Sananda on the SECOND COMING

February 2006

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28th February: There are many in God's great kingdom who are very interested in the great changes that are coming to Mother Earth. These changes are, in part, due to the soon-to-be landing of some of the alien ships in various parts of the world, led by a landing in your valley and many fly-overs in other places along with other landings. That will be the beginning of great changes that will come to Mother Earth and you will be involved in helping with some of those changes. Your ability to communicate with some of the aliens will be of great help in informing the world of the nature of these aliens and their messages. Of more importance to me, is the fact that the messages that I am sending to you will be read by many who will then be seeking to learn more about Me and My Second Coming. This will be a glorious time for many of my churches as they learn about and preach about the Second Coming. It will not be long now and I shall be with you in the spirit. Then at some date later, I shall be there in the flesh.

There is a great deal of effort that will be required to ensure that My many Christian church leaders really understand that My Second Coming is near. There will be much disbelief because it has been so long since the days that I was crucified and the promise that I would come again. However, that day is soon to come and it is important that the message of my Second Coming is provided to many of my church leaders. I am sure that you understand the importance of this message.

27th February: As you have been told, I shall come in the spirit and be with you at the time of the landing of the first shuttle in your valley. As you have been told, my latter coming in the flesh will be a fulfillment of prophecy made many decades ago to Joseph Smith that I shall come first to Zion and then go to Jerusalem. As I have mentioned before, there will be the institution of some additional or new gospel principles that will be expected to be taught by all of my church leaders and especially by the leaders of your church. A part of that new gospel is the teaching of the ability of each person to be reincarnated in the flesh for additional experiences. That will couple with my own reincarnation. This ability to come again in the flesh is not only for me but for all mankind. The additional lives will, one by one, provide the experiences that will promote the growth of the soul until each soul is fit for the highest culmination of the spirit and that is to be able to dwell in the presence of God. Hopefully, this message will become widely known.

24th February: My efforts are directed more to the information that will have a bearing on this country's recognition of the soon-to-be Second Coming. There is much to be accomplished, with your help, and the help of our good friend who is such a good "receiver". My message to My church leaders is of considerable historic importance. It will take some doing to instill in my church leaders the information that I am soon to be among you in the flesh and that I will soon be returning to Jerusalem to fulfill the many prophecies that have been made of my Second Coming. As you would understand, it will be a challenge for me to help bring peace and mutual respect to those in Jerusalem and nearby. With God's help, I will be able to restore peace and tranquility to that part of the world. To again unite both Jew and Christian in their worship of both God and Christ will be a notable achievement. It will take time and the help of both men and angels. That is my challenge and purpose. There will be the return of those ancient leaders and yes, there will be the return to their gospel principles that have been changed and added to by making a gospel of peace to become a gospel of killing. There will be great changes made in many parts of the world and gradually, we shall expect peace to prevail. Then we shall have a great new world where peace and prosperity can be brought to or developed in all nations.

23rd February: There will soon be a great deal of consternation among the many churches who go through the motions of praying to me, who preach of my being, or my ability to answer prayers, and to some extent preaching about the Second Coming and yet, with a very few exceptions, none of these church leaders are in communication with me. However, that will soon change. I shall be there among them in the spirit and your dear friend will have a message directly from me to many of these church leaders. In addition, I shall soon, thereafter, be there in the flesh and that will make a great deal of difference in the preaching and praying to me. Many of these church leaders are serious in their prayers to me and these will become much more capable of communicating with me, especially after I come in the flesh.

There will be great changes made in the belief structure of many church leaders. The Second Coming is a great fulfillment of many scriptural references and these being the 'last days' there will be much concern about some of the prophecies of great destruction and tribulation for these last days. However, it is my desire that such terrible things do not come to pass. There will be no need for those prophecies to be filled. I am He who can make the changes and I desire to have less problems and more peace in the world.

We are dismayed at the recent mud slides that have killed many. Is there anything that can be done to help prevent such major disasters?

There are natural forces involved in those mud slides. Some of that destruction of lives could have been prevented had we been more sensitive to the coming mud slides. When there are more of you who can receive my messages and who can communicate with me or with some of the aliens, there can be the sensing and the prevention of such disasters. That is good thinking on your part. You will want to communicate such thoughts with Helena and with others who will be communicating with other starships in their part of the world.

21st February: This morning I am pleased to tell you that things are in good control in your nations' capital and that there is soon to be an announcement made of the government changes that will lead to a new election of your country's leaders.

This is a time of great pleasure for me and should be for many of my followers. There will soon be a new restoration of proper government in your country. Your country will again be blessed with peace and prosperity. Your new leaders will declare peace and many of your young men and women will be returned home. Not that all the troubles in the Middle East will be resolved. However, with the great Satan - as they view your country - removed, there will be some restoration of peace compared to what is going on now.

It greatly saddens me to learn of people killing themselves so that they may also take the lives of many others. That is so contrary to any great teaching of any of the great religious masters. Only a perverted human mind would have such parts in their faith. God is love. There are no true religions that would teach otherwise. Great changes will come with my coming again among you and with the return of some of the other ancient religious masters.

Tell all of your friends to also request my help and Gods' help in restoring peace to Iraq and the removal of your [nation's] leaders.

20th February: It will not be long now and I shall be ready to send the letters to arrange for my coming in the spirit and to communicate with many of my church leaders.

Much of our time of waiting is over. We shall soon be telling others, especially church leaders, plus some who communicate telepathically with me, that the time of the restoration of the Gospel of Jesus Christ is soon to be.

In addition, of course, will be the Second Coming, when I shall be with you in the flesh as has been long foretold by your church and many others. This a time of preparation, a time of spiritual awareness, a time of fulfillment.

However, there is much to be done before that time is here. There is much information to be presented to church leaders of my many Christian churches. There will be many who will not believe that it is I who is giving information to them. However, that is their problem. The time has come for me to give my church leaders some new directions, especially related to the plurality of lives that each spirit can experience. However, there will have to be a great awakening and a great amount of teaching and preaching to ensure that this plurality of lives is understood by my church members. It will be a time for interesting discussions among many of my followers.

15th February: Your world is in need of the great changes that will soon be coming to your world, beginning with the return, with interest, of the funds that were invested beginning many years ago and finally culminating in a great deal of funds to be distributed widely. As you have been told, a percentage of those funds have been put into 'humanitarian funds'. Some of those humanitarian funds may be made available to help you in some of your work. However, those funds will be spread out over a period of several years so that there will be funds to help many people and many nations.

The earth is soon to enter into a new phase of the earth's existence and become more celestial. Along with that will come the methods for helping many people all over the world to have a better life and, to some extent, better governments. This latter change will come more slowly as there will be those in power who will not be wiling to relinquish their control over their nation and its wealth.

There will be a great religious revival that will begin with my arrival among you in the spirit, which will be soon now. Later, when I have arrived in the flesh, my many churches will listen to and begin to preach the new gospel message that I will have for them. Then there will begin to be a more dedicated preaching of goodwill towards all nations and the putting into practice of some of the teachings that relate to helping others. This will be a time of great fulfillment of mankind's proper treatment of mankind. Brotherly love will prevail and expand throughout my many churches. Then I'll be in Jerusalem doing what I can to promote peace and understanding among my people there.

14th February: Your government will soon be changed and there will be a restoration of Constitutional government that you haven't had for most of the past century. There will be a new awakening in America and it will be coupled with the use of the great funds that have been accumulated over the past couple of decades by some very wonderful patriots in your country. The end result will be essentially end to poverty, a return to full employment, and a great lessening of the import of drugs that are destroying many of the people, especially some of the younger citizens.

It will not be long before there will be a new awakening of America. With a restoration of proper government will come a restoration of patriotism and delight in the way in which your country will progress. There will be a great reaching out to other countries and a desire on the part of many to seek to help bring about greater education, freedom, and prosperity to other countries. Eventually, there will be the gradual spreading of freedom and prosperity throughout the world. That will help usher in an era of peace and prosperity for most of the world. There will gradually become more and more free countries that will pattern themselves more like the U.S. The U.S. will be restored to a place of appreciation among the world's people which will be a great change from the present notion of what America is like.

13th February:. There appears to be some great desires on the part of many of your leaders to accomplish the changeover in your government. We know that is of great interest to you. It will be the beginning of great changes in your government and will be followed later by the restoration of your constitution back to it original form as you had it in the 1930s.

I will, of course, be pleased at the changes that are coming. These are the things that are destined to be a forerunner to my return to Zion and then to Jerusalem. In the meanwhile, I shall be pleased to further our communication with you and with our dear friend from Canada. I will, while in the spirit have some words of new gospel principles to share with many of my church leaders. The effort will be made to have a substantial similarity in gospel principles to be taught and preached among my many Christian churches. Then, after I am there in the flesh, I shall have some important discussions with your church leaders. Then it will be soon thereafter time for me to go to Jerusalem and determine how best to solve the problems between the Jews and the Palestinians. Hopefully, with the help of many others, there will soon be a world of peace established and a period of growth and development for all races and all religions.

13th February: Sananda on World Peace, through Lauren

We would like to address the issue of world peace. This is a topic that is so often touched upon but rarely with practical application for those who desire its outcome. Today we wish to give some practical tips to those of you who wish for peace. You all have the knowledge that soon there is a time coming where peace will be inevitable but many wonder how this will come to be. We wish for those to know that it is only up to you to decide. This is an opportunity for the most creative applications of your power to manifest the new world as you see fit. This is what it means to be a co-creator with God, that ultimately you collectively decide the fate of your reality. We wish for you to know that you can influence these outcomes by your ability to visualize it. If you take part in active visualizations you can bring about the exact results that you desire. This can be accomplished with intensity in groups. Where groups gather the energy is quadrupled and manifestation is more rapid.

How can we form these groups you ask? Simply by sharing your visions with one another. In this way you stimulate visualizations for the collective consciousness. Those with the highest antennas can reach the highest thought forms and can assist others to tap into the same stream of energy. This is a powerful tool and we recommend using it to assist in your new reality. If you gather your community in thought you will prevail. We suggest taking this idea to the highest level of creative imagination possible. Add color and depth, touch and taste, smell and sound. Make this virtual reality a common one and watch your world change for the better. You all have a part to play and there is no longer any time for procrastination. Time and again we have emphasized the importance of using these tools to create change, we cannot overestimate the importance of it all. Pass these visions along through art and song, dance and love, the highest forms of expression. Collectively in your community of light share these visions by using your individual talents of expression, your soul essence. These bits of expression are the purest forms of Christ consciousness and are meant to be shared with one another. Use them to build each other up and help each other to see the power and the glory in their connectivity. Now is the time to let go of preconceived notions of failure and shame, and allow the truth in all of you to have an outlet. When shared with one another you will truly be creating your new lives, individually and collectively.

8th February: Great and important changes, which are long overdue, are being made in your government. The end result will be a return to Constitutional government.

That will then be followed by the release of an enormous amount of funds that will be distributed widely in the U.S. and in some other parts of the world, especially North America. Then North America must be diligent and become a beacon of prosperity for all the world.

There will be a new awakening of all who will govern you. There will be a great decrease in crime as there will also be a great increase in the prevention of various illegal drugs being brought into the country that have been permitted by some of your government leaders. The lessening of the widespread availability of drugs will reduce the crime rate.

There will be a gradual reduction in the number of persons who are incarcerated in your jails and prisons. There will be funds that will enable all who will allow themselves to be taught, to be taught to be productive citizens. That will lessen the burden on government of so many that are now unemployed and unemployable.

There will be new health measures that will remove some of the many drugs that, in many cases, are worse than the diseases that are being treated. There will come the methods by which money will be available for the current ailments to be treated effectively, such as cancer and AIDS. This is the generation that will respond to and be a part of a real new awakening of the spirit of America.

That spirit of prosperity and democracy (really representative government) will spread throughout the world and America will again become a nation to be looked upon with admiration and respect. Peace will ensue and, where necessary, be enforced by some of those of us who have the advanced technology to help prevent war.

As you know, the crew of the Capricorn has already prevented the use of atomic weapons in two cases.

3rd February: It is now expected that your president will soon announce his resignation. You have been told that Al Gore will be the acting president while new elections are called. That is correct, however, there is a quandary over how fast there can be the appropriate action by your elected officials in Congress to perform their duties, approve the resignation and appointment, and then complete their necessary business and go home for the forthcoming new elections.

I am quite sure that the new elections will provide your Congress with a different set of leadership. That instead of the Congressmen being "bought off" or scared off by threat to them or their families, there will be a return to the type of government that is again, for the first time in many years, controlled by the people's representatives.

< The return to constitutional government will be accompanied by the distribution of a great deal of funds so that there need not be any more of the poor among you. However, there will be some who will still need some help, because their citizenship is not recognized and where there is no direct linkage to them or their families.

Therefore, there will be considerable need for church welfare programs to be able to help these individuals. An expansion of the Welfare Program will be needed to enable these people to become recognized as citizens or provided with the means to acquire citizenship. In many cases the requirements will require education of those folks. Here again, there can be an adaptation of Welfare Programs to help to provide the necessary education so that these forgotten families and individuals can become recognized legal members of these United States (or Canada or Mexico). There will still need to be Welfare programs that can help people of foreign nations and, in a few cases, to help following some of the earth-shaking disasters that are still to come.

There are strong political and economic forces that are, in essence, engaged in a battle to preserve their positions of power in your nation. Many of these forces are international and some are national. The law and the White Knights are on the side of changes. Also many of your citizens of the U.S. are strongly in favor of the long-predicted and long-awaited culmination of these changes. The end result is a highly political problem and one that is difficult for me to have firm inputs. The announcement of the new "rainbow" currency could come as early as this weekend. Apparently that will be the first government step to move away from the political control of international entities.

1st February: You listened to the State of the Union message last night and recognized that the president has good speech writers and gives a convincing talk. The truth will soon be made known of the perfidy of this administration and there will soon be an end to the current administration, and a new president to serve until elections can be called.

This will be an historic month for the United States and its people. There is, for example, the soon to be announced new Treasury Reserve (Rainbow) currency. That is but a bare beginning of the changes that are forthcoming to return your nation to its true Constitutional government, which was usurped many years ago.

There will be great changes that will occur. There is coming a great prosperity which will enable your country to again be a noted leader in the world for peace, prosperity, and the freedom of choice for much of mankind.

Peace will be declared. Diplomatic means rather than military means will be used to ensure better peaceful conditions in Iraq and in other countries.

There will be a better recognition of the importance of religion to mankind. This will occur in part due to my return, my Second Coming, which is to come about this year.

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