Sananda on the SECOND COMING

Part 3: April, 2005
My Kingdom shall roll forth

27th April: Much of our efforts will be toward the changing of the way the government operates. As you know, with the NESARA program announcement, there will be great changes to be made in the National government and some dramatic announcements to be made. This will cause a great deal of consternation among the populace. There will need to be more of you who will take actions to help explain and calm the people.

There is a new prosperity to come, however, with some of the dramatic changes in government, there will be a considerable loss of some jobs and openings for others. It is expected that your new government leaders will make arrangements to provide proper help to those whose jobs are being lost. However, with the paying off of house debts and credit card debts, there will be a significant prosperity for most people.

Much of the consternation will be alleviated by information that will be poured out over the various media as fast as the NESARA program personnel can provide the information. You are expected to use your emailing address lists to tell people about the changes and why these changes are so desirable.

26th April: The book that we have helped Angela to write will soon be published, with your help. This is an important document for Me to get into the world, especially the Christian world, for it is the forerunner of My Second Coming. You will be able to get the book placed in many of your local book stores. That will be a beginning. There will be those who will also want to help distribute the book, once they see what it is and the potential for sales. There will be some favorable offers for printing and distributing the book. You will be able to help make those arrangements. You and (M) will have a great task to do in getting this dramatic information out to the world. Angela, on the other hand, will be busy with another book about telepathy. We shall need everyone's help so that there will be more who can communicate telepathically, like yourself, and even better.

My Kingdom shall roll forth and My thoughts shall be made known to the leaders of My many churches. However, it will require a lot of telepathically trained persons to really help Me in being able to communicate rapidly, accurately, and effectively with My many churches. So you have been one of the first to receive information from Me, however, you will not be the last, nor the most important. Your time of rest will soon be upon you and there will not be the current need for your developing talents. However, be of good cheer, I shall be using your services from time to time. Any questions for Me this morning?

Yes dear Sananda. is it true that we are allowed to know the "season" of your coming but not the day?

That is a reasonable interpretation. The timing of My Second Coming is soon. We are [now] in the season thereof. However, My choice and My timing is for Me to decide and perform. There is no need for Me to come until there is better preparation for My coming. The book you are working with is one of those items that will precede My Second Coming.

Thank you dear Sananda. I shall do my best to help get Your book out into the world.

22nd April: You will soon be able to commercialize an important new technology to tap into the vast energy of space. That is very important to have accomplished prior to or soon after My Second Coming. There will be a revolution in energy and, to a small extent, a revolution among my churches in adding some new doctrine.

There is much to be done before and after My Second Coming so that the earth will be improved by My Coming. Part of that improvement will be the result of the great amount of funds that will become available soon from the prosperity funds and humanitarian funds now being distributed. Many of My Christian churches will be helped by receiving some substantial donations made by some of their newly wealthy constituents. In your church there will be additional tithing that will be paid and that will permit the building of more chapels and a few more churches and temples.

There are great days coming both before and after My Second Coming. I shall soon make a decision as to the timing of My Second Coming, but it [the date] will still not be given out. There will be a surprise at the timing, as it is meant to be.

20th April: Much of Our doing, however, is not involved with money. Our primary purpose is to influence those who will be made aware of My Second Coming. We are trying to get this message to the new Pope and to many other religious leaders. We are making some headway, at least some of the religious leaders are "listening." However, what they receive by inspiration is not carried through to receiving the words that we would like them to hear. There will be much that we can do to help there to be a broader basis of telepathic reception of messages from us. That will be one of the topics that will be presented to the many churches after My Second Coming. There will be more direct communication from Me, of course, while I am among you, and later when I go to Jerusalem there will be those who will be able to receive information from Me from Jerusalem. You will not be the only one. However, you will be one of those with whom I can send messages. However, you must keep practicing and praying. Your soul must be in tune with what you are attempting to do to be an accurate receiver.

Dear Sananda, thank You for the positive comments. Are there any among the general authorities of my church that are accurate receivers?

No, not yet. However, there are some, like yourself, who have the capability but it has not been developed. That will be one of the tasks that I will try to resolve when I meet directly with My church authorities.

19th April: - - your ability to rise early and get to the office before anyone else will still allow us to communicate effectively. However, it won't be long before I shall be busy elsewhere and our communications will not be so frequent. There is much to be accomplished before My coming and there are those who believe they know the time of My coming. I have news for them as I have not, as yet, decided as to just when I will come in the flesh and be among you. However, I still plan to be with the first landing of the shuttle in your area and I will be there in spirit. Of course, I don't have to await the landing of a shuttle, however, that is the way I am going to first come to your area. With your ability to see auras, you will possibly be able to see me. I shall come near to you after the shuttle landing and determine if you can see My spirit. That will be an interesting test for you. On a more serious note: There is to be a considerable commotion when the NESARA program is announced. You will be one of those who will be able to help tell the truth about the change in government and the resignation of some top leaders. There are those who have listened to and respect you. So be prepared to make announcements on the Internet and send to many of your addressees so that the word will get out that this initial commotion will soon be stilled and there will be a welcoming of the great changes that are in store for all.

Dear Sananda, if I may be so bold to ask, what is the purpose of Your coming in the spirit?

I will be moving among and listening to and trying to influence the brethren who are in charge of (My Church). It is important to Me that they begin to sense Me and begin to think in terms of the Second Coming. Some of that effort may be of help. We will see what happens. There will be some who will detect My presence, at least that is what I believe.

15th April: There will be a period of consternation when the (NESARA) announcement is made. Your countrymen do not realize how badly they have been misled by many of the politicians during the past several decades, actually since Roosevelt's time. It will take some education and getting used to before the citizens will understand that a new country and a new prosperity is about to be revealed. There will be a lot of money that has deliberately been provided over the past many years, as you know. Those funds will make it possible for many good projects to be funded and for many people to have employment. So after the initial frustration and dismay among the populace, there will be a gathering together and an acceptance of the new restored government. Then it will be up to all of you to retain your country and not allow it to be again turned over to the wealthy for their further increase in wealth. The wealth belongs to all the people and that will be a paramount effort in this new era of prosperity.

14th April: There are important events that are being planned and to be announced very soon. The most significant event will be the announcement of the NESARA program. Once that is done, then there will be plans made to have a shuttle come to your area and I will be coming with that shuttle. I hope that you will sense me when I come.

I will do my best, dear Sananda. What will be the nature of Your visit here, if I may ask?

There is to be a change in the way in which many of the (congregations) are to be in communication with Me. It is My desire that every (congregation) will have a person who has the ability to receive messages via telepathy. The church is so large and diverse now that it will not be easy for all of the decisions to be made in their headquarters. There should be a method for Me and My angels to communicate with the leaders of My (Synods and Congregations) throughout the world. That is the reason for My plans to have a telepathic person in every (congregation). That will be one of the purposes of My visit, to see to what extent we can expect to find or train such persons. Our friend Angela will be given the task of helping to train those who have the ability to be able to accurately receive My messages for their part of the world, specific to the needs of their (Synods and Congregations). That is the reason for My coming in the spirit. That way I can help detect those who have some degree of sensitivity for My presence.

11th April: There is much going on at the highest levels of government as they know that their end is near. There will soon be the announcement of the NESARA program and that will curtail the rapacious efforts of the present administration (at the highest levels) to take whatever funds they can steal and get away with. However, there is a showdown coming and they are aware of the consequences. They have exhausted all means by which they can further delay the announcement of the return to constitutional government. It will be a great day for all of America. And it shall soon be announced. We believe that the announcement will come today or tomorrow. However, we have been fooled by some of the antics of this administration before. At any rate we shall soon know.

You also have a task to complete in getting the book out about My Second Coming. That will be of great interest to many. It should soon be a best seller. Are you ready for that to happen? Your dear friends M and Angela have done a great job in getting the book together and you have helped and will still have some helping to do. There is a need for the right method of publishing the book and you will be expected to take care of the initial publishing.

8th April: We shall soon have the ability to be among you. We shall be asking you and your good friend to help us in making early pre-second-coming contacts with some of My church leaders. We shall continue the operations that We began earlier. Your reports that you have, about My messages to you and My Second Coming, are appropriate types of information to put into a letter and send to various church leaders in your area. We acknowledge the advice of your dear friend that such be done soon. Please use your abilities to help as much as possible.

Many of our angelic staff will also help. There are some of the church leaders who can be inspired by us and a very few that we can communicate with to provide information. These [few] will be those who are most likely to accept your offer of further information about My Second Coming. It will be great to be able to actually present some information through your friend to them and answer some of their questions. My messages to them will go far to assure them that the information is really from Me. Do your best. Work closely with your friend. I shall be there to help and assist.

However, We do understand the nature of the important work that you are doing right now in getting the book ready so that it will precede My Second Coming. That is very important and My blessings on all three of you for your efforts. There will soon be the funds available for the book to be printed and distributed.

7th April: You are doing better in clearing your mind of other things when listening or hearkening to my intellectual present concepts that we handle by telepathy. You are getting better at receiving the concepts that I send mentally to you. You will soon be free from any of the input errors that might be placed into My messages to you or through you to others.

We shall both be in the spirit in Jerusalem. I shall be giving some messages to you from My body [through my Spirit] while in Jerusalem in the not too distant future. Although your body will remain in USA, you will be sending your spirit body for successful communication with Me. That is the way in which I will be assured that My messages get properly received by the various church leaders to whom the messages will be addressed. You will be forewarned for the times that I have messages to send. It will not take up much of your time, however, what I send to you is expected to be transmuted from the concepts that are sent to reasonably accurate prose that you will put together as you receive the concepts that I will mentally send to you.

These concepts are no necessarily in language but is the means by which we can send concepts with any [specific] language. This is an area that has not been properly studied as a part of the study of languages. It will be possible for many humans to learn to converse with other humans, who do not have the same language. The concepts of the mind that can be sent are not necessarily put into specific language before sending. The ideas or concepts from the brain can be highly identical but only changed dramatically when reduced to the words of some specific language. Otherwise it would be very difficult for angels to communicate with mankind. I hope that this is a concept that can be understood and assimilated by you.

Thank you dear Sananda. I understand and rejoice in the understanding that angelic communication is not language based but is spirit concept based. I shall be aware of that and do my best to translate into our current English language for passing around to others.

6th April: You will be able to serve Me and serve Me well. Your prayers will be answered. You will be able to receive my thoughts sufficient to serve my needs when I am in Jerusalem.

There is much to be done, prior to My Second Coming. The world is ready but does not know it, as yet. My timing will be at My own choosing, however, it will be sooner rather than later. You are to be helpful in getting more of the information to some of the leaders of My churches. It is important for them to be aware of My coming and be ready to accept some additional Gospel principles which I desire to be taught to all those who profess to believe in Me. There must be a better understanding of life-after-life, and of the ability for humans to communicate mind-to-mind. These are two fundamental changes or additions to My Gospel that I desire to become entrained in the minds of those who preach about Me and who take care of My flock of believers.

There is much to be done and you and your loved helper will be asked and able to help fulfill these tasks. Much of our doing is related to getting some of the Churches prepared for My Second Coming. It is time for My churches to preach and teach about My Second Coming. It will, of course, be of considerable news or newsworthy. I smile as I think of the many doubting Thomases who will be reporting about My Second Coming with great doubts that it is really Me and not some imposter. Those will be interesting times.

5th April: There is great consternation among many of you. There are those who claim to be receiving messages from Me and those messages differ from what you are receiving. Worry not. That confusion will soon end. It is difficult for some receivers not to allow their own desires to be intermingled with the information that is sent. We are not here to take over the world. We are here to help, however, to get your world back on a more peaceful footing. We are not alone. Several of the ancient religious leaders will either be here in person or have their able assistants be with this earth and its religious peoples so that there will be a great outpouring of love and peace so that the world can become free of war, conquest, inter-racial hatred, and other [turmoil]. There is much to be done, of course, before we have achieved that degree of peace. However, that is Our ultimate goal, then as the world is peaceful all mankind can enjoy the benefits of peace and further their development and help each other toward better lives for all. That is the great task that lies before Me.

I hope that you understand that neither the religious leaders nor the other aliens are here to take over or to greatly interfere with the way mankind communicates and governs. However, we have defused the many nuclear warheads and will not allow mankind anywhere to destroy large parts of the world with the use of nuclear weapons. That will not be allowed! You are the ones who must ultimately declare and preserve peace. Part of that task is in place by the example of the NESARA program which will soon be made known to the world. Your government will be the first to be changed back to its constitutional form. You will be pleased with the results. It is you and not the aliens that have taken those steps. However, we will help when called upon to do so. That is My message. Any questions?

Dear Sananda. Thank you for a wonderful reply to my mentally-placed questions about the role of the aliens here on this earth. I am most pleased with your response. Is it correct to believe that You will be coming in the flesh sometime this year?

Yes. However, the date of my return has not been established. There is much to be done before that time and I expect to have your help and the help of Angela to prepare for My communication with My churches prior to My Second Coming.

4th April: Much of the world is becoming aware that there are great changes coming. One of these announcements will be the NESARA program and will have a world-wide impact. There will be other countries that will adopt some of the features of the NESARA program, especially those [features] that pertain to the end of war, the declaration of PEACE, and the backing of legal currency with precious metals. In addition, telepathic communication will flourish and blossom among many nations. There will be an increasing amount of communication between the starships and those on the ground [who will be] developing their telepathic capabilities.

1st April: We shall be with you soon. Prior to My Second Coming, there is much that I desire to have accomplished. This weekend is the time for the semi-annual conference of (My church). We shall be listening to the conference and My spirit will be with those who are to address you. Perhaps by the next conference this fall, I shall be there or in Jerusalem in the flesh. The Second Coming will certainly be a topic for the fall conference. However, there is much to be done prior to that time. We need to have your help and the help of our dear Angela to get some of My messages to the leaders of the many churches that bear My name and that pray to Me. There must be an alignment of My Gospel message if their churches are to continue to claim direction from Me. We shall soon have some efforts to get My new Gospel message to those church leaders. So be prepared to provide some help for Me.

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