Sananda on the SECOND COMING

Part 12: December, 2005

(updated on a daily basis)

28th December: I am available. In some cases I do have the role of carrying on more than one conversation at the same time. You have a suitable portion of my spirit to communicate with this morning.

As you have been told by one of your sources, the bulk of the prosperity funds have been ordered delivered this week.

There are those who greatly desire to be associated with you and some who are mainly interested in our communication. The real scenario is that I shall be with you for these conversations until there is the first landing of one of the Capricorn shuttles in your valley, then, as I have informed you, I shall be there close by and in the spirit. Then there will be an important task for you and for my dear friend to manage and that is the close communication with some of my many church leaders. That is a very important task for me to perform and for you to help arrange. You will soon be asked to send out the letters, which you have prepared. Perhaps you should get the envelopes stuffed with the proper letter that I have dictated to be sent.

With my spirit close among you and your friends, I will be able to effect some healings. You have some friends that you want to have me help heal, correct?

Yes dear Sananda. I shall be most pleased to have them helped with your healing power.

That will be done. However, there is only so much that can be done spirit-to-spirit even with the best healing powers. There will be, soon after the first landing of the aliens, some very competent medical professionals who will also be able to help in some of the more difficult diseases. They will be willing to use their abilities to heal and you will be in a position to refer patients to them.

It is not only my role to be a healer, of course, I have great work to accomplish in being among you soon in the flesh. There is much to be done to prepare my people for the Second Coming and then to usher in a new dispensation that will require some efforts on the parts of many congregations of those who pray to me.

27th December: There are many who desire my presence and are praying for my help. All prayers are welcomed by me and in many cases I can provide some answers to some of the prayers. Of course, sometimes that for which one prays is not scheduled to happen.

There will be more help when I come in the flesh and with many angels that will be among you. As you learn more about these angelic beings, who also share with me healing powers, many of you will have prayers answered and you will enjoy better health. In addition, there will be the aliens among you and they have much to offer in terms of medical capability. There will be a great lessening of disease in all parts of the world.

There will also be a great deal of new wealth that will be made available and be used for the benefit of many. You have recognized that there is a great need for both energy and water treatment in some parts of Africa so that much of the disease can be alleviated. There will be both your help and the help of more rains and that will allow for a healthier Africa.

26th December: There will be much to rejoice about during this coming New Year. The year 2006 will see some dramatic changes both in technology and in economics. It will start for you with the final distribution of the prosperity funds. You will be rejoicing in your new funds before this week is completed.

There will be new technologies to be developed - the huge abundant energy of space tapped into and used for your major power supplies without pollution being a byproduct. That will be a technological revolution that will begin in 2006. You will be aided by me and by the crew members from the Capricorn who will be among you in the New Year.

I shall be informing you when to mail the letters to my many church leaders. Some will respond out of curiosity from what you will be sending them from my written message to them. Then we will have an important message for them including information that will assure them that it has to be me that is the source of the message.

Christmas Eve 2005: [through Helen]

The Angel Lia: Who would not wonder about the magnificence of a babe? An infant, the tenderness, the softness, the beauty, a new creation. The Creator allowed a man and a woman together to create a duplicate of themselves - to replicate themselves.

Did that infant have anything to do with the design of that little babe? Oh yes. Before that infant took up the pattern, the DNA that its body would uphold, that being-to-be had a discussion with its guides. Together they regarded the past life of this being that was to become. What lessons had been learned in the previous lifetime? What lessons were still required to be learned? Should this lifetime be male or female? All these questions are discussed, and the entity that will come to earth has a choice. Once it makes that choice, a DNA is designed, and the consciousness of that entity that once was, and that soon will become again, are taken into consideration. In many cases, the infant chooses the new parents, but in some instances the parents are chosen for the infant. Each circumstance is considered on its merits.

Soon after the infant is born, it has a comprehension of where it is, and what it will become, and who it will become. It has little control over the circumstances of the first few years of its life, but as it gets older it can almost demand what it wants. This is the time when parents as guardians are needed to guide the child, because at that period of its life, it does not comprehend "future".

To a child "future" is a very vague word.

There are all manners of methods to guide a child, but one of the best ones is example ...................

And so it came to pass, that a child was born, and he was called Jeshua. And the heavens beheld that child, and they said, "Glory to God in the Highest, and on earth peace to men of goodwill." And the child grew, and he played with his friends, and he followed the instructions of his mother and father, and when he became a man, he followed the instructions of his Heavenly Father. His life came to fruition, and it ended, and he was lifted up and taken to a high place, and the angels sang Hallelujahs, and they glorified the Risen One.

He became Sananda, and the heavens rejoiced with this newcomer, who would spend a great deal of time with them. He taught all of those in heaven how to become leaders of men, how to become teachers of children, how to communicate with the other planets, and the other deities, and the other universes. And the heavens became places of great wisdom and knowledge, and comfort. As each person from earth came to the heavens, they too were taught, and the heavenly universe became very wise.

Then there came a time when those beings who remained beside the Creator, spoke to the Creator and said "Would it be possible for us to teach those on earth, while they are living, so that when they pass over, the struggle for enlightenment will not be so long?" And the Creator said, "I will send some of my best ones, those who have been with me the longest, and have studied the most, and have set the best example. I will send those to earth, to teach the people, while they are living."

And so it was done. All of those in heaven were invited to return to earth as teachers. Thousands responded, and the Creator was glad. The Creator said to the teachers, "Go, and teach the children, and teach the youths, and teach the adults, and teach the seniors, and those on their death bed. Teach them about the glories of Heaven, about the single-minded purpose of the Oneness. Teach them about love, and forgiveness, and teach them about tolerance and reconciliation."

And the people in heaven responded, and they came to earth in great numbers. But the people living on earth could not see their visitors, for the teachers had a body that had been elevated. It was not made of earth tissue, but was made of the tissue of heaven. And the visitors mingled with the people, and they taught them.

And a new age arose, a new consciousness appeared among the people living on earth, and they followed the example of their invisible mentors. Some of them could hear the words of the invisible mentors, and they repeated them, so that those on earth who could not hear, would learn the words.

And so the lessons from heaven grew, and became bolder, and more definitive. And now, the people could be taught how to live in Oneness, how to live so that the words "forgiveness, reconciliation" became unknown. No one knew what that meant, because there was no need to reconcile, nor to forgive, for all were One.

And the angels rejoiced, and the heavenly hosts came down to earth, and said, "We can make earth glow, as does heaven." And so they brought their colors, the golds, and the silvers, and the mauves, and the pinks, and the radiance of the angels was seen in the sky. And the people asked, "Is this heaven?" And those who could speak the voice of angels replied, "We are One in heaven, and we have come to earth to join you, and make life on earth also heaven. And so you will live as we live, in graciousness and in joy."

And some of the people who could hear the angels, repeated their words, and many listened. And slowly a joy came upon the people, and there was laughter, and music, and there was plenty, and slowly there became a Oneness. And the Oneness was of heaven and earth together.

Such a display of love had never been known. And it began on Christmas Eve, in the Year of Our Lord, 2005. Amen.

23rd December: I shall soon be among you in the spirit. However, that date has been delayed for a bit so that certain political factors could be in place and announced at the same time as the release of substantial funds from those who will fund the grant funds you will receive in January. I know that you are disappointed with the delays, however, there are good political reasons involved that will be of considerable surprise to all when the announcement is made. Then you will have a new government.

However, you are aware of the release of the prosperity funds and these funds will be released to the recipients very soon now. If all goes according to plan, the government will also announce the release of the new currency. That will be a surprise to many and this [announcement] will lead to a better understanding of the potential changes that are in store for your government.

There are those who are diametrically opposed to this progression of events and have done all they could to prevent some of these events from happening. However, it is no longer under their control. They have misused their power and influence for the purpose of personal wealth and not for the benefit of the American public. They will earn their just reward soon.

I shall be with you in about three weeks and there will be much that we want to do to influence those church leaders who call on me but lack the real belief in My Second Coming. Some of them will be prepared to listen to the messages that I will have for them and especially after the receipt of the letters that you will send when I give you the word as to the best time for the mailing of those letters. There is new religious information that very few churches are teaching. Essentially the most important new religious concept is that I am not the only person to be resurrected. All of you have had and will continue to have new life experiences. These sequences of lives will provide the growth to your spirits that is essential for your progression into the realms of deity that are meant for you. That will be the type of message that should be taught by all of my church leaders. Those who refuse to accept and teach this new doctrine will not be supported by my spirit. Instead of church leaders who can grow and develop, they will be merely club leaders with no religious authority.

Will there be other doctrines that you will also be bringing to your churches?

There may be some corrections that will be given. For example, the concept of the Godhead could use some refinement. I will have specific answers to questions that are asked and use the voice of my dear companion to provide the replies to their questions.

22nd December: [through Helen]

What is loneliness? Is it just being alone, or is it an ache, or is it a feeling of rejection and dejection?

But what is loneliness? Is it a feeling of one person in a room, surrounded only by walls? Or is it a feeling of being lost in the woods? Or lost at sea, in a boat? Loneliness, pain.

I am Sananda Jesus, and I understand the depth of loneliness. If one has never loved, or has never been loved, then one can feel loneliness. There is a heavy sorrow and a sadness, not so much that something was removed, but that something was never there.

What shall we do with the millions of children who know loneliness, who cannot remember being loved? If you save the life of a sparrow, it will remain near you. If you are kind to a dog, it will remain near you. If you are kind to a lonely child, it will remain near you. If you give that lonely child love, it will absorb it as if it were physical nourishment.

Can you give a lonely child joy? Yes, by giving it love. How do you express love to a lonely child? By holding it close to your body, by smiling at it, by sharing your thoughts, by listening to its words.

For the next 15 years there will be a challenge to the people of earth to remove loneliness from a great many children on earth, those who have lost mother, father, brothers, sisters. It will be a great humanitarian work to pick up those children and take them to a loving home. This can be an endeavor of the Red Cross, and funds can be supplied to them for this work. It can also be an outreach of all churches and all denominations, and all faiths. Truly this will be the "Save the Children" project.

At this time, during this Christmas Season, I entreat all loving souls to make plans in the New Year to contact social agencies and offer yourself in one way or another, to assist to remove loneliness from the hearts of my beloved children.

This is my message today. Amen

21st December: There has been great concern among those who make the political decisions for your country and those who are among what you term as the White Knights. The end result has been a delay in the release of the funds and of the changes in the politics of your country. However, be not overly concerned, there are other activities that will become of considerable benefit to you. There will soon be the ability for the recipients of the prosperity funds to receive their money.

There will be many from the Capricorn who will have the ability to heal. All that is required is that they be asked for their healing help. Keep up the faith and do whatever you can to help with the restoration of your proper form of government and with the information that you are receiving from me and from others. We shall soon be among you in the spirit and later in the flesh.

I assume that there will be no landing until after the change in government is effected about the middle of January, is that correct?

As far as we can tell, the decision has been made to put off the announcement of the pending change in government until later in January. Then there will be the first landings of our shuttles one of which will be in your valley. However, be patient a bit longer, it is only a matter of a few days now.

20th December: (3) [through Helen]

The world is full of joy. There is joy in the Heavens, and it is spilling down upon the earth, like snow flakes that cover the entire Northern Hemisphere.

I am Sananda Jesus, and I come to you again. It is a joy to be with so many of my brothers and sisters. You are now coming forth, and are beginning to speak boldly about what it is that you wish to change. And change it will. These ideas for a better world may have come from the heavens, but they have been buried in your heart for centuries, and have wanted to be spoken. Now is your time.

Over the entire earth, in a multitude of languages, people are saying, "Let's begin again. Let's do it right this time." Whether it is a government, a teaching institution, a hospital, a religion, an industry, a method by which to produce, a method by which to travel from one planet to another, a method by which to move cargo from one place to another, a method by which to grow better agricultural products - everything is demanding a change.

The requests are so vast, and the knowledge is so tremendous, that it needs an array of communicators to spread the word. How shall this be done? How shall we train a child in Africa, an Inuit in northern Canada, a mountain climber in Switzerland - how shall we train them all to be stewards of the earth?

This great plan will come about by the unification of the forces of great minds. These people, these educators have been gathering information for the past 50 years; even for the past 75 years. This is their time to bring that knowledge and that wisdom forth. And when they do that, they will have it confirmed by those in the telepathic community who can ask for heavenly guidance on all topics.

This togetherness is to be adapted and adopted by universities, by colleges, by religious teaching institutions. We will advance at a rate that is incomprehensible when we unite our efforts. This is no small task, but it can be done. The men and women of wisdom, and the educators, while meeting together, can make a 10-year plan by which they might say, "In the first year we will .... " and then state what it is. And then a plan for the second year, and the third year, so that by the end of 10 years there are curricula all over the world, and they are adjusted and amended to suit each particular country.

In the region of health care, a great deal needs to be done. However, in this regard it will be better for the people of earth to seek the guidance of those from the higher realms. Therefore, it would be in order for universities to teach telepathy, so that telepaths sit in conclaves, participate in meetings, and bring advice from those in the next dimensions who are already healing in ways that the people of earth cannot even understand.

Where will we begin? Who should write the first sentence, make the first speech? Could it be someone at the United Nations? Could it be someone in the World Health Organization? Seek and ye shall find; knock and it shall be opened unto you.

These thoughts are given, and are being sent to great minds. The persons to be involved in this project have means by which to get together, and they may also ask this Scribe questions that we in the next dimension will gladly answer, if we can do so.

That is the end of my message for today. I share my joys and my love with all people who receive this message. I am Sananda Jesus, and my love for you grows daily. Amen.

20th December (2): [through Helen]

We are on the cusp. We have climbed the mountain. We see the other side. Just as Noah could view the south or the north side of the mountain, so humanity also can view the dark side of the mountain, where the sun does not shine. Now all eyes are facing the light, on the south side of the mountain. Your courage and tenacity has borne fruit.

Soon Abraham Lincoln and I will join in our efforts to teach the new methods of living as a society of the Golden Age. You and Lauren will assist greatly in this endeavor. She will listen to me, and you will copy Abraham. What a joy to have you both. We ask that hundreds of others follow suit, and dedicate a few hours each day to communicating with our side of the fence.

I am determined that the people on earth receive the opportunity to learn how to live. This must be taught. This means that I am looking for teachers, university professors, clergymen, rabbis, leaders of all faiths, who already know in their hearts that the human race is on the verge of freedom, and needs to be taught what freedom is.

I urge educators to form groups of six, and to prepare their teachings together. Librarians could assist greatly by opening up a new department in their library. It might be called Living in the Golden Age. Yes, we are at the door of the Golden Age. We have the key in the lock. The little children will push the door open, gently. They will take a peek inside. What will they see?

I say to the people, clean house. Let the children who come to earth from now on be fed, clothed, taught how to live, how to think . Teach them music and the arts, assist them to travel, and to study earth. When you meet as a group, you may add to the list [of topics]. It is endless, and will stretch as far as your imagine will carry you.

This is a joyful day on Earth, and I bring you my heavenly joy.

I am Sananda, lover of peace, herald to the Golden Age.

20th December: (1) You are deeply concerned about forthcoming funding. You will be pleased to know that there are events in operation which will provide some interim funding and that such funding will soon be available to you. That is the good news I have for you.

As you have learned there is great opposition to the delivery of the funds. That is the result of a great political problem and the present administration will do all they can to stall the delivery of those funds as you know. However, the end will soon come. The events that are being put into place will soon, within a few short weeks, result in the release of the funds and with the announcement of a new administration. There will be important and welcome changes to your government and to the way money will be handled both by government and by all of the U.S. banks. So be patient.

19th December: it will not be long and I will no longer be here to give you a message each week day morning. However, I shall soon be with you in the spirit and you and your good friend will have a message for all of my church leaders in your valley, at least, those who will listen.

My first efforts will be to communicate with my church leaders and tell them that I am soon to be with them in the flesh, that I expect there to be a more uniform teaching of My Gospel and that it should include the sequence of lives that all of us have to gain experience and to advance in the pursuit of the development and perfection of our spirits. That is the message that you will help bring to many of my church leaders.

Hopefully your letters and the soon-to-occur grand events will cause the church leaders to desire to listen to the words of the resurrected Jesus Christ. Together, we will do the best we can to help make the leaders of my many churches aware of my Second Coming and that they should prepare themselves and their members for a new dispensation of love and truth to be promulgated throughout my many churches.

Those church leaders who fail to listen to my message are destined to become of little importance. Their parishioners will go to churches where the truth is being presented and where new gospel principles are being preached.

Any suggestion as to how I can better get their attention as to the reality of your Second Coming?

You can testify to them that you are in communication with me and that the burden of proof of my Second Coming will be presented to them if they will only listen to the message that I have for them. You can add your testimony to the letter you send, if you so desire. But make it brief and compelling.

17th December (PM): [through Helen]
We are not alone. There are among us on earth today countless numbers of invisible forms that have returned to assist you to reach the point at which you are directing your thoughts and actions. You are the great leaders. You were chosen long (ago) to be walking today, and to be on this path. I knew you when you were with me in Palestine, and the dust fell on our toes. This is why you are with me today. It is because we did not finish our task; we had to leave before it was completed, and so we have come back. Each one in this room walked with me, and dined with me, and saw my suffering. You have returned because you love me, and I have returned because I love you, and this time we will complete our journey.

This time we will feed more people, and teach more people, and comfort more sick ones, and heal the minds of those who have suffered great ills and great hardships. This is what we have come back to do, and now the funds are available to us, and we can speak with each person and say, "Open up your heart, because there is now the wherewithall with which to serve."

I am Sananda-Jesus, Jeshua, Immanuel, the Christed One, the simple holy man who walked with you. Will you help me feed my lambs, and feed my sheep? Will you allow the real truth to be given to you, and let go of the untruths? I will teach you. I will teach you about the God of Love, where there is no hate, only forgiveness. They will return to the Father at your hand. They will see the light when you show it to them. They are your people, and you are mine.

I speak through a woman, but there will come a time when you will train your men to speak, and I will speak through them. And you will raise prophets, and I will speak through them. This is but a beginning - this one comes from long ago, and soon she will return, and you will have your own teachers and guides, and they will speak about the guidance that is coming from heaven. If they speak a truth, you will know that it comes from me. This is a great beginning, but it is only a beginning.

When I will return in the flesh - not the old flesh that I had, but the new, more glorious flesh - then, just as I was transformed, you will be transformed. The date of my coming depends upon you. When there is no suffering, then I can return to teach, for how can you teach a man when he is starving? How can you teach a man in prison when he is full of hate for the people who put him behind bars? There must be peace before I come in order that I can do my work. You are the workers who will bring about that peace.

If you should have some questions, we may be able to answer them. Give them to the host; he will give them to my messenger, and she will send the questions to me telepathically, and I will attempt to answer your questions.

Be in peace. This day is a holy one. I give you my most sincere and deep love, and I send the peace of heaven into your heart. Amen.

16th December: (PM) [Helen]

How will we know, Lord?
How will we know when you have come?
How will we know what to do?
Where will we be at the time of your coming?
Shall we bring our children?
Help us, today, tomorrow, and soon after.
We are your children.
I am the handmaid of the Lord.
Let the words come according to his will.

Unknown: Everyone is overshadowed at this time. There is great overshadowing come upon each being who is alive on the face of Mother Gaia. No one is eliminated.

What becomes of the showers when they fall on holy souls? The result is a hundredfold. And upon mediocre souls? They are filled to overflowing.

And what becomes of the dark beings, who see no light? They fall into the pit, because they cannot find their way.

Over all ages I have called to my people to listen to me. I am a sure guide, I will show you the way. Come with me now. Do not let the tinsel fool you. The way home is the same as it was 2000 years ago, and even earlier.

It is to acknowledge the Creator; Acknowledge the God of Love; And strive to serve your fellow man.

Never before was this admonition more true. You are your brother's keeper, in ways that only you know.

Only you can understand the needs of husband or wife; Of parent or grandparent; Of handicapped child. Go to these needs now. Be with your father at his death bed, Help your grandmother to walk if she needs a cane. Be love to all.

The world is changing, and you are changing with it. Give of your love freely to all. See the Christ in the poor, in the needy, In the weak and the lame.

Care for them as you would care for me if I knocked on your door. I am Sananda. I will be here soon, I will know mine, and they will know me.

Be of good cheer, the time is not far off. Amen.

16th December: There is much to be said for the benefit of all concerning the great efforts that are being expended to more fully understand the nature of the universe in which we live. There is to come, soon, a much better understanding of the true religion, of the true God-like beings, and man's increasingly difficult role in handling new knowledge and new information about such things as Gods, angels, and my own role in the favoring of Mother Earth and her inhabitants. Even I do not have all the answers. However, I do have a great deal of information to share with mankind upon my return.

Hopefully, with the great new announcement of the presence of aliens in your midst, there will be a more ready acceptance of my coming and my message while being with you in the spirit. Much of what can be done will be accomplished prior to my coming in the flesh. However, it will be a dramatic revelation to many when I am there in the flesh to be among you for a short time before my going to Jerusalem.

There is a new world coming and we all shall have a part in helping to make it a better world. This is to be a time of rejoicing and welcoming the changes that are soon to be promulgated from many of my churches for the benefit and education of my followers who pray to me.

What is the greatest barrier for us to overcome before we can have a more peaceful society?

That is a good question. The greatest barrier to overcome is the lack of faith in me, my spiritual presence among you, and the recognition that there is soon to be My Second Coming. It is time for all churches to teach more about me and my spirit and My soon-to-be coming in the flesh as has been cited by many scriptures. Read about my Second Coming and prepare yourself for my being among you for a season.

15th December: Inexpensive energy is a necessary prelude to peace and to prosperity. As you know there are many places in the world where there is great poverty and that is not pleasing to me nor should it be pleasing to the richest country on earth. Just as you banded together to help the victims of the storm disasters in your southern states, so too, should you be banded together to reduce the poverty that is so widespread, especially in Africa.

First America needs to start at home. Clean up the mess that you have made in polluting air and waters. Use the new-energy technology being developed to replace the burning of fossil fuels. Keep the fossil fuels for their needed use in providing an array of various chemicals. Then, when you have shown that you can manage a new-energy technology, then share with the rest of the world. Especially, share the new-energy sources with the vast under-served populations of Africa. There is great need there and abundant and Inexpensive energy can do a great deal to help with food and other commodities. That is a mission worthy of the best that mankind can perform.

14th December: There will be a great effort put forth to help mankind where most needed. Not only from the Capricorn but from the other starships. Your problem with AIDs, especially in Africa, is well studied and efforts will be expended very soon to help wipe out that scourge to mankind. However, that is for another group. My concern is for the great benefit of all mankind, both the ill and the healthy.

You are soon to be aware of the governmental changes that will ensure that we are welcomed and can do our part in the changes that are destined for you, your country, and for Mother Earth. There will be much to do, very soon now, to let my ecclesiastical friends know of my coming and my desire to give special messages to those that will accept my presence among them. There is soon to be the culmination of the task that you have been given and are well prepared to complete [the mailings to church leaders].

Your concern for others is acknowledged and help will be provided. I shall soon be with you in the spirit and, of course, later in the flesh. The world will be prepared to welcome my Second Coming in the flesh and to be among you for another season of peace, growth, and further development of all mankind. I shall also be helped by the presence of other ecclesiastical leaders who also will return to bless and help the people. The world will be set upon a new journey and new enlightenments. That is our assignment and we shall perform with diligence and with pleasure. Many of you will help us. Your rewards shall be suitable to your endeavors.

13th December: You are to be pleased with the results of the happenings of this week that are in store for you. Your funding will soon be released and after these many months of waiting and surviving, you will be able to handle all of the financial needs for a greatly expanded operation [of your laboratory]. In addition, I shall soon be among you in the spirit. We shall have a great work to commence among the leaders of my churches. They will be somewhat more willing to listen to what I have to say, when there are public landings and pictures of flyovers. It will be more believable that there is a Second Coming that is soon to come.

You and our dear friend will be able to get their attention so that I can provide some degree of comfort and instructions for my church leaders to take to their various congregations. That will be a proper beginning of My Second Coming. There will be many opportunities for you and our dear friend to help me in my ministry.

I have a great desire to encourage many witnesses of my presence in the spirit. There will be many who will sense my presence and some of these will learn about and obtain the book about telepathy that has been provided by our dear friend. With that book and following the instructions, there will be many more who will be able to receive my messages. There will be, hopefully, a few of my ministers that will decide that it is a valuable tool for them to become more sensitive to my messages. They, or some of their church members, will become more telepathic. Then I shall be able to provide more information for the benefit of the many members who pray to me and would hearken to my messages to them and to their leaders. That is the way that a better Christianity can come into the world.

These are great days coming to help herald in My Second Coming, which will not be much longer delayed.

8th December: It will not be long and there will be a culmination of these events. There will soon be the time when we can come among you with our shuttles and allow the people of this nation to know that aliens exist and that aliens are peaceful. Then I will come in the spirit at that time and be among you.

There is much to be done to lay the groundwork for my coming in the flesh, to be among you for a short season before I go to Jerusalem and help restore the peace that should be present among all of the nations of the world. There will be other ancient leaders who will return and will help so that we will have a peaceful earth before long. Then the efforts that are put to war can be turned to bring peace, and prosperity to many nations.

The earth will be able to sustain an abundance so that all may have a good life and not be in dire poverty. That will usher in a time of peace, plenty, and prosperity for all the nations of the world. However, there is much to be done to achieve that goal. So to begin, we shall need to have my church leaders properly prepared for the changes that are coming. You will soon need to get the mailing done. I know you are ready for that task. There may be sudden changes that can occur.

7th December: There are many here on the Capricorn who marvel at the delays that have prevented the changeover in your government. Those rascals in office are certainly good at causing delays, especially where their benefit is involved. Great efforts have been expended to delay the coming of the shuttles from the Capricorn to the various fly-overs that will announce our presence to your countrymen. We are pleased, however, that such an event will soon be possible.

Hopefully, the events of this week will pave the way for our landings among you. It appears that we may be landing in a field of white with the snows that you have been enjoying. That will be a new experience for us.

Some of our worlds have plenty of water but snow is not a part of our warmer worlds.

There is much to be done after my coming in the spirit to be with you beginning with the time of the landing of the first shuttle to land in your valley. Our mutual friend will be pleased to learn of our coming first to Zion (but a bit later in the flesh). First we have messages for our many church leaders that inhabit your valley. Our dear friend will be my voice to answer their questions and to instruct them on some of the new doctrine. So it will soon be time for you to get my message out to those church leaders.

You have been greatly concerned about funds for the continuation of your laboratory work. You will be pleased to know that it will soon be the time for considerable funds to be coming to you. Unless the leaders of your government have some new tricks to play, there should be the release of significant funds by the end of this week. We know that will be good news for you. My blessings on you and yours. I shall soon be with you.

Dear Sananda, we shall rejoice at your coming. Can you use your influence to help pave the way for an early announcement of the changeover in our government leadership?

It is not my role to be involved with political changes. However, if it is important to you, I shall see what can be accomplished.

It is important to our laboratory activity to be have funds released before Christmas. Therefore, I do ask fervently that you use your influence to help remove any further delays in getting our funding so that we can proceed soon in the important work we have to accomplish.

It shall be done.

1st December: (2)

On the Landing in Salt Lake City
To The Messenger Angela:

Yes. It is time to prepare for the First Landing. This will be a time of great rejoicing for your brothers and sisters in the sky, who have worked diligently for a great many years to see this day occur. I will tell you that many will not believe, and many will believe. If you recall the splendor of the movie First Encounter of the Third Kind, you will have a faint glimpse of how magnificent will be the view that the people of earth will see on that eventful day. All cameras should be ready, the TV reporters should be on hand.

What will be the impact? Let me say this, it will be much more important than any earthlings consider.

Heaven coming to earth en masse. Thousands of ships viewable in the sky all over the world. Yes they will come a very short time after the first landing is announced in Utah.

If the Utah landing is announced well, as was my coming in the flesh 2,000 yeas ago, the people will be prepared.

At that time the word "Messiah" was used.

What shall you use this time?
The Coming of the Great One.
The Coming of the Beings of Peace.
The Great Return
The Space Ships Have Come.
UFOs Appear in the Sky.

But what shall be said?
A Return to Glory.
The Redemption of Mankind
The People Are Winning

The People of Earth Have Won Their Place in the Universe.

Oh my beloved, you cannot even begin to fathom the solemnity of that day.

In heaven the angels will rejoice.
On earth the Invisible Souls will let themselves be known.

I will be there.
I will be on the ship Capricorn when it sets foot on Beloved Terra.
I will look for you, and I will see you.
I will speak to you in your mind, and you will know that it is I.
You will direct me to our friend.

Some of those present will know that the Christ is with them.
There will be a hush.

Then you will address the ship telepathically, and thank them for coming, and welcome them. You will raise your arms high, and they will open the door. This is the procedure you will follow.

My peace to you. Yes, I will be with you before the ship's doors open.

1st December: (1) It will be a momentous day for the U.S. and the world. There is much to be done to help in the proper use of the new wealth that is being released.

My major role is to bring forth a new dispensation of religious doctrine and a new harmony among the many churches that pray to me and teach portions of my Gospel. The biggest doctrinal change is the concept of eternal progression that is only faintly alluded to in the heavily-edited scriptures that are the Holy Bible. It will be important for all of my ministers to understand, preach, and teach the concept of eternal progression with the further linking of that concept to the periodic reincarnation of each soul as they learn and progress. You are among the few that remembers anything about past lives. That concept is important and there will be more of the remembering and explanation of various aspects of our memories and our health that can be linked to past lives.

Each time we reincarnate we have the privilege of having new experiences and new growth of our individual spirits. The advancement of the spirit is the heart and soul of living. My blessing on you and all of your readers. It will not be long and I shall soon be with you in the spirit.

Anything that we can do to help bring about the needed acceptance of this new order?

You can be a reservoir of explanation as you are aware of some of the expected results of the new currency and of the NESARA program.

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