Sananda on the SECOND COMING

January 2006

(updated on a daily basis)

30th January: There is much that we can do, as you have asked, so that the final distribution of the bank documents can be effectively distributed. We have been doing, as you would expect, all we can from our spiritual point of view to influence those who are in charge of the distribution of funds. There have been many attempts successfully made to keep the distribution from being completed. It is now apparent that the barriers have been removed, unless there is something that has escaped our sensing, so that the bank documents can be delivered this week.

As soon as the shuttles are able to land among you peacefully, then I shall be with you closely allied, in the spirit. Our dear friend will also be with us. She is currently doing a very significant work in preparing the book that she has been asked to write - the book on teaching telepathy, so that more people can communicate with those of us in the spirit, including many of your deceased political and religious leaders.

27th January: We are deeply concerned with the difficulties in Washington, D.C. and the pending change-over with your government leaders. There is too much secrecy and too much discussion in Congress so that the time of the announcement is past due and should have been made before this. However, apparently the idea that all Congressmen have to stand for re-election is not very agreeable to your Congressmen. However, there have actually been changes made in the government. The changes have to be announced for the population to understand. Perhaps the announcement will be made this weekend. However, I have no assurance in that matter.

My role is to be the bringer of changes to all of my churches so that there will be a better preaching of the basic principles of my gospel that have not been taught previously by any but a few of my church leaders. As I have informed you, it is the doctrine of reincarnation that needs to be preached and taught. Each individual should understand that the experience that is obtained in this life is coupled with the experiences obtained in previous lives.

(Can you) help ensure that the funds we are to receive are here very soon?

The help is essentially on its way. There will be a culmination of events this day and this weekend that will provide the release of funds that you need.

26th January: I shall soon be with you. Not this week but soon. There must be an important series of events that have yet to be completed in your nation's capitol before there can be the first landing of a shuttle from the Capricorn. In the meanwhile, we shall be pleased to communicate with you and the several others who are in telepathic communication with me.

I am delighted that those of you who have developed the telepathic skills are encouraging others and, now, establishing an organization (T.I.N.A) to which telepaths may join and share information and experiences. It will be proper for the various messages that are received by me, unless there is my suggestion to withhold, for those messages to be posted on the new website that will be organized for telepaths.

My prediction is that this new website will become a very important website for those who have telepathic abilities and for those who are interested in telepathy as a means of communication. Properly managed this website can serve a great task in being a center of information on telepathy. You will want to consider posting these messages from me on that site or, at least, to reference the postings that our dear friend Milson has already in place.

Be sure that you have the time to help me and our dear friend in communicating with those church leaders who pray to me. They will need the information that I have for them and, with very rare exceptions, there are no telepathic communicators among these many church leaders. However, they are important in getting my word and my message to their parishioners. So save some time for my messages to them.

25th January: There are great events that are in store for Mother Earth. Not only My Second Coming but also there will be a continuation of some earth changes that have been foretold and will occur within the next few months. This is a topic that is relatively new to you. However, the huge changes that have been forecast will not be as drastic as what is really going to happen to Mother Earth. There will be additional earthquakes and even some flooding near some of the coast lines.

There will be some gradual climate changes, some of which you have already recognized such as the warmer winters. However, there will be some degree of warning and protection due to help from some of the aliens and their equipment. It is not a desire on my part, nor on the part of the aliens, to participate in huge death and destruction. That is not in keeping with the present day events that will occur. Contrary to some of the ancient scriptures and forecasts, it has been determined that there is no need for such huge destruction and killing of many.

24th January: It is with pleasure that I can tell you that the long-awaited time will soon be over and you will have the pleasure of the visit of one of the shuttles from the Capricorn. You, your friends, and the media we expect to be there to greet the arrival. The date has not, as yet, been fully confirmed, however, the long wait will soon end.

There is much to be accomplished with the release of the prosperity funds, which will soon be made known to you.

What has to be done before you will know the date of your coming?

It has to be the removal of the Air Force orders to shoot down UFOs. That will be done fairly soon after the new president is sworn in. That is the event that we are waiting for.

23rd January: It will not be long now and I shall be with you in the spirit and together we will have a most significant and unusual message for all of my church leaders in your area who will listen to my message. These are historic days that will soon be here. This will be a kind of culmination of events that have long ago been predicted and, in so many cases, ignored by those who pray to me but do not listen properly to my telepathic messages back to them.

There are many who will listen to my voice and there will be some who will not believe that this is the culmination of the times of restoration and of the Second Coming. However, it will not take long after my coming in the flesh for the message to get to much of the world who will believe. There will still be many who will doubt my reality even when they see me or hear me on your television. Yes, I expect to even be on your television broadcast while I am in your midst.

22nd January: (Lauren)
First there is some indication that there is movement in your government relating to the monetary system. We have heard from our sources that the new money will be in place very soon and we anticipate a major overhaul in the banking systems in your country and the world. This will be the cause of much upheaval but what will replace the existing ways in which you use money will be a much better and more refined system of commerce.

We delight in the coming days when your countrymen will use the new money for the purposes of bettering mankind and the new earth. There will be a short time when your old monetary system will be on the threshold of change and still be employed by the forces of the dark. Know that this will only be a momentary happening and will swiftly be replaced by gold and precious metal banked money. This is the result of karmic patterns that still need to be worked out. We will employ a new way of governing your new monetary system that will make trade and bonds much more valuable then the current market rates.

Be assured that this time will herald much joy as there will be more wealth for the world in many areas. The most affected areas will be by way of new health, science, engineering and humanitarian deeds. These areas are in desperate need of resurrection. We will be bringing information for new devices of energy that will change the ways in which you currently use it. These devices will be a major part of your new economy. There will be loss of jobs for many but the replacing of jobs for more. New areas of expertise will be required for the implementation of these aforementioned devices.

21st January: There is great consternation among your government leaders. There is a great deal of commotion about when and how to break the news of the resignation of your president and vice-president. The major problem is that there are many who do not want to see the restoration of the Constitution of the U.S. back to its more accurate form, before the changes that began and have been so difficult for this nation to bear.

The prestige of the United States has greatly diminished due to not living up to the original concepts and tenets of the Constitution as it was before the changes that began under the Roosevelt administration in the late 1930s. That made it possible for those who wanted special conditions for their own benefit to hold sway in the world. The result has been a disaster for the United States.

In the eyes of much of the world, the U.S. is greatly diminished. Instead of being a leading nation as an example for freedom-loving people, the United States has become a nation to be feared, mistrusted, and in many cases hated by the population of other countries. That has to be changed. There is no recourse from the present problems that face the people of the U.S. There are stalwart and freedom-loving persons now who are insisting that the changes be made. Congress has to act. There have been some of the nation's leaders taken into custody. There may be others. Congress must act and then return to their various home states and allow the election of a new president and vice-president and re-election of Congress. That is what is bothering many who are now sitting in Congress. It is difficult for them to vote themselves out of office and face another election. However, it will be done. The timing is uncertain.

20th January: There is a great deal of confusion among those who are aware of the coming great changes in your government. There has been a great blackout of information and your Congress must make some immediate decisions about the presidential replacement so that the nation can be apprised of the truth of what is going on in Washington, D.C.

It is most unfortunate that there has to be this veil of secrecy in a nation that is supposedly dedicated to the freedom of all of its worthy citizens. You will, however, soon be told of the governmental changes. It appears that the word will be officially released this weekend.

Much of my work is dedicated to helping, where I can, to prepare for the great changes that are coming to Mother Earth. There will soon be the fly-overs and subsequently a few landings from some of the shuttles from some of the Motherships that are close to Earth and are well known by your government. There will also, as you expect, be a new government for your nation - a restoration of your government back to the true constitution of these United States. Hopefully, all of your countrymen will soon be aware of great changes to be made and great improvements in the way your country is politically operated. Perhaps again, the U.S. will stand as a beacon to freemen everywhere. The restoration of freedom in your nation and helping freedom to spread throughout the world will be a most blessed event.

19th January: There is a great deal of activity in your nation's capital and soon there will be a public announcement of your new president and the call for new elections for a president and vice-president. These are historic times for your nation, as you know. There will be much disbelief when the news is released. Then that news will soon be followed by further announcements of the coming of the new currency. These will be busy and newsworthy days for your country and for the world.

Then there will be the fly-bys of the alien shuttles and maybe even some close fly-overs by some of the many starships that are near the earth. These should be exciting times for all. Then soon there will be the landing of a shuttle in your valley and I will come to be with you in the spirit at that time.

It will be some time yet before I am with you in the flesh. However, I have some good news for you. Please be ready to mail the letters to my many religious leaders as soon as the announcement is made of your new president. That will give some added emphasis to the timing of my message to the various church leaders and they will be more apt to believe that there is to be My return to the earth and to have information for My many churches.

18th January: These are historic times. Although there is much consternation in your nation's capital with the arrest of Bush, Cheney, and much of his cabinet, the end result will be for a more peaceful and more Constitutional government to be in operation. You will soon be having an election so that you can elect a new president and vice-president. An unusual and historic event coming up for your country.

I shall be most pleased to meet with the religious leaders in your valley. The time will soon be appropriate for the mailing of the letters to the various church leaders. They will then better understand the nature of my visit, which has long been cited in the scriptures and has, for the most part, long been preached to members of churches bearing my name. We shall provide the rest of the information to those church leaders who will respond to the letter that they will receive.

These are very important decision-making times for my church leaders. It is time that the same gospel principles were being taught in all of my churches and that the truth concerning our sequence of lives were made known, and preached by those who are my church leaders. It is not just Me that can be resurrected. In fact, many of the parishioners of my churches have had some recall of past lives, as you have had.

Be patient a bit longer. There will soon be a public announcement of the events that are now going on in Washington, D.C. and then it will be the time to mail the letters. The change in your government will be understood as a time for my arrival among you.

17th January: I know that you are concerned with the events that are happening in Washington, D.C. and not, as yet, being reported. Be patient. The news will soon be released along with important arrangements that will help to smooth this unusual transition from an outgoing president, under arrest, and a new president coming into office. These are critical times for this country and historic times as you well know.

Much of what we are planning for the coming of the new America - really a restoration back to the original Constitution - will be completed prior to my coming in the flesh. However, with the removal from office of the president, there will also be a recision of the Air Force orders to try to shoot us down whenever we are detected. We are therefore greatly interested in seeing what will ensue with the new government. At least the Capricorn shuttles will soon be able to come for the planned fly-overs and landings. Therefore, it will not be long before I shall be with you in the spirit. Then we shall have much work to do together to help restore some semblance of common doctrine among the many churches that bear my name.

16th January: (PM - Lauren)
We have an update pertaining to the history of your government system that has to be resurrected from days of old. This update entails much of the issues at hand that are of relevance to the time when this old amendment was in place. This amendment that we speak of allowed the majority of votes to ensure the accuracy of an election.

Now this is not the case. In the present election system there is a way of determining the outcome of a vote by the majority of votes within a specified region. This is not an accurate way to determine the elected government officials in office. Please be sure to tell the people of like mind that this system is no longer relevant and as soon as the new government is in place we must make this change a priority. You can be sure that the times ahead will not allow for fraud or bipartisanship among members, especially in Congress.

This new system will be for the people by the people and will elect the necessary representatives to accurately portray the voices of many. Know that soon this will be an issue at the forefront of America because new elections will be necessary to replace existing leaders. This will be a time of great awareness with a need to harness the spiritual intelligence of your nation. This spiritual awareness will depict the integrity and loyalty of your new leaders. We suggest using this as a prime factor in choosing your new representatives.

We the people means taking responsibility for your votes and implementing a new governing body that will hail the changes to come. With this responsibility comes the effect of change that will institute new systems of freedom for all. Take part in this venture by being aware and participating in fortitude. Everyone has a voice in these changes, use them to your highest advantage. You will be the reapers of your crops.

This spring will be the most bountiful harvest ever. Prepare for this by being astute and conscious of your actions. We depend on all of you to make a difference, one that will last an eternity. Thank you for taking the time to be of service to mankind. Thank you for your determination to do whats right for your fellow man. Mostly thank you for being sovereign in your attempts to change the word for the better. GO in peace. I am Sananda Immanuel.

16th January: (AM) Your president has been removed from office and you will soon have great news about the government changes. Be of good cheer and at peace. The changes, although unexpected by most of your countrymen, are happening and are for the great benefit of your nation, and especially to the benefit of those who are fighting in Iraq. That senseless war will soon cease. You will be pleased with the changes that will be made in the way your government operates. There will soon be a great prosperity that will be unleashed in the United States and will soon spread throughout the world. These are great and historic days.

These are important times and there has to be a reunification of the teaching of true gospel principles. I shall see to it that my leaders understand or there will be no support for their prayers or their congregations.

As you know, in part, it is time for all of my churches to preach the truth about the sequence of lives that we all have. This is how our spirits grow and develop and become more Christ-like, by the continuing of experiences in the flesh, plus, of course, the development that the spirit has when in the spirit world between reincarnations. Soon that will be taught in all of my churches who will have my spirit to be with them and their members.

13th January: There is much to be done to assure that this government, back under God, will be properly re-established and become, again, a beacon to the world to demonstrate how free men can govern themselves with peace and prosperity for all. These are great days that are coming and you will be pleased at the results. In addition to the restoration of constitutional government there will also be the return to the investors of the so-called "prosperity funds" which will soon be distributed. Those funds will be the source of much benefit to this country and gradually to the world. Your efforts must be properly managed so that you can soon be helping with the tapping of the vast energy of space for the benefit of mankind, especially for North America.

12th January: I have an important message for you this morning. The change in your government which is now underway will be of considerable benefit to this nation and to the world. There will soon come a recognition that there are large numbers of aliens who desire to help restore the peace, dignity, and health of Mother Earth. This earth, as you have been told, has been a great experiment in the mixture of many varieties of humans. This has been a grand experiment and the result will make a very interesting history book or diskette. There has been much war and killing for many generations of mankind's life on this earth. The time has now come when all such wars will soon cease and peace will be enforced where necessary.

As you learn more about the history of your world, all nations will be expected to be more respectful of the rights of other nationalities and peace will be enforced but should gradually be a just and permanent part of the world in which we all live and have our being.

There is much to be done to clean up the polluted earth. We shall be here to help with that problem. The atmosphere will be restored, with the help of many nations, to a more pristine and healthy atmosphere for the benefit of all mankind. We shall be there to help make the world a better place to live in.

In addition, there will be a Second Coming and I will be with you in the flesh before I go to Jerusalem to help restore peace among all the factions of that part of My world. Peace be with you.

11th January: It will not be long now and I will be with you. It will soon be time for you to send out the letters to the many church leaders with whom I may be able to give my messages with the help of our friend. There is much to be done prior to my coming in the flesh. There are good church leaders and many followers who will need to receive the latest doctrines that should be a part, and must be a part, of churches that pray to me and use my name in their church names.

It will take some doing to ensure that the many different church leaders know of my coming, first in the spirit, within a few short weeks, and then my later coming in the flesh. It will be difficult for them to accept the idea that I would be talking to them through the voice of a woman. However, those that do understand will be greatly rewarded by following the advice and counsel that I will have for them.

There are important political events that are occurring and then I shall know that the time is proper for you to mail the letters. The letters following the political events will do more to get the attention of the various church leaders.

10th January 2006: Yes, this will be an historic week, much more so than usual. This week will go down in history and be recalled annually due to the great changes that will be set in motion this week. First will be the delivery of the indictment to your president and his close followers in the White House. That will come as quite a shock to those who have not been following closely the things that have been put in motion by your president.

Next will be the events that lead to the change over to new currency with the distribution of the prosperity funds. That, again, will be an unusual event in the history of the U.S. You will be pleased at the results, I should say the unexpected results of these historic events.

9th January: through Lauren

There is a message for you concerning the welfare of others. Soon there will be a time of upheaval in your world and many will require the services of those of the Light. Be prepared to settle the issues of concern among family members and friends when the time arrives. If each worker of Light were to abate the issues of fear for their family and circles of friends, then we will have calmed the fears of many on your planet. This is a great responsibility and one not to be taken lightly.

We need all who are bringers of truth to step forth and claim their prize. The prize will consist of great powers that will be bestowed upon you in the times of upheaval. The bringers of truth will have the opportunity to share their gifts with those who are in need of care and they will have great strength in the ability to serve. These gifts that we speak of require responsible action, the action of leadership.

This leadership role you have all been given is a responsibility of great magnitude. As the caretakers of those in need, you will have much control over another's well being. Take great care to be of service to humanity. It is an honor and a privilege to help others who may look to you for support and guidance, take this not lightly for it will be up to you to bring the masses to the Light.

( I am receiving a vision of a band of Lightworkers hand-in-hand holding the Light around the outside of earth. A chain link of truth.) Thank you Sananda, is the time now that we all step forth and tell the members of our families and our friends?

The time is now and fast approaching your realm. Tell those who care to listen to the truth. In the upcoming days the truth will be known to all. Assist where you can.

I get that, thank you. What about those friends and family who do not believe, do we speak of this to them as well?

To that I say, use discernment. You will know the appropriate people to tell. This is not a time of pride and issues of the ego, this is a time of great need to be of service to others.

In the event that we want to warn someone that we love despite their obstinence, is it wise to plant the seed in them for the arrival of truth?

Say unto others that the moment of truth has arrived. Be mindful of their will.

6th January: There are many aboard the Capricorn who are human specialists in disease control and healing. They will be most pleased to come among you and use their long-developed skills for healing. Those who desire to be healed should do their best to have telepathic communication with this group here on the Capricorn and make requests for arrangement for healing centers to be established in their vicinity. Please help get this information to all who would like to be involved. We know that there are many of you with various illnesses so do your best to ensure that all who desire our help are aware of our plans for healing centers and their locations.

Much of our doing will be involved in establishing a new form of government among you. The basic governmental changes were passed by both houses of Congress several years ago and will soon be able to be implemented. We shall be most pleased to assist in any way that we can to help get such a form of government re-established in the United States. The United States has long been selected to be a beacon of hope for the world. There is much that has to be changed in the present corrupt administration as the image of the U.S. has been greatly tarnished by the unnecessary war and stealing of valuable resources from other countries.

5th January: See also Armada 2007

4th January: There is to be a great change to be brought into the world by my coming among you and also with the coming back to their various places in the world of some of the other ancient religious leaders. Some will be there in the spirit and some will be among their adherents in the flesh as I will be. Then there will gradually become a new era of peace among all religious groups.

There has never been any promulgation of the need or the desire to kill off any others who did not accept a specific religious doctrine. Such distortions of the true gospel have been the makings of man. Peace among all nations, peace among all religions, that will be a great time for Mother Earth. She grieves when her people are killed by war or by any other calamity.

It is true there are earth-shaking calamities that also kill people and these also cause grievings, however, there will be a bit of reorganization of some parts of the earth's crust with the result that some people will die, however, they will be welcomed home by family angels and receive relief from their sudden deaths.

3rd January: There is much to be done and soon for my arrival in the spirit, to be among you prior to my arrival in the flesh. This is a New Year and a year that will be of historic importance, not just for the Second Coming, but also for the technological developments that this year will bring. This will be a year of fulfillment and you will be pleased at the kind of help that you will receive.

I will have a message for the church leaders and they will know that it is Me who is giving them the message. For those church leaders who do not accept my spiritual presence and who refuse to be among those who will hear my voice, I will have a message for them: It will soon be that your church will be devoid of my spirit and you will wither in obscurity. Those church leaders who accept my spiritual presence will benefit from further growth and development. They will be among the first to partake of my spirit and benefit their congregations by the new gospel message that I have for them.

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