Sananda on the SECOND COMING

Part 6: July, 2005

(updated on a daily basis)

29th July: It is time for the completion of the distribution of the prosperity funds and the release of the humanitarian funds. Unless the forces of evil can find a method to get around the present, highly-protected distribution, then there should be a culmination this week. I know that will be of great interest to you.

There are times in the affairs of mankind when great changes come. This is one of those times. There is soon to be the comingling of earth and alien technology. In the most part, this will be for the benefit of all of those on this growing and enlightened planet. There will be much consternation among the people for a short time, because these are changes that will not be readily understood by many of your citizens. However, the changes will be made. It is up to you and others to help prepare the rest for a peaceful change and acceptance of the benefits that will be showered upon most of the population. The restoration of true Constitutional government will be of great benefit to this and many other countries.

Again, it will be the role of the United States of America to demonstrate leadership in terms of a spreading prosperity throughout the world. Hunger and deaths will be alleviated. My coming and the coming of other ecclesiastical leaders will benefit all mankind. That is our purpose and our assignment - to change the world to a more peaceful place prior to the growth and development of the entire earth into a more glorious time for all.

Thank you dear Sananda. The concept of a world without war is a great concept to be welcomed by all good people. What will be the role of those of us who are striving to develop new energy systems for the world?

You will be twice blessed. You will have the help of some of the alien technology to add to what you are developing. The end result will be to hasten the development of technology that will help replace the polluting technologies that you now use to produce energy. You and your friends have an important role to play in this development and I shall be supportive of your needs and your efforts.

27th July: There is much confusion among those who will soon be put out of business in trying to control you and your government. They realize that the end of some of their nefarious doings is soon coming. The announcement of the NESARA program will restore many values to your government and to the people of your country. We, here on the Capricorn, are pleased at the change that is long overdue but to occur, we believe, this week.

There is much that we can do together with that wonderful Angela, who is so important to my work. With a bit of help from you, she and I will be able to deliver my message to some of the religious leaders in your area. From there the message of the Second Coming should spread to throughout much of Christianity. However, some of the big churches will take more time to fully understand that I am here for my Second Coming and that it will be appropriate for them to recognize that event and inform their people.

You will be able to make some progress in meeting with some of my church leaders. It may be reasonable for you to call on some of them and see if they are willing to have appointments with Angela and me. This is a very unusual situation for those church leaders. Especially when my voice to them is through a woman not of their faith. However, stranger things are told in the Bible.

I shall be with you in the flesh before this season is over. Then I will spend some time with the various church leaders. Then I will be on my way to Jerusalem to carry out the restoration of peace there in that part of the world, where my mission began so many hundreds of years ago. It will be a challenge for me, but then that is what I am here to accomplish. And you will ensure that any messages that I have for your church leaders are properly handled. You will be my messenger from time to time. You will be blessed.

26th July: The initial show-and-go landing will soon be made and with that landing I will be among you in the spirit. We three, including Angela, will have some pleasant tasks to perform. It will be with delight that I will be able to provide messages to those few church leaders who are willing to listen to me provide them with new Gospel doctrine for them to present to their parishioners. In addition, we shall have some preliminary discussion with some of the leaders of My Church. That will come as a surprise to many, as it should. For as the scriptures tell us, "No man will know the day or the hour of My coming." However, it is okay to know the season of My Coming and it is now the Season of My Coming.

What are some of the topics that you will be discussing with your church leaders?

A good question. First will be the announcement of the reality of My Second Coming. Prior to that date, I shall expect that some of My churches will be listening to me, will be accepting the new doctrine of reincarnation, and beginning to preach that doctrine to their members. Next it will be of considerable interest for many of my church leaders to speculate on the day of My Coming. That will be, of course, a quite general pro and con topic for discussion. It has been about 2,000 years since I told the world that there would be a Second Coming. Now is the season thereof and that should make some considerable interest for discussion among both religious and secular leaders. My coming in the spirit will not be far off, then there will be a few who will begin to accept the reality of My presence and of My Second Coming. There will be a lot of discussion about this topic and the culmination will be when I do come in the flesh and be among you for a season. That will be a very newsworthy event. There will be many of you who will welcome Me and it shall be to their glory to do so.

25th July: The most difficult tasks are nearing completion. I have been very busy in Washington. The key element of bringing in NESARA is the allowing of the presentation of certain documents to the House of Representatives and to the Senate. This has finally been done, although it has not been disclosed in the newspapers.

All precautionary measures have been taken to insure the success of the announcement of NESARA. We cannot observe every attempt at stopping the disclosure, but we have stopped a great many. Now it is time for those in the government of U.S. to come forward and prove themselves worthy to govern. This means, to come forth and bring their leaders to justice. It is a momentous task, the obstacles have been many. If you could have observed Germain and his tricks, you would be in stitches of laughter. His cunning and his wit are something to see.

21st July: This is a good day and a good week in the history of your country. You now have the active help of our alien friends to help ensure that there are no more problems with the announcement of the NESARA program. That is good news for all in the U.S. and should be for the world.

We are aware of the many possibilities that can develop from the combination of the wealth to many good people and to the release of the humanitarian funds coupled with the release of the NESARA program. There will be some adjustments to be made and then there will be peace and prosperity to move through all levels of society, first in North America and then spreading through the world. However, as you have been informed, it will take the help of some of the other ancient religious leaders who will also soon be returning to help their people and to help advance Mother Earth in her journey toward greater fulfillment.

I have much to do to help prepare my many churches for the Second Coming. I shall soon have the effective help of the book that my bundle of joy is writing and completing now. That book will convince many leaders to allow for further information to be given to them by me through the voice of my dear Angela. These are important times to prepare properly for my coming among you in the flesh.

20th July: These are troubled times in many parts of the world. Most persons in the U.S. do not even know about the kind of times they are living in nor of the great changes that will soon be upon all of them. However, they will adapt quickly, for the most part.

The several hundreds of you that do understand and welcome the coming changes will be the ones who will stabilize all of society and lessen the impact of these changes. Many jobs will be lost and many new jobs will be created. There will be temporary problems with many who lose their jobs, however, there will be government programs that will help them. There is much to be accomplished and it will require some diligence from the rest of you who are informed to help stabilize and move into a new peaceful age. Much of our efforts will be devoted to getting the message out to many that there are to be new religious principles to be taught in all of the churches that teach Christianity.

Some church leaders will not listen and their churches will diminish and lose many followers. There will be much turmoil among the Christian churches. However, there will be a great strengthening of many churches as they learn and accept my Second Coming. Your church will be among those that will greatly benefit from the acceptance of my presence and the knowledge that my Second Coming is to be later this year. You will be able to help me and my wonderful voice (Angela) in getting proper communication with church leaders prior to my coming in the flesh.

20th July: Special Message: - There is a tie that binds us to earth, and to sky, and to the other universes. All is ONE. There is a tie so tight, so integrated, that even if one tear should fall, it reverberates throughout all creation. Tears have fallen, and they are reverberating over the entire universe. What was to be hailed as the saving of lives, the removal of fear, the beginning of joy, must now wait but a few more days.

I am from Jupiter, and because I am from afar, the pain is not felt as deeply as on some of the nearer planets. We at this level can observe without as much pain, shall we say. You [this messenger] will be arriving back here soon, and you will understand.

Be not afraid. The tide is flowing, and what has occurred is but a ripple. If you could see the vastness of space, and the myriad of good thoughts moving in the direction of earth, you would rejoice. Never before has the entire galaxy combined its efforts to serve the Creator with so much love, so much goodwill, and so much wisdom.

If you were to look up at the sky at night, and see the myriad of stars, and suddenly one star leaves its orbit and comes to earth like a shooting star, then you can visualize the good that we are bringing to you at this time.

It is inevitable that you will succeed. Have faith. Each such hurdle weakens the foe. It only strengthens the resolve of the key workers. The next attempt will be successful, have no fear.

Note: Sananda says that he too originated from Jupiter.

19th July: Yesterday I asked you to find out what you could about the NESARA killings. I was very concerned. Do you have any further information for about this topic today?

There have been some killings. This action has the attention of the aliens especially those on the Capricorn. It has been decided that there will be an active participation by some of the Capricorn crew to ensure that the funds are distributed and that the NESARA program is announced. There will be more protection given to those who may be in danger. Those whom you call the Illuminati will do all they can, regardless of the loss of life, to prevent their power from being taken away from them. There are some of the Capricorn crew who are among you on earth and more will be landed and assigned to protection duties. This has become a matter for approval by the Galactic Federation. It is important to protect Mother Earth and her coming changes to become a part of the more advanced planets. I shall do what I can to help. However, that is not my major assignment for My Second Coming. I do understand that you have asked for and will be given further protection for you and your staff.

There is much good in the world and there needs to be more awareness of that good that is still to be administered throughout earth and especially with my first arrival among you in your country, in your area. There is much to be accomplished in the days prior to my Second Coming. There will be some requests made of you and of your friends, such as my beloved receiver Angela. The book needs to be published as soon as possible and properly distributed, if possible, by a major book distributor. Events will unfold properly and there will be much that can be done to get the book into the hands of those who are destined to help with its distribution


Gabriel: Yes beloved. It is a sad day with the loss of life. Three days will be spent in mourning, and then we shall take over. You may watch CNN, although some of our messages will be hidden. We will tell Candace and she will advise.

18th July: Telepath: I have a very serious problem. I hope that you are available to consult with me.

Sananda: I am here. What is your problem?

Telepath: I have received two emails that have informed me that some of the leaders for implementing the NESARA program have been murdered. Are you aware of this terrible crime and can you do something to help?

Sananda: I have the same information. Many aboard the Capricorn are also aware of this heinous crime. If it is true, then we and other aliens from other starships who are already present on earth will take steps to ensure that the NESARA program is handled properly. I do know that Helena (of the Capricorn) has received permission from the Galactic Federation to intervene for this particular task. We have the means for protecting any whom we choose to protect, and in some case to protect those who ask for our protection. There will be steps taken this day to ensure that there will be no more abnormal delays in the delivery of the prosperity funds, the release of the humanitarian funds, and the proper announcement of the NESARA program. Does that answer your concerns?

Telepath: Yes dear Sananda. That is what I had hoped to hear. I assume that those who were murdered are being properly taken care of in the spirit.

Sananda: Yes, and in some cases, we were able to fake the death and save the person alive.

Telepath: I recognize that some of the work that we are doing, if known to certain groups, would put my life at risk. I would like to make a formal request for protection for myself and those that work with me.

Sananda: It shall be done. In fact, you have been under some degree of observation and protection. That will be augmented.

15th July: We are very interested in the political developments that will soon occur. There will be a new acting president, vice president, etc. That will soon be followed by new elections. This will be the new beginning that has been prophesied to occur.

It is with great pleasure that we, on this side, will be witnessing the developments of America to restore her to a more wonderful government as was initially planned by those who helped develop the constitution. You will, I am sure, be pleased with the results that will gradually occur.

14th July: It may be a great day or week for America. It appears that the events are in place for the change over to your new governmental structure. Then it will not be long before the shuttles will be planning to land in various parts of North America or exercising their fly-overs to show that they are here. We shall be most pleased with that event.

There is much that needs to be accomplished by me and my religious leaders so that there can be a better appreciation of the Second Coming. It has been somewhat disappointing that there are so few who are ready to recognize that I exist and that I am planning for the Second Coming within a few months. However, maybe we can get closer to some of these leaders when My spirit comes down to be among you with the landing of the first shuttles in your area.

There is much that needs to be done to make this a better and more peaceful world. Think about the many lives that can be saved if we declare peace. That will be a challenge for the U.S. and for those who are trying to work out a more democratic country in Iraq. Not long from now I'll be in that part of the world, first to bring about peace between Israel and Palestine. Perhaps I can help do something to bring about more peace in Iraq or perhaps My friend Mohammed, who also will be returning to the earth after His long absence, will be able to help restore peace to that part of the world. However, we shall eventually succeed because most of the citizens of this world desire peace. Is that not correct?

13th July: There is much going on in your country today. The release of the humanitarian funds, that you have been awaiting for so long are scheduled for release tomorrow, if the inputs I receive from the great confusion is correct. Then we shall be planning to come with the arrival of my friends from the Capricorn. Of source, in the spirit I could come at any time, however, I want to be there with the first landing and will be among you in the spirit. I hope that you see me or at least detect my presence. That day will not be far off now. The announcement of the release of the humanitarian funds should do a great deal to help release funds to you and many other projects.

There will be much rejoicing and much consternation as some or many of you will wonder about your jobs, especially those in the government and in the military. There will be much rejoicing among those who are fighting in Iraq and Iran to know that peace is declared and that they are coming home. It will be the end of War, for the most part, and the beginning of PEACE that will spread throughout the world. That is our goal and shall be achieved. Then we need to work on the feeding of the hungry. My church is doing much in that way and will soon be doing much more for there will be almost unlimited funds to be used to augment the current Welfare Program. We are very interested in the political developments that will soon occur. There will be a new acting president, vice president, etc. That will soon be followed by new elections. This will be the new beginning that has been prophesied to occur. It is with great pleasure that we, on this side, will be witnessing the developments of America to restore her to a more wonderful government as was initially planned by those who helped develop the constitution. You will, I am sure, be pleased with the results that will gradually occur. 12th July: Here is the good news: there are important actions today that will allow for the announcement of the NESARA program.

Much of my efforts on your behalf have resulted in considerable improvement in your telepathic abilities. You are not called to be a "prophet", however, you will be given information that normally would be given to one of my prophets if they could receive my messages word by word.

Angela is the most important receiver that I have at this time. She is a delight to me. She will be used to be my voice in selected circumstances. That will occur quite naturally as the events that are now being readied to impact your society are unfolded. There will be much that you will be expected to do to help us and you will be called upon at various times to step in and help.

Dear Sananda thank you for the time and effort you spend with me. Others have been posting some dates about your Second Coming. Will you be here during this year in the flesh?

As you know, no one knows the hour or day of my coming. However, it is safe to say that I shall be among you in the flesh before the end of this year.

11th July: There is much consternation amongst those who were ready for the completion of the funds distribution and the announcement of the NESARA program. It will not be further delayed. The announcement will come this week along with the completion of the funds distribution and the release of the humanitarian funds. You will be vindicated of the actions of your superior in declaring you to be less than sane. You have learned an important lesson about what you say in church. Your superior will also learn an important lesson to make such an announcement without proper prayer and listening to my voice in his mind. However, your request to me, to show your neighbors that you are not touched in the head, will be honored. When I come in the flesh, I shall be present and talk to your church members with you introducing me. (Said with a smile). Will that satisfy your problem?

Dear Sananda, I will be most grateful to be able to introduce you and then to hear your message. That will be a great historic day for our congregation. I apologize for my personal problems.

You have earned My help by doing what you are striving to do to be my Voice when it is needed. It will not be long now before I shall be with you in the spirit. Prepare yourself and your home for a new dispensation. It will be a great time for all of my people. These are important and will be historic times to be cataloged and recalled for many years.

8th July: There will be much to be accomplished in getting our contacts with some of My church leaders. We will try to get a few of them to respond to my offer to provide them with special information about the new gospel principles that I will want to be added to those who endeavor to preach My Gospel. We will be able to contact a few and then the concept will spread. There will be needed the use of My wonderful friend Angela. And she will be here for the landing in your area unless there are some dramatic changes that might put another landing nearer to her home. She is a wonderful communicator. It is important also that you do all you can to help get her book published and distributed before My coming [in the flesh]. That will be an important book for many to read. It will change the lives of many persons who read and understand the truthfulness of my Second Coming.

6th July: Much of My efforts for the good of all mankind will be involved in aligning the teachings of My many churches to have a better degree of consistency in their Gospel messages. Those church leaders who respond properly can, of course, preach from the many texts that are in the Bible, however, there must be a better harmony among the Gospel messages that emphasize that I am not the only person to enjoy reincarnation. That is a principle that is not well understood by any but a few of My church leaders. There will be some other Gospel points made and given to My church leaders.

When I come in the flesh I will have but a short time to be among you in this part of the world. My major assignment is in Jerusalem. There I will be endeavoring to join the adherents of both the Old and New Testaments to become one people who also recognize God and His servant Jesus Christ, and My return. That will be a challenge even for Me. Your role will be a minor one, however, I shall desire to have a special communication link between Me and My church leaders when I am in Jerusalem.

Question: Do You have any specific dates or times that some of the other religious leaders will return to the earth to teach their adherents?

I know that they will be returning within the same time period that I will return to Jerusalem. However none of those days and times are known to Me.

4th July: There is much going on in your world today. Not only for the Fourth of July celebration but there are some those who are striving to complete the details so that there can be the announcement of the NESARA program.

I shall be with you in the spirit along with the landing of the shuttle that will come to your airport. Then we shall see what can be done to influence those many leaders of Christian churches to recognize that the Second Coming is nearly upon them. There will be some with whom we can communicate. Later there will be many, especially when they are aware of the acceptance of the Second Coming by the leaders of the [Church]. Many of them will be willing then to listen to My message for them.

There is much good to be done throughout the world and much of that will begin among My various churches in your city and country. From there My message will promulgate to other Christian church leaders. It will take some doing for some of these concepts to be accepted by some of the bigger church headquarters. However, it will come or they will not have My inspiration to be with them. Until they can recognize the Second Coming, their prayers will be unanswered for the most part. There is a new day of Christianity coming and so there will be with other great ancient religious leaders and their followers. We are all committed to PEACE in this world and preparing her for a more splendid glory.

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