Sananda on the SECOND COMING

March 2006

(updated on a daily basis)

31st March: This may be, even yet, the week that will culminate in an announcement from Washington, D.C. of some importance. And soon we expect there will be an announcement of the resignation of your nation's leaders. That will come as a surprise to many. However, the bigger surprise for many will be when it is known that the Second Coming is near or here. That will, of course, be a culmination of a forecasted event that has been preached to my churches for hundreds of years. It will be a great joy for me to be among you again in the flesh and, soon, to be among you in the spirit.

It is with dismay that I am hearing about the movement to prevent even my name from being used in radio and television broadcasts. Of course, that effort will come to naught when it is known that I am having my Second Coming. That event should be greatly newsworthy. It would be difficult to even consider a ban on the announcement or even the videos of me after I return in the flesh. I hope that there will be lots of videos taken and broadcast as I visit with various church leaders.

You are helping by distributing my daily communications with you. There are many who are receiving and passing on to friends your communication with me each weekday. Some find it hard to believe that you are really communicating with me. However, the day will come when I am there in the flesh, then there will be many more believers and, of course, a lot of scoffers.

My main message is that I am not the only one to be resurrected. Additional lives are possible and expected for all mankind. It is this way in which the spirit grows and develops and become more like the Father of our Spirits. That will be my major message but not my only message.

30th March: (2) The sun is radiating new frequency waves which are penetrating your earth as we speak. These energy waves are responsible for much of the changes in consciousness on your planet at this time. We are in great admiration of the ways in which you are all affected by the new energies and as we monitor your progress we can see the success at which you awaken to truth.

We are anticipating great things to happen this week. There is a lot of information that is being circulated in your media and has been prompted by forces of Light. This explosion in media awareness will bring truth to the masses, truth through portals of respected reputations and trust. This is imperative, that we gain the respect of those willing to listen to truth by using the mouthpieces of respected and trusted individuals in your nation.

We are using many modalities to ensure the success of this mission and it is almost complete. We have observed that many are now willing to listen, that the state of affairs of man has become so dire that people will listen to any sound of hope. This puts us in an advantageous position as you might imagine since so many will be new to the information that will penetrate the masses shortly. We are guiding you to a winning solution and all the waiting and anticipating has served its purpose now. We are delighted in those who remain in constant communication with us because it gives us an opportunity to be heard. Your mission, as previously stated, is an important one for spreading truth. Many rely upon the words that you and other telepaths put out to the world and your voices as well as ours are being heard. Because of this, change is happening.

Those who choose to listen have great benefits over those who choose to remain in the dark. It will take the strong of you to live by example so as to inspire others to make the same choices you have. We are in great admiration of all who swim upstream in these tumultuous times and we encourage all of you to stay on course so others have these special examples to follow. You who choose to stay on course are headed for great rewards and we will foster those in our care.

With respect to your currency we anticipate that the truth of the Federal Reserve will be in full view by the weekend. We are strongly urging government leaders and constituents of truth to come forward at this time. We are in need of the courageous who have positions of influence and incriminating evidence to support the coming changes. We say to you, stand tall and proud and have firm resolve, for only the truth shall set you free. Now is the time, dear ones, to be honest with yourselves and each other and to take back the governing of the people. Without your support, there is no government. Without your firm resolve, there is no sovereignty. Take back what is rightfully yours and claim your freedoms once and for all. Allow no other to control your destiny for each of you are co-creators with God. We are supporting all of you on this journey to freedom and we applaud each effort that you make toward truth. Pull up your boot straps and dig deep for the will to change all that has kept you down. Rise up to the challenge and stay committed to your quest and you shall prevail. This is a clarion call to justice, an opportunity to emerge out of darkness. Let not this opportunity pass you by for there are few more of this magnitude designed to take you all the way home. The energy that is calling you is backed by legions of fellow beings of Light here to assist you back to your inherent sovereignty. Use the assistance wisely and be prudent in your applications for they will only serve you in the Light of forward movement. We are here to assist you but you must assist each other in your willingness to not stand down.

You cannot succumb to the fear tactics of your corrupt leaders in their attempts to dissuade you. You cannot be submissive to those who try to dominate your will. You must use your strength and resources now and gather the collective power in numbers to walk straight into the line of fire. You are capable of monumental changes when you gather together in the name of God. You outnumber those who rule over you and with this knowledge you can stand up against tyranny with great force. Call unto others to support the cause of truth and to finally right whatís wrong. Countless numbers of supporters are behind those of you who are willing to talk about the truth. Show these brave souls your support so that they may take the steps necessary to free this nation founded on equality. As they step forth one by one, call out their names, send them your love, show them the rewards of courage and when they prevail be astute in whom you choose to run your country.

We have said to you time and again that this country is your responsibility to manage. Be not complacent in this opportunity to rise up against untruth. Take matters into your own hands now and forever more and when you succeed in removing all that does not align in Godís country, you shall truly be free. This is your time to shine: your nation depends on it. Be vigilant and wise of corruption and turn not a blind eye or deaf ear. Change happens when you happen to make change. Step forward now my warriors, children of Light, and remember who you came here to be. We are counting on you. I Am Sananda Immanuel and I ask you now to take heed.

30th March: (1) Although there have been many delays in the distribution of the bank documents, I am pleased to tell you that it does appear that the final distribution of the bank documents is now underway. That will mean that there can be an announcement this weekend, possibly even tomorrow (Friday) from the government. I expect that the announcement will be concerning the new currency.

There does not appear to be any barrier now to the completion of the delivery of the bank documents. However, there is a great effort involved to prevent such distribution. Hopefully, there will be a failure of those efforts.

My great concern is for the changes that will soon come so that I can be with you at the time of the first landing of one of the shuttles in your valley. That means, of course, the change in government and the rescinding of the orders to shoot down any UFOs. This unfortunate order that has been in place for so many years, as you well know, has to have an ending and that ending will be soon now. Then there shall be the beginnings of great changes that will help change the world, including the way the world produces and distributes energy. We will be pleased to be with you in the spirit and to help in that regards.

29th March: There is to be a change made in your government to restore the earlier constitutional law for your government leaders. The efforts for this change have been long thwarted by those in power who control the present administration. You and I shall be most pleased to have the government changes made and the constitution restored as it was before your former president (Roosevelt in the 1930s) began the changes to put other powers in control.

You will be pleased at the changes that are soon to come to your government. These changes will also help pave the way for my coming in the spirit and later my coming in the flesh. America must be restored to the world and be able to be looked up to as the best type of government for the benefit of all of its citizens, instead of a few. The restoration of constitutional government to the United States is the beacon to the world that is important to me and for many people in many nations. There are great events that are beginning to transpire for this earth. There is a new era coming.

28th March: Prayers to me can be simple. There is nothing about the great skills of oratory that make for any better communication with me than just a simple request for help in your prayers: that is all that is needed. Much of my doing will become more apparent when I am with you in the flesh and partaking of the closeness of flesh to flesh such as with the laying on of hands. That is a great healing power and should be more thoroughly practiced among my many churches.

There are some among you who are blessed with the skills to help heal by the laying on of hands. Others among you have other skills, some are skilled with being able to preach and be very convincing. They are the ones who need the truth to add to their oratory.

There are many skills or gifts of the spirit that are given out to the children of mankind. You have been finally given the skills to communicate telepathically and especially to receive messages. You are a late bloomer in that regard, however, you have been inspired to do many things in your various careers as you have grown to become what you are now - an important factor in my arsenal of friends that I can rely on to help me in my work among the children of men.

I understand that there are many gifts of the spirit and that the true leaders of your church could have or could be blessed with all of those spiritual gifts. Are there any among us now that have all of the spiritual gifts?

(With a smile) No, none at the present time. However, it will not be long before there are a few who will be blessed with such gifts and have the positions in which those gifts can be provided or exercised.

25th March: First I would like to address the issues of your nation, as they are the most pressing. There is upon you a time of dramatic change, one that will ensure the freedom of the people once and for all. This time at hand is one that will shake the countrymen and women to their core for they will be in search of truth. Truth as you have known it up until now has been nothing but the gain of your leaders' power. Now, truth shall prevail. Come one, come all and join in the parade for truth.

The time for a revolution is now and all are needed to claim back their rights and sovereignty. It is up to you to find the truth, for the truth shall set you all free. Take what is rightfully yours, gather your sources and strength in numbers and you shall prevail. You all have the opportunity and responsibility to take control of your destiny in the coming moments, use this opportunity to ensure that you never fall short of your country's potential again.

Be righteous in choosing government leaders that will support your freedom, freedom for all. We encourage you all to see the bright future before you and desire for you all to know that in your heart lies the secrets to peace. When you are all united through the heart of mankind you will prevail victoriously in all of your ventures. When each deed is done with the thought of your fellow man in mind, you will have transcended the lower realms of physicality. "Do unto others as you would have them do unto you". This has never been truer for the people of earth. You all are beginning to see the interconnectivity to life and realizing that each action has an equal and opposite reaction. That what you think, you become. That what you long for, you gain.

All of these truths are more apparent to you now and this gives you the advantage to create the best of what you desire. Ultimately it is up to all of you to pull together and create this world as a community of like minds. When all realize that you are united under one God, the Creator of All that is, then peace will prevail.

No longer is it necessary to segregate and divide nations for you all will soon hold a common purpose, that of restoring your precious earth. This is no small feat and will require the participation of all, worldwide. But together and with the help of your galactic brethren, miracles will happen.

We stand before you now ready to lift the veil of deceit, prepare yourselves for the moment of transcendence for it will be a thrust of great magnitude that will catapult you to a new reality, the reality in truth. We say to you, be at peace and know that all you have waited for is here and now. Buckle up, for it will be a bumpy ride but be assured that we are guiding your every move. All is in Divine order and the battle has been won. I Am Sananda Immanuel.

15th March: You must soon get the letter to the various church leaders ready to mail. Apparently, it will not be long now before there is the first landing.

I shall have a message for each church leader so that he or she will know that I know about each of their activities. Then they will know that it is not my voice but it is my message that is being brought to each of them. Then I will tell all of them that there is to be taught a new gospel principle and that is that each person will have the opportunity for further reincarnations, just as my coming in the flesh is a reincarnation. Hopefully that message will be properly greeted for its extensive change in the lives of all that come before them [in their churches]. That is the important message that I will give to all of my church leaders who will listen.

For those who refuse to listen and obey, then my presence will not be with them and their congregations and their group will dwindle in numbers. These are great and important days, these days of my second coming. There will be many glorious changes for this earth, beginning mainly in North America and with peace and prosperity spreading throughout the entire world.

Peace will come and with peace there will be an outpouring, gradually, of the wealth that has been accumulated and it will spread throughout the world. In addition, as I have told you before, there will also be the return of several ancient religious leaders. All major religions will be given information about the coming peace and prosperity. Those will be great days with blessings for all mankind.

14th March: There are more and more persons who are becoming aware of My Second Coming and who are trying to communicate with me. That is good. There are a few who are able to receive my communications in return for their queries.

It is expected that by my communication with the local church leaders that the message that I bring will be shared with many other churches and their local leaders.

It is of interest that most of those who are communicating with me are women. Women have often been the better receivers. Anciently, however, it was seldom the role of women to be recognized as being able to communicate with me telepathically. With our dear friend's publication of the book on telepathy, it is expected that there will soon be many more who will have the ability to communicate telepathically. Some of those will be males, but, I expect, that there will still be a predominant number of women who will be able to be accurate communicators telepathically.

14th March:

We are sitting tight and full of excitement for the changes. This upcoming event will prove to be the most monumental event in the history of earth as this has never before been tried. There are so many willing souls surrounding earth at this time, you would be amazed.

We come in all our glory
to tell the people of our story
Times of past are times to change
as the coming times will bring a range
Of opportunity and rights for citizens
held in esteem for their righteous origins
We ask of you to be at peace
and allow for us to take the leash
To uphold all in times of strife
and behold others who fail to like
the changes brought to humanity
and the welcome of your space family
You will be astonished at the love so true
for it is the love that we forever extend to you
Staying on course and being in time
with the events that we hand you today in this rhyme
We ask of you, please be patient and wise
for this final request made one last time
Our shuttles are plenty, our gifts are vast
our plan is virtuous and our love ever lasts
This time before you my citizens of God
is the time of ages, heralded and begotten .

Thank you Sananda, that was beautiful!

Yes my dear child, our glory is infectious today as we spread the joy in verse. We are lifted to a place of love and we extend that love to you on this day. Be at peace for you have arrived. The day is certainly upon you, though we have said that in the past we can clearly see the outcome now. You are all part of the last phase of this journey in strife and soon you will be in all your glory as we have long promised you. As we enter the last phase in your nations plan of corruption, be still and know that I AM. There is coming a force so strong that it will uplift even the darkest souls. All is ready now for this grand plan and all has been prepared for the forward march. Souls from every galaxy line up before you to strengthen the will of the American people. Selfless acts of humanity will astound you and the true colors of the leaders of your nation shall be revealed for all to witness. How glorious a time is this. A time to bring the light of God to the heart of every human once and for all. We are in great anticipation of the changes and the bestowal of gifts from Creator to you. This outpouring of love will transmute the tired, the weak, the sick, the hungry, the maimed, the disabled, the blind, the deaf and the poor. This love is unstoppable and we stand before you now ready to serve. Call to us in times of need, we will walk with you. We are much closer to you now and we can assist in grand ways. Know that you are never alone and that the times before you, however they call to you, shall be looked over in adornment, for you are all the children of God. We stand before you with great pride and open arms waiting for you to finally come home. You have arrived, and together you have been victorious. Go in peace to love your brothers and sisters of God. I AM Sananda Immanuel.

13th March:

And so we return, in our glory,
And heaven will be opened,
And the earth shall find a new firmament.
In the valleys there will be joy,
And on the hilltops the angels will sing
The allelujahs to the Highest.
Glory, glory, glory.
The time has come
To uphold the righteous,
And to be at peace with all.

For I have come,
And I will gather my precious few,
And I will enfold them in my bosom forever.
Not one will be harmed,
Let it be known that I am a just God
O yes, the fortress has fallen.
The weak shall become strong,
And the strong, become weak,
As like to nothingness,
But a bit of dust in the wind.

I come, and my two-edged sword
Is sweeping away the darkness.
To those of the Light,
A brilliant light doth shine,
And I am in my Glory.
Let no one fear the Lord.
All is in readiness.
The banquet is laid,
And there is a place set
For everyone.

The weak, the lame, the blind,
And those who cannot walk
Will be brought to the table,
And all will dine on
The Goodness of the Lord.
Oh my people, believe on me.
Trust in my goodness.
For I shall not fail thee.
Like a tall tree,
That shelters the tiny twig am I.

Like the dove sheltering the newborn,
So am I.
Pure and holy art Thou,
And thy Kingdom shall appear
To all who behold
The Goodness of the Lord.
Let there be joy in the streets
And music in your hearts,
For the Kingdom has arrived,
And I have come to take mine home.

I am he who comes like the wind,
Flies like the dove,
And rises like the morning sun.
I am yours
and you are mine,
And we are ONE.


Blessed be God in His righteousness.
Blessed be the path followed by those
Who see the Kingdom of God
In their brother's eyes.

7th March: I shall soon be coming to be with you in your work, in the spirit. I shall be asking for your help in communicating with my many church leaders and with the help of our dear friend from Canada. These messages will be of considerable importance for all of our dealings with the various churches. There will be special messages for each of them and a message of new gospel to be taught such as the principle of reincarnation which is or will be available to all humans. There will be other topics that I shall be pleased to deliver to my church leaders with your help and that of our dear friend. Then I shall be there in the flesh and will deal with the church bearing my name, your church. That will be a brief visit for me and then I shall go to Jerusalem to establish a new order of peace in that part of the world.

3rd March: The killing has to stop. Mankind killing mankind is very far from the truths of any current gospel that would be provided for the benefit of mankind and the growth and development of Mother Earth. It will be one of the basic tasks that I face, both here and when I go to Jerusalem, to promote peace, love, and understanding among all religious groups. And I will be helped by some of the ancient religious leaders who will also return and help promote peace among all religious groups.

I shall soon be with you in the spirit. There are soon to be great events happen in your nation's capitol that will provide the means for the coming landings and flyovers that are planned. There should be the first of the many new government announcements this week or, at least, this coming week. If our information is correct, there will be the announcement of the new U.S. money that is partially backed by precious metals. That will strengthen the dollar throughout the world and bring more stability to the inflation that has occurred in the dollar over the past several decades. Much of our doings, after we come will be facilitated with the more stable currency. I rejoice in the fact that I shall soon be with you in the spirit.

2nd March: It is my desire to soon be able to come and be with you in the spirit and to use my healing power to help some of your friends who need my help. You may think it strange when I talk about healing when I can be closer to you in the spirit. It is a complex issue. I do my best to answer the prayers that flood in to me for healing. However, there is a change in my developing abilities since this reincarnation into a new body. I am learning and growing in my ability but I shall be able to do a better task at healing when I can be directly, even in the spirit, near the person being healed. Later, when I come in the flesh, I shall lay my hands on those to be healed and there will be a greater healing power available in the flesh. Hopefully, I shall also be able to pass on or train others to improve their healing power. There will be some among you who will be able to become healers.

2nd March: It seems as if those on Earth at this time are experiencing quite a stir from the energy being pushed into your realm. There are many who are experiencing fatigue and feelings of nausea at this pivotal time. We wish to reassure those who hear our messages that this is a temporary happening. The feelings of unease are related to the transformation of the cellular makeup of the human body. The God Event is one that will change all matter on Earth and will be aiding in the resurrection of humanity. This is something that is necessary to employ the beginning of the end times.

We wish to alert you of some happenings in your government as well. There seems to be an issue of importance that is gathering the momentum of Light in your country. This issue that we speak of pertains to the dark forces attempt to bring down the nation's capitol in favor of a more detached regime for the purposes of control. We are aware that there are some unresolved issues to be dealt with and it is our hope that these issues come to the forefront for transmutation.

Those of like-mind will have a part to play in said events since Light in this area of the country is needed to employ and expedite the changes in your governing body. Know that this time of opportunity will pass by without the help of those on Earth. It is a joint effort of great magnitude, one that is imperative for the entrance of the New Age. Please use your Light and visualization skills to aid and assist in these endeavors. The dark is outnumbered and they only need to turn to us to be lifted. It is our duty and pleasure to assist all on Earth at this time, but your cooperation is imperative.

Please allow for this opportunity by being righteous in your pursuits and open to only positive outcomes. We understand that there are many who have disparaging thoughts in regard to upcoming times and we wish to say that those who harbor negative thoughts will face their own self-destruction if not remedied. The energy upon Earth is so strong now that manifestation of these lower thought-forms will bring rapid demise to those who have darkness in their hearts. This will be a time of great unease for those who refuse our call. We are employing great efforts to heal these souls and aid them in remembering their true God selves. It will be up to them, however, to take the steps necessary to peace. The US Government is one of great tenacity and strong will. We suspect that with the energy being pumped into Earth at this time, there will be little time left of this current cabal. The uprising of the people will be an inevitable outcome as truths start to seep into the common household. The truth is something that will be unavoidable by all.

Does it look as though we will we see anything on the news this weekend?

There is always the indication that the time is now according to our perception of things, however, it takes the perception of many to realize this happening. That is why we say to visualize it as already happened and it will come to be so. When each of you can fantasize with intensity that you are living in this new age already it will manifest in an instant.

Very good. Is there anything else at this time?

Only that we are in great anticipation of said events. We are confident that the changes put forth by the God Event will give Mother Earth and her inhabitants the extra push necessary to enter Grand Era. [Golden Age?]

1st March: Our dear friend will soon be with us here in the Salt Lake Valley. It will not be long now before the culmination of the events that are in progress that will allow for the first show-and-go landing in your valley (and other places). As I have often said, I will be coming in the spirit at the time of the first shuttle landing. I shall then be with you and visiting with you in your new laboratory and be able to communicate (with you and your dear friend's help) with some of my church leaders in your area. That will be a prelude to My Second Coming, which will not be announced before I will be with you in the flesh. That will be a culmination of prophecies that have been long made. That will be a new beginning for much of the work that I am destined to do, first for a short time in your area and then for a great challenge and work to bring peace to some of the Middle East. These are historic days, are they not?

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