in the United States. You will learn that you are not alone in this grand and glorious universe.

The alien presence among you, which is soon to come, will be a grand introduction to the earth of its friends in this galaxy. The earth is a special place and needs to become more enlightened, more culturally organized, with more love and respect for each other and, of course, an end to the killing off of those who disagree with you.

There will be great events for all the world which will soon unfold and be the headlines for your news media and a new beginning for all of you. Our alien friends will soon be among you, soon after the initial show-and-go landings, which are now a matter of days away. These are historic times. These are the beginnings of the events that will precede my coming among you [in the spirit] and later my coming in the flesh and going to Jerusalem. Then there will be the Great Awakening: the coming to earth of several of the ancient spiritual leaders. There will have to be such an intercession to ensure that those adherents to the Koran are apprised of the teachings of love and respect for each other that was emphasized in the Koran [and then] added to by man to kill adversaries. That false doctrine will be changed. Then there will be more peace in the world and that is a necessary forerunner to the changes in the world into its coming aggrandizement.

Dear Sananda, will your coming usher in more peace and more acceptance among the many world religions?

The message will be better taught that there is one great I AM and that the same God is worshipped in all religions. That bit of truth should become more apparent to all religious leaders. Our coming back to help restore more of the truth to various religious doctrines will, of course, be a prelude to peace, the end of killing each other, and a better respect for various gospel tenets and methods of worship.

18th November: I sense your deep concern for the killing being done by some of the Muslim groups. You are puzzled as to how best that kind of human insanity can be controlled or changed. There is only one effective means for making those changes. Just as I am returning to be among you and provide some restructuring of some of my churches, so also, there must be a return of the great leader of the Muslims [Mohammad]. That is the only voice that they will hearken to.

The book that was originally given, was added to by man and then promulgated as Muslim doctrine. It is the last part of the book that is not a part of the true Muslim faith that has created the emphasis on killing all who do not subscribe to the Muslim beliefs. With the coming again of [Mohammad] their great Muslim religious leader, there will be a great change, gradually, as they are taught the truth of love for all humanity. That is the way that peace will be obtained in this world. Do you understand?

Yes dear Sananda I understand. What can any of us do to help?

The biggest help will be in preparing the way, by the best that you can do, for my return. Then there will also be the return of other ancient religious leaders after I go to Jerusalem. So. do your best to follow the plan that you have been given. You and Angela will be important to help me and my church leaders in my coming among you in the spirit.

17th November: The events that must transpire, prior to my being among you, are rapidly coming to fruition. This day marks the day, finally, when the distribution of the bank documents will begin and be concluded no later than tomorrow. At least that is what some of our contacts are telling us. There is much to be accomplished prior to my coming in the flesh. There are many who will partake of the blessings that can come, if there is acceptance of my being with you in the spirit. Our plans are for a 30-minute landing, however, I will stay with you after the landing, the showing of our alien friends, and the departure of the shuttle. Then we can, hopefully, meet with some of the leaders of my churches. This is now the time for you to prepare the letters and get them mailed as early as you can this weekend.

You are being protected by angels and you should be including them in your prayers and blessings.

How can I best help or show my appreciation to those who are helping or protecting me?

That is their joy to help you in a great work. Your recognition of them and your prayers on their behalf will be gratefully accepted. Be of good cheer. I shall soon be with you also for a short season.

16th November: We are here to help, to help all mankind, and this is just a prelude to the new awakening that is expected to spread throughout the world.

Much of what I can do will be in accordance with my Father's will. The Great I Am is my guide and my direction. There are many who will expect great skills and the initiation of new aspects of communication and revelations. I will have some new revelations as you have been told. Mainly it will be the recognition that each of you have many lives and that there are opportunities for much growth and development of your individual spirits.

15th November: I shall be among you in the spirit quite soon now, I am ready and you should be sure that you have done all things to help in preparing the media for the information that there will be a shuttle landing in your area. Tell the newspapers, or be ready to tell the newspapers, about the landing as soon as we give you the date for the Saturday landing. We will be ready for the visit to Earth and I will come along at the same time and be with you in the spirit. So look for me faintly to be seen.

Get all the names and contacts, emails, phone numbers, whatever, of those in the various news media who should be made aware of the time of the landing. There will be only a few who will believe you but it is important to tell them about the coming landing. I shall have more explicit information later but you should take steps to get the names and contact addresses as soon as you can. We shall not be much longer before we are planning our landing among you.

14th November: I will have for you a number of good bits of information as we proceed toward the first landings where I will be with you in the spirit. With your ability to see the human aura, which is a manifestation of the spirit within, you should be able to see my faint figure as my spirit moves among you.

The power to heal is not linked to education or wealth. The power to heal is a special blessing bestowed on, believed in, and developed by a few choice persons. However, with my Second Coming, I hope to find more believers who also can accept and use the ability to heal. Healing is a special blessing, no question about it. Many who believe on me and also have the desire to do good works can become healers.

Similarly, there are many who can, if they desire it strongly, to become receivers of my word. Many can learn to become telepathic for that is an innate part of your spiritual being. You have learned and many others can learn. I expect to have telepathic receivers in all church congregations throughout the world. Telepathy will be taught in my churches, if I am effective in my communication with my church leaders.

11th November: As you know it is my desire and will be my commandment to all of my church leaders to prepare to have telepathic communication with me. It will take some time, however. That is a part of the importance of the book that has been given to and is being completed on telepathy by my friend and companion.

There will not be many commandments given. I have only a few additions to make. One of the most important is the recognition that each of you, all over the earth, have had (and will have) a succession of lives, experiences, and learning. Resurrection is not just for me but for all people. That will be a major topic to be given to and taught by all of my churches. That is an eternal truth and has not been properly handled by most of my churches.

10th November: The NESARA program, if announced as planned, will be the forerunner of a great deal of new information and new politics that will help the U.S. and will gradually spread throughout the world. In addition, the vast funds that are being distributed will fan out and be used for many good purposes. The whole world will be helped. In addition, there are those of us who will be influencing, by our presence, some peaceful changes in and among various religious groups. I am not the only religious leader to return. There will be others and the end result will be a gradual change from killing off those of other religions to the mutual acceptance of different religions. That is necessary for us to have a peaceful world. It is highly desired to have a peaceful world so that Mother Earth can more fully enjoy the great changes in store for her.

9th November: This will be a great day for many of your friends and country men and women for this is the day (as you have been told) that the bank documents that have been so long expected, will be delivered to many recipients of the prosperity funds. That action will release the humanitarian funds which are allocated to do much good in the world. [Note: IF ... this is not in the form of a prophecy: it is based on information provided by earthbound contacts]

I am soon to be among you and desire that the letters to my many church leaders are ready to be mailed. This is a long week end coming and I would ask that you ensure that the letters are completed and mailed by the end of this week. That will be a very useful task.

I shall be there and you will receive my blessing. There are others who also desire my blessings and I will do my best to accommodate those who call on me. It is important that as many as possible come to where I am [shuttle landing at Salt Lake City] for the blessings are stronger when not having to be accomplished over long distances.

[Please note that amendments and additions were made today to these messages back as far as 1st November - Milson]

8th November: There is much to be done before there will be messages from me through you. I shall soon be among you in the spirit and with my talented companion, I will have words to give to those church leaders who will listen to me through her voice. Your role in that will be a minor one of helping to make contact and setting up appointments for such communication with My Christian church leaders but not with your church leaders. Is that understood?

Yes dear Sananda. I understand. And I shall have the letters to send out to the Christian church leaders again after the NESARA program is announced.

Good. It will not be long now before that announcement is made. This coming three-day weekend will be a good time for you to get the letters completed and mailed. Can you do that?

Yes dear Sananda. I can and will do that. I'll get the postage today so that will be ready.

Good. It will not be long now and I shall be with you in the spirit. Then later as my good and faithful friend Joseph Smith has received, I shall be with you there in Zion, in the flesh, before I go, in the flesh, to Jerusalem. That is my message for you this morning. You will be assisted by others in your help for me. I shall be with you tomorrow.
[NOTE: This does not infer that He would be in the flesh on the first landing of the shuttle .....]

7th November: I shall soon be among you and there are those whom you desire to have me heal and even one who desires to have you or me help her become a healer. I shall be pleased to use my healing influence to help your body to heal itself of some of the minor problems that you have. In addition, I will provide you with the method and the encouragement to become a healer in my name.

5th November: Letter to the Churches

Dear Children of the Light.
Dear Pastors of my Heart.

I am guiding you to the new ways, to the new teachings.

I am coming to Salt Lake City, and I ask you to join together, so that I may speak to you through my messenger. She has served me for 35 years, and I will soon be calling her home. She and I wish to tell you about those who are returning to assist you. They have spent time in heaven, and know the truth.

We also wish to tell you that you too can communicate with your loved ones in heaven. The wall between heaven and earth has been broken, and you are free to travel back and forth.

We also wish to tell you that you have lived many lives, and this life of yours, of service, will be rewarded.

We also wish to tell you about the coming days of plenty, with the acceptance of the NESARA program. You will be asked to distribute assistance to the poor in your community and abroad.

Please heed this call. It may be my last call to the Valley.

I am Jesus, now called Sananda.

4th November: Please get the letters ready this weekend, if you can. It will not be long now before it will be appropriate to get the letters mailed to the church leaders in your area. Can you do that?

Yes, dear Sananda. I shall contact Angela again to see if she has anything special that you or others desire to add to the letters to your church leaders.

Good. I greatly appreciate your help and the help of my special friend Angela.

Much of the work that is required before I go to Jerusalem will involve my being among you for a few days, in the flesh. During that time period I will be in contact with several of the leaders of my churches. Some are more saintly than others. Hopefully, there will be some sifting of the wheat from the chaff while I am there. You yourself are expected to grow to be one of the "saints".

3rd November: There are many in your country who will welcome the first landings of the Capricorn shuttles and there will be many who will decide that it is all a hoax even when they see the pictures that will be taken, printed, and broadcast. Your role will be relatively simple. You just need to ensure that you do the best you can to contact the media and tell them the time and place of the landing in your area. Then relax and let the normal processes of the media do their thing.

There will be interesting headlines. It also happens that this announcement of the landings will follow fairly soon after the announcement of the changes in the government of the U.S. That will be two very newsworthy events occurring in a short time period. Do you think that the people can handle that kind of news?

People are quite resilient when it comes to news events. There will be a lot of talk but a lot of acceptance where there are suitable eye witnesses.

We agree on that topic. Humans are resilient, especially humans in America. They have lived through some marvelous times in which vast new technologies have been developed and accepted and become a part of your way of life. Radio, television, and now computers and the Internet. Those are key technologies that have been more rapidly developed than anyone would have foreseen a hundred years ago.

I shall soon be with you in the spirit. So prepare yourself to welcome me (said with a smile). Then we shall do our best to convince some of my church leaders that there is a new beginning along with a Second Coming.

2nd November: Yes, it will be a momentous event when My Second Coming is a matter of fact. In the meantime, I will be closer to you in the spirit and some of you will be able to strongly detect my presence and some of you may see the shadow of my being when close to you in the spirit.

As some of you do know, the spirit, in the spirit world, is just as real and recognizable in the spirit world as is your body of flesh and bones recognizable to your eyes in the physical world. Although many will not see my spirit, there will be those of you will be able to see the ghostly outline of my spiritual body. However, the important thing is that we can converse with those of you who have learned to be telepathic. You will of course, be more fully aware of my presence because we have been in communication these many months and you have provided a method for my messages to be delivered to others who desire to know of my plans in being among you - first in the spirit and later in the flesh.

I have spiritual hands. I can lay my hands on your physical body, such as your head, and being close can confer upon you some of the energies that you need for special healings or for special blessings to augment those lacks in your abilities. There will be, and there have been, many who have asked for my blessings and/or healings. You have asked for some modest healings and your request shall be granted. More important you have asked for help for others and again your request shall be granted. Those to be healed should, of course, be close to you as I will also expect you to join with me and administer such healing effects. I sense that comes as a strong surprise to you. That is as it should be. There are few who have had this privilege and, hopefully, you will be able to become more skilled, by working closely with me, so that you can administer healing when I am not in your midst.

1st November: There is much to be done to prepare for the Second Coming. However, I shall soon be with you in the spirit to help you and others prepare for my coming in the flesh. Our friend will be my voice for a time, especially if we can get the attention and interest of some of my church leaders. The mailing of letters to the church leaders will be your responsibility.

I have some comments to make to you this morning about health. There is much being done to scare many of you into taking unnecessary inoculations for a flu virus when the current available flu injections are not even specific to the so-called bird flu. Be careful what you take into your bodies. Be more concerned that you are receiving proper vitamins and minerals and especially vitamin C, which you have recently learned has much to do with the stopping of flu viruses.

There is much that can be done to improve the quality of the food that you eat and therefore improve the quality of your personal life. I have explained in the past the things that are most beneficial and/or harmful for you. You should avoid smoking and alcohol, and you should eat the fruits of the garden and eat meat only in times of hunger or cold when fruits and vegetables are not available. This is still a good doctrine for you and for all who desire to have a full and long life. Much of what you can do to have a healthy life is to avoid those items that are harmful to our body, mind and spirit. That is my message for your longevity.

According to your thoughts a questioner wondered if we were amused. We are not as open to amusement as you earthlings. Our life is of a more serious nature. We find it very interesting for some of the things, words, stories, "jokes" that you exchange for inciting some degree of pleasure. That is not an integral part of our being for most of those on the Capricorn. However, I being more nearly human, can enjoy some of the titillations that you enjoy.

Thank you dear Sananda, I had not fully realized the concept of the aliens being of a more serious nature.

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