Sananda on the SECOND COMING

Part 2: March, 2005
A Great Surprise to many Leaders of My Church

31st March: There is much to be done before My Second Coming. There are a lot of church leaders of many Christian churches that will need to have further information from Me. The most important topic is that My Gospel is to be somewhat changed but, most important, the same Gospel shall be taught in all of My churches. That will take some doing both before and after My Coming in the flesh. However, it shall be done. There is time and there are means by which My Messages will be promulgated throughout Christianity, beginning in your area and spreading around the world. These are important times in the history of this earth.

More of the people will become aware of the fact that I do exist, that I was with in the world and then crucified in Jerusalem. And, very important, I shall return and again teach the Christian world about the Father and the Celestial Glories that can be achieved. There will be more scripture provided.

30th March: There is much good to be accomplished in this world. You and your friends will be a part of the good works that you have been doing and will continue. The book by our beautiful spiritual receiver will soon be ready and will be distributed to many of the people that pray to me. It will be most interesting to you and to Me, to see the reception that My book will receive. It will be a great surprise to many leaders of My church to learn that the Second Coming is so near. It will be a surprise to many to learn how few there are who have the telepathic ability to listen and record what I send. However, that will soon change. We shall be helping to teach many others to be telepaths so that My messages to all of my churches shall be received as needed.

There will be many who will try to be telepathic and not succeed, however, there will be many who will succeed and who will be called to be special emissaries for my various churches and congregations.

28th March: I, along with many of you, am most sorrowful to see the many young men that are being killed unnecessarily in the Iraq war. It is past time that PEACE be declared. There has been some good come from this War, but the same good could have been accomplished diplomatically. At any rate, it will soon be over.

There is much to be done to take advantage of the PEACE and the intermingling of more of My people from other planets with you on this planet. I shall be coming, in the spirit, at the time of the first shuttle landing. You will probably sense me during the shuttle landing. Then it will not be many weeks before I shall come again in the flesh. There is much to be done to let those of My many churches know of My coming. There will be a good reception for the book. You and Dr. M shall be busy in ensuring that the book is being readied for publication as soon as practical. You will be receiving substantial funds following the declaration of PEACE. We shall be providing you with further information about the book and about those of My churches who desire to know more about My Coming.

24th March: My message today has to do with the orderliness by which we shall be coming and visiting with you. First, I have decided that I will come in the spirit at the first [shuttle] landing in your area. I have been working closely with Angela, bless her soul, and shall be expecting her help to communicate with various leaders of those Christian churches that use My name, but have some strange changes to My Gospel. My Gospel will be presented to them so that there can be a more uniform teaching of My Gospel. After I come in the flesh and am among you for awhile, there will be a more rapid acceptance of the Second Coming and of the changes that I desire to be made in My Gospel teachings to members of the various Christian churches. One of the most important changes, that was essentially deleted from the Bible in early days, is the concept that we can be reincarnated and have more than one life on this, or on other planets. The so-called aliens are our brothers in spirit. Some of these aliens have been previously incarnated on this earth and then choose to have another life experience on another planet.

To what extent will you be with us in the spirit prior to your coming in the flesh?

You are asking a question about the timing of My Second Coming. Suffice to say, that prior to My Second Coming, I shall desire there to be peace declared and also that there is some time [before My Second Coming] for some of My church leaders to be taught some of the new Gospel principles that I desire to be taught to My church members. I will make a decision as to the timing of My coming in the flesh based on the developments that will occur prior to that time.

21st March: There is much that must be done prior to My coming. There are many church leaders to provide with the message of My soon-to-be coming in the flesh and being among You for a season. My many churches need to hear My message that I have for them. It will be only a few who will believe that My message through My dear friend Angela is really from Me. However, there will be a few who will believe and who will change due to My message for them. There are to be many churches bearing My name, but there must be one Gospel being taught to the many members of the many Christian churches. That is to be accomplished as soon as practical. You and Angela have an important work to do in that regard. However, the most important work is to get My book into the hands of many people. There will be funds provided so that the book can be published. You and M will be of great assistance (and have been) in getting this important book into the hands of many. My message and the messages of many Saints are to be promulgated throughout much of the Christian world, including book stores.

18th March: M is doing a great job in getting everything put together. He will need your assistance especially in contacting Angela for her inputs and any changes. This is a day that you should devote much of your time to My needs. There are many of us who will be coming at the same time that I come in the flesh. Their bodies will not be seen except by a few. They are the angels that have been prophesied to come at My Second Coming. They are My special friends. These angelic beings will bring much good and much healing to those that need it. If you desire their presence or their help it is only a matter of a prayer in My name to Me and to them and you will be blessed with their help. If you have any health problems, then ask in My name for these Holy Angels to visit with you and to heal whatever is needed to be healed. The response will be here for this is one of the wonders and byproducts of the Second Coming. You do not have to wait for Me to come among you. These angels are now available and you can call on them for your needs. So be of good cheer. There are already some of the blessings of My Second Coming that are being poured out upon the world. That is My special message for you this morning. Any Questions?

Dear Sananda, Thank you for such a wonderful message. I shall be one of those who will call on your angels for help. My problems are small but I will enjoy further help from You and Your angels. Are there any limits as to what we can ask Your angels to do in terms of healing?

There are some limits, especially if you are already one who has been scheduled to be returned to the arms of your loved ones. However, ask: the worst thing that can happen is to be told No.

17th March: There will be many who will not believe that I have come again. However, after My appearance in the flesh, there will be a better belief among My many churches. Then will come the real alignment of those that pray to me and preach their versions of My Gospel. There will soon be one Gospel taught and preached, however, there will be many churches. There will be some consternation due to the changes that will be made and that are not expected. However, My coming will be accepted and soon proclaimed by My church throughout the world. Then I shall go to Jerusalem and do My best to help create peace in that part of the world. Many there will be who will help me in those efforts. Not the least of these helpers will be other ancient religious leaders who will also be helping to restore true Gospel principles, the worth of the soul, and the personal development that is expected from all who claim to be believers. There will be no more [religious] leaders who will preach the false doctrine of killing off the "unbelievers." That was never taught by the spirit but only added to [the teachings] by Man. There will, eventually, be a peaceful world and then real progress can be expected to be made throughout all nations. Such world-wide peace will be a culmination of My work and My glory.

Dear Sananda. Thank You for Your help and Your presence. How long do You expect to be here in this part of Your vineyard after Your Coming in the flesh?

It shall only be a few days. Events will dictate My stay. However, I do not expect there to be much of a problem in announcing My Second Coming to My church leaders and have My message accepted.

16th March: There is much for Me to do here in your part of the world. I shall be trying to get My message to some of the churches that bear My name. There are many Christian churches, however, they vary greatly in what is taught and the emphasis on what is being preached. Hopefully, I will be able to get some of My messages to some of those church leaders prior to My coming in the flesh. You and Angela are doing the right thing by helping get the word out that I am here now and that I have messages for those that will listen. To those church leaders that will listen to Me through Angela’s voice, I will have important information to share. The basic message is that there should be one Gospel being taught in My churches. That message and that Gospel is one of Love and faith. There is no longer to be a pent-up desire on the part of one church to be against what another Christian church is teaching. When the real impact is made of My Second Coming, there will be more uniformity in the preaching of My Gospel. There is no longer to be a preaching of hate or antagonism against any other Christian church. All churches that use My name will carry My message or there will be no spiritual content provided to those church leaders. Thus they will soon fail. That is the heart of My message to be given by Me to My church leaders. There will soon be one Christian Gospel, the gospel of love, faith, and self development. That is and will be My message.

11th March: There are many of My churches that need to hear of My Second Coming. It will not be easy for them to accept the information from you and Angela that you are in communication with Me and that I desire to have more telepathic communication with My church leaders. There will be a few now, and more later, that will be receptive to the messages that I will have for them through you and Angela. There will be more later who will understand that the Second Coming is indeed soon to occur and that all churches should be aligned to accept My voice and My presence prior to My going to Jerusalem.

There will be many who will still not believe until I come in the flesh. It is difficult to expect that a couple of unknowns as you and Angela would be selected to give out My messages to My churches. You are smiling at this and so am I. It will be quite a surprise for them to understand that I have chosen the two of you, who have no ecclesiastical rankings to be My messengers. Oh well, these times are going to be of great interest to many. You are to do your best to let My many churches know that I have a special message for them. We shall have a lot more telepathic communication in the future. I desire to talk to My many churches and to My many church leaders. There should be a telepathic person in each of the many churches so that My specific information for them can be made manifest to their leaders.

10th March: There is much to do in preparation for My Second Coming. I shall soon be among you but in My spirit form. There will be the landing of shuttles from the Capricorn and I shall be also landing and being among you. Of course, I don't have to have a shuttle to be with you, however, it appears to be an appropriate thing for Me to do. You will be there for the first landing. Perhaps you will sense My presence when we land.

There is much for you to accomplish in both your work and in helping Angela in her contacts with the many church leaders in your area. There will be more interest in My message after the first landing. It will finally dawn on some of My church leaders that indeed the Second Coming is soon to come to pass. They will then be more receptive to the messages that Angela and you will have for them. There are many wonderful souls who visit the many chapels and pray to me and have their meetings in which I am expected to be there in spirit. It is My desire that we are more unified in the teaching of My Gospel. That will be the main thrust of My messages to My various church leaders, as I have stated to both you and Angela. It will be a bit of a struggle for many of My church leaders to accept that there are a few who can communicate with me and receive my words and instructions.

Hopefully, we shall soon be able to teach many others the art of telepathy so that My words can be transferred directly to those who are in My service in teaching and preaching the Gospel of Jesus Christ. It will be a great event to have a common Gospel being taught to all of My people.

Will you come with the first "show and go" landing or will you await a more deliberate landing?

I shall come with the first show and go landing and depart [the shuttle] at that time. Hopefully, there will be some of the more spiritual persons who will be able to see or sense My presence among you.

4th March: There is soon to come the time when the current version of your politics will be denounced and new politics will be announced. There will be a return to the best constitutional government and the changes that have been illegally made will be cancelled. The results will be some degree of consternation among the populace until they are assured that the changes made are for their benefit. The changes that are to be made will be announced to the world and there will be time and places to allow for the grief stricken or the weary to ask or post questions and receive replies. Your own website will be a source of the messages that we have received and are receiving. There will be many who will benefit from the changes and very few honest persons who will not soon benefit from the changes. There will be the usual use of the Internet to exchange information. There will be much truth posted about this topic and by those who are really in charge, or soon will be. My efforts are expected to continue. We are well aware of the changes to be made. There have been some good articles about the current president, his staff, and their role in beginning the fire in New York that started the current war in Iraq. That role [of our President] will be publicized and the president will resign. There will be an election planned for a new Congress and a new President, etc. The election will be held about four months from now. The timing is to give all parties time to find and post the names of those proposed to run on the respective tickets and be elected to the presidency and to Congress.

3rd March: There will be a new type of message that will be sent to Angela concerning the things that I want to have accomplished before My Coming. She will share with you. It is important that those who are to be witnesses to My information about their churches be contacted and that I can speak to them through Angela. There will be sufficient information provided to assure the church leaders that I am who I claim to be. There will be much consternation, however, there will be many who will believe and will be better prepared for My Second Coming. That is the way in which I desire to handle the communications that you and Angela will establish for Me. There will be some who will respond favorably to the recent letter and they should be contacted immediately and arrangements made for meeting with them. That is your assignment to help Angela get to and meet with these ecclesiastical leaders.

2nd March: Much of our efforts are to be started very soon. Then there will be important new topics that will be made manifest, such as the change in government that is pending. There will be much consternation and the leaders of My churches can help to alleviate that consternation among their members. You need to understand the importance of these coupled events that are soon to come. Much of the effort that has gone into the book that was given to Angela will be important to lessen the consternation of great changes and to emphasize that My coming and My commitment to this earth and to the many Christian churches is an important and even Glorious task for Me. I shall be calling on others to help. You have been appointed your task and your efforts are appreciated. Be diligent and be constant in your efforts on My behalf and you will be blessed.

1st March: It is with pleasure that I can state that there are strong events taking place that will allow for the announcement of the NESARA program and the return of the U.S. to Constitutional Law as it was meant to be. That is where the real foundation for peace in the world will come, accompanied by My return and the return of My fellow religious leaders to their parts of the world. As prophesized, I shall return first to Zion (USA) and then I shall go to Jerusalem. However, there must be peace in the world before My coming. That is the major effort that I will help to inspire in those [leaders] who will accept My inspiration and My encouragement.

It is difficult for Me to communicate effectively with those who are the leaders of my many churches. There has been so little done to teach and train persons to have the telepathic ability to communicate directly with me. And yet the scriptures that I have inspired many to write are full of suggestions that those who hearken to My words, those who listen to and keep My commandments, have the privilege of having My word in their heart (or in their mind). You and Angela are some of the very few who have the ability coupled with the desire to communicate with Me. Therefore, it will be one of My strong messages (when I come to teach and preach) of the value of being able to telepathically couple with Me and receive My messages and have questions answered.

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