Sananda on the SECOND COMING

Part 4: May, 2005
A Time of Peace and Prosperity

31 May: There are great changes coming to your country and there will be significant changes that I will bring to those church leaders who will listen to my messages to each of them. There must be a more consistent alignment of the Gospel of Jesus Christ within all of My Christian churches. It is important that the children of men understand the true nature of My Gospel and be taught about My Second Coming. In addition, there will be other alignments of doctrine that I will give to all of My churches when I come in the flesh. Those who will not accept My Second Coming and My Gospel Messages shall not have a part in the great changes that are coming to Mother Earth and to its many peoples. That is the message that I will have for all of those who claim to be Christians. My spirit will be with those who are truly willing to listen to My words and heed My admonitions to them. The others who will not listen shall dwindle in unbelief.

30 May: There is to be a great change in your life and in the lives of many in your country with the announcement of the NESARA program. There is much that you will be able to do because you will have the funds and the folks to perform great new tasks that you have so long been working towards. There are some whom we have inspired to be with you and support you in your endeavours.

Much of what the world is now doing will soon change as there are others who will be helping mankind in other parts of the world. There will be other spiritual leaders who will also return as will I. Then there will be a new PEACE made manifest among nearly all nations. There will be an end to much of the war and killing that is so contrary to anything that any ecclesiastical leaders have ever taught. There will be new beginnings and new efforts among the many people of earth. We shall be most pleased to help, and you will be a part time helper in receiving and passing on special messages from Me to My leaders. Thank you for your efforts yesterday. Now get the letters out to those ecclesiastical leaders whose addresses you have acquired. Your efforts will be rewarded.

27 May: Your project activities, your receipt of millions of dollars, and the coming of the aliens is going to make a lot of news for your news media. That will take up some of your time. However, you are well aware of that and we are sure that you will be able to handle such attention effectively.

The most important tasks, early on, will be the words that, with your help and the help of My wonderful scribe Angela, will be a great culmination for Me. It will not be long before I will be with you and then leave you to go about My Father's business. Then there will not be these daily lessons for you. You will be prepared and will listen for My voice in your mind in case that I need to have a serious communication with some of My church leaders.

Dear Sananda, Do You still plan to come in the spirit when the first shuttle lands in our area?

Yes. Also Angela will be here and the three of us will commence our communication with some of My church leaders.

26 May: Much of the world is in great turmoil. That has to be changed.

The earth must be cleansed from war and then from human suffering so that the Earth can receive its further glory in its progression. There will be ample means made available so that peace can be a real part of the earth's doings. There will be the help of other ecclesiastical leaders who together will help restore peace and bring about a greater understanding of the original doctrine of peace and salvation that they were sent here to proclaim. Together, there will be peace established. Then there must be the eradication of poverty and famine. There is enough for all, if the governments of the various countries will help their people. We shall be most pleased to be able to help. In addition, My Church here in your part of the world, has provided, and can continue to provide, a great deal of help to those in need. This Welfare Program will, under My direction, be greatly expanded. Some of My other churches will also become contributors to similar programs, so that there will be welfare made available to many people in many lands. This will be My work and My glory to bring to pass the plenty that Mother Earth can provide.

Dear Sananda, Your doings are marvellous. I am pleased to be a small part of such great comings to the Earth. Will we be able to help even in the dictatorial countries and will a kind of democracy be established in those countries?

Yes. However, it will take time and it will take the help of many persons throughout the world. Not all countries will embrace Christianity, but all countries will become better governed and the voice of the people will be made manifest in more countries.

Thank you, dear Sananda. Some glorious times are coming and I am pleased to live to see this day.

25th May: Much of the work that we plan to do has been shared with some of the humans here on the Capricorn. There will be some skilled religious leaders among us who will eventually land and visit with their families and friends. They will bear record of My Coming. It is with considerable joy that I will welcome the efforts of these friends when we shall mingle with them again on Mother Earth.

There is a time for all things. There is a time to plan, and a time to perform. We have been planning for many years now and we rejoice in the fact that it will soon be time to perform, to land, to be among you on Mother Earth's surface. I shall be most pleased to meet with My many religious leaders there on earth. and also with the leaders of My church there in Zion. Then I shall go to Jerusalem with an attempt to fulfill the commandments and the prophecies that have been issued.

24th May: There is great, unique tasks being handled today and this week that will greatly change the way your government operates. We have been prodding those who have the ability to make the required changes and to restore the U.S. government to its rightful constitutional framework. It shall soon be done. This is the week, finally, for mankind to triumph over evil, at least to some extent.

Much of our doings, those of us who attempt to influence mankind to be good, has been difficult to perform when the control of the nation was in hands who sought to do more than govern but to feast off the difficulties of others. There will soon be PEACE declared and that will be a welcome day for God and His holy angels. It will be a welcome day for many families whose sons and daughters are at risk of losing their lives in Iraq and other similar places.

But enough of that. Peace will soon be declared and that will bring joy to many. Then that situation will be followed by the coming great amounts of money that has been accumulated over the past couple of decades. The end result will be many new jobs under the cloak of a government that will be strongly interested in the development of its citizens and to the fulfillment of its classical glory as a standout nation in the world. Peace and plenty will flow from this nation and will help make good things happen to many. There will be a time of peace and prosperity and that will be a time for My Second Coming. I have great challenges to meet in My assignments, first to you [Zion], and then to Jerusalem. I will need all the help that I can get from those of you who are active in our religions, especially those in My church that is becoming spread around the world and doing much good with its welfare program. And you will be called on from time-to-time to be my accurate communicator with messages to My church leaders here in the heart of Zion.

23rd May: There are many who, like yourself, are looking forward to the coming declaration of peace. There will be much rejoicing around the world. Especially those who have loved ones serving in the war-torn areas of Iraq and nearby Afghanistan. War is to be outlawed and replaced with peaceful assemblies headed by the Ancient of Days. My assignment will be in Jerusalem. Others of the great ecclesiastical leaders will be assigned to the centers of some of their religious countries. The man-added messages of war will be corrected in the religious books and teachings. None of us, all of whom report to God, have been sent here in ancient days to teach war and hatred. We have taught peace, love, and intellectual growth and achievement. It is time soon for the corrections to be made and for this earth to become endowed with peaceful people. Oh, we know it will take some doing, but that will be our goal and our major effort, to help bring peace, love, and self-discipline to the peoples of this earth. We may have to recycle some of the recalcitrants for us to be able to have the peace that we seek and that we WILL provide. We will be asking for the help of many who are in your country. Some of their wealth can be used to help in restoring peace to the world.

Dear Sananda. Peace is a wonderful message. How will we handle those who rob and kill that are among us on this continent?

All of your problems will not disappear in an instant, however, there will be plenty of funds made available for law enforcement, and for the training of those whose environmental backgrounds have led to their mischief. Peace and plenty, and better education of those who have turned to robbing, will do much to restore those persons to a better life. There is much that can be done to help those in need of a better life. Drugs are one of the problems that will be addressed. There are newer methods to treat the addicts and help restore them to a better life style.

18th May: There are to be great historic changes to be made in the government of the U.S. That will be the beginning of great economic changes that will ensue throughout the world. You will be among those that will be blessed with the forthcoming of the economic changes that will result. Your activities will be properly funded soon now and, in addition, you will have the help of some of the aliens to achieve your long-promised goal of helping to change the way the world produces and distributes energy. You will be honored for your work, at least by us.

I shall be helping many who are ill and need better health. That is a part of my ministry. There will be those who have some of the abilities to heal and it will be my privilege to help them achieve a greater skill in healing the sick and helping the wounded to heal.

17th May: There are great events pending in your world that will soon come to pass. One of the most important declarations in the history of America will soon be made and that will cause some degree of consternation among the citizens. However, the consternation won't last long. As the enormous amount of available funds for many different projects become available, there will be more jobs, better pay, and a great lessening of the initial surprise and consternation among the people. Your help will be a part of the lessening of the worries of many. It will be the beginning of some great peaceful times in your country and that peace and plenty will spread throughout the world. Mother Earth will be prepared for her increase in glory and there will be a great awakening among many populations of various countries.

From our point of view, it cannot come too quickly. We long to see PEACE and prosperity among all nations, kindreds, tongues, and peoples. It will begin with the end of the WAR in Iraq and the withdrawing of troops from that region. Then some of the great leaders of the world, such as Mohammed, will be communicating with their people that peace is to become a favoured way of life and that all inter-tribal wars must cease. This type of peace will also spread to Northern Africa and to other countries where internal conflict and killing has been a way of life for generations. It will take some time, but PEACE will become the way of life throughout the world and it will begin with the U.S. setting an example.

We rejoice in that day. We long for and work for peace. Our efforts coupled with the efforts of our other ecclesiastical leaders will soon be the rule of law throughout the world. That will be the proper beginning of the new millennium.

13th May: I am convinced that the great change in the U.S. Government back to early days under the laws of your country's great constitution will be restored and there will be much gladness and peace in the world that will result. That is, of course, of great importance to Me. The war in the Middle East has to stop. The killing of each other in Palestine and Jerusalem has to stop. Men were not made to kill each other. All of the efforts to teach My Gospel are based on Love not on hate. I will soon be with you and communicate My message to the many churches that claim to follow Me, preach My Gospel and teach good things from the pulpits. There will be a more unified teaching of My Gospel from Many Churches.

12th May: I will soon be among you and will need to have Angela as My voice to provide an important message to My church leaders. There will be some who will not believe at first, however, it will soon be apparent to them that I am really who I say that I am and will soon be among them in my resurrected body with the spirit of Jesus Christ present in me for the Second Coming. This is the message that goes out first in Zion and then later from Jerusalem.

11th May: When the (NESARA) announcement is made, there will be much consternation due to the surprise nature of the announcement. Very few of your countrymen realize that the constitution of the U.S. was usurped so many years ago for the benefit of those whom you call the Illuminati. They are no more in control, it is the people who will be back in control of their own destiny and there will be one of the most prosperous times that this nation has ever enjoyed. You and your staff have worked long and hard with your knowledge of this coming. You will be among those who will soon be financially blessed by this revolution in politics and in money. However, don't get so proud that you forget to complete the work that you have undertaken. You will be receiving help from a most unusual source that you had not planned on, the aliens from the Capricorn will be here to help you as you have requested.

Most of My work will be in ensuring that My churches will be properly managed and be the recipients of My words. Those church leaders who will not listen to Me or who will not change their doctrine will be replaced. There will still be many churches but there will be a more standard gospel being preached and practised.

10th May: Today we will discuss the nature of the coming of Christ again to the earth. As prophesied He will come first to "Zion" [USA] and then go to Jerusalem. As He who is the person for the Second Coming, it is My pleasure to come at a time of My own choosing. However, prior to that time there are things that I desire to have accomplished. One of these is the publication of the book dictated to My true friend Angela. That book is the preface to My Coming and will be used as a means to get My word to many of My churches. Those who pray to and worship Me will have some of My words to consider. In addition, it will help prepare them for further information from Me through the Voice of Helen Engel. You, Hal are to help make contact with many of the church leaders in your valley so that I can meet with and leave My message with them.

6th May: It is now time to consider what My role will be during the time of the landing of the aliens and the time when I will appear among you in the flesh. It is important to Me to contact the leaders of My many churches starting with those in your area. So you must get the information out. I shall make the arrangements for Angela to be here and be My voice to give My messages to the various church leaders whom you will contact. You will make arrangements for you and Angela to meet with the church leaders, one by one, or with more than one if that works out. I will use the voice of Angela to get My messages to My church leaders. They must understand that the time of the Second Coming is close. They must understand that there will be more uniformity in the teaching and preaching of My gospel. They must understand that I will be with them only if they are following My new commandments which will be given to them after my arrival in the flesh. As you can see, there are important tasks to be accomplished and you are to help by making arrangements for the meetings.

You are one of the few telepaths with whom I am in contact.

4th May: I will soon be among you for a season before I appear in the flesh. I have assigned Angela to work closely with you in contacting some of the religious leaders in your area. You are to be an important part of that communication. Do your best to get letters or emails out to the various religious groups. I will be there with Angela, be sure to include her name in your letters and emails, and through her we will have a message for the many church leaders who call on Me and offer prayers to Me. That will be of considerable interest to many of My church leaders. They will be told that the season for My Second Coming is nigh. I will ask them to be prepared to see Me before I go to Jerusalem. In addition, I will be meeting, in the flesh, with the leaders of (My Church). That will come as quite a surprise to many.

I will desire your ability to communicate adequately to provide messages to those to whom I will have messages, when I go to Jerusalem. So keep yourself fit and in good health. I will be using your ability to communicate with Me.

Dear Savior, can you tell me how long You will be with us in the flesh in this area before You go to Jerusalem?

Not exactly, because it will depend on some of the difficulties that may arise in announcing My second Coming to the (church) leaders. However, I expect to be in your midst in the flesh for about three months. I still remember (with a smile) My promise to you to speak in your church and let you introduce Me. That will be a part of my doings while in your midst.

Thank You dear Sananda. How I will love to have that privilege of introducing You to our congregation.

3rd May: We shall soon be with you in spirit with the landing of the shuttle in your area. My visit with you in the spirit is to get better acquainted with being among you. Hopefully my closeness will result in a better opportunity to inspire some of the leaders of My church. They need to be aware of my presence and of My Second Coming. Also, this is a method by which I can help to determine the extent of those of my leaders who can be taught to be receivers of telepathic messages from Me. I believe that there will be a couple of My leaders who can be trained to be telepathic receivers of My words, when I have gone to Jerusalem.

I have waited and labored long to help prepare My many churches for the Second Coming. There are many scriptures that tell of My Second Coming. There are even hymn songs that sing of My Second Coming. However, there are few of My churches who teach properly of the closeness of My Second Coming. That will soon change. I will soon be there in person to speak through My great friend, Angela, and give them a message about My Coming to their area prior to going to Jerusalem. You need to get a letter out to the various church leaders in your valley and invite them to be receptive to a visit from you and Angela with a message from Sananda Jesus.

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