Sananda on the SECOND COMING

June 2006

(updated on a daily basis - when there is NEW information)

30th June: I am not prepared to make any final comments on coming changes in government and in the banking system. However, it is apparent from messages that are being exchanged that there is soon to be a further dramatic change in your U.S. currency. There is much commotion among some of those with whom we have some contact with the expectation of great changes coming very soon. We have not been assured of the timing of any government announcement, however, some believe that it could come as early as tonight. We shall have more information later today.
There is much for us to accomplish in terms of the many shuttles that will soon, we believe, participate in landing and fly-overs. For that to occur, as you know, there must be a change in your government and the release of the Air Force orders to shoot down any UFOs.

There are some things that are in the control of others. However, it is apparent from what is being received here that there are great changes soon to come. It is difficult for us to ferret out just when those changes will be made. We are not in communication with the final decision makers. Most of our communicants are on the periphery of such events and are not in control. However, there are strong indications that there will very soon be a culmination of events that will be of considerable importance to all of us.

28th June: through Lauren
We are here today to tell you of some important advancements pertaining to your government if you wish to receive.

We would first like to say that there is coming a tide in the affairs of man. A great tide, a turbulent ocean of water is soon to sweep through your country's capital and make way for the most glorious future for the United States. It is with great pleasure that we observe what is taking place at this hour, knowing that soon there will be a breakthrough so monumental that even the deepest disbelievers will soon believe. It is with great joy that we represent the higher minds of all who shall show the way to a better world. What we attempt to parlay to you is but a minute example of what is to come since your imagination could not uphold this vision in entirety. What will be presented to the people will be so grand that it will seem unlikely or impossible.

This outpouring of love to your planet is one that has grown exponentially by all who surround your earth at this time and it is even more plausible that those on earth who have a connection with us will, in fact, have reached their enlightenment. This stage of the game was a planned one in that those who will walk forward in all their glory to represent the new earth, shall be duly prepared.

You are coming to know a new way of society, one that will take new understanding. This understanding is currently locked up in the conciousness of all Lightworkers around the globe. Now with your new wings outstretched, each of you will be able to unleash the truth to all. You will all be in your element as those who have run the world for eons of time will have no foothold in the new ways. It is therefore up to each of you to allow for and initiate the strength of the new web of frequency. This frequency grid that is currently being activated around your earth is the one that will take each of you to your proper place in the plan. The plan may seem vague to you at this time, however, I assure you that when the time arrives you will each feel the urging of your soul in a way that is noticeable. It will be then that you will decide the fate of the future of your country and how you will go about change will be entirely up to each of you. There will be help from all who can assist in these changes, and your resources will be unlimited in scope, but ultimately you must decide what will be. Our job is to direct and guide you to the probable outcomes of your intentions and to allow you to choose how this will come to be. We will in no way interfere with your work but will be offering ourselves and our assistance where welcome.

This brings us to the timing of said events. If all goes according to plan the government changes shall commence shortly. I would encourage each of you to tidy up and prepare the way that you envision necessary. We would suggest a plan of action for a possible disruption in society, even if for a short while. This is not to say that there is anything to fear, only that there will be a lot of confusion that will ensue and a lot of re-order will be necessary. Logically, this could cause a short time of chaos, though we will ensure the proper balance of all areas of life. We are in a position to tend to the needs of many and to that end we shall see it through. Know that although there will be a time of confusion, directly following will be the proverbial pot of gold on the other side of the rainbow. Yes, in a literal sense as well. There is abundance for all waiting in the corridors of faith. We are delighted to see the rewards bestowed upon all who have worked so diligently for the Light, and knowing that this time is upon you now invokes great excitement for us all.

As you venture into the next phase of your reality, be sure to stay in a place of respite as the necessary element to calm the swelling fears of others is to be calm within yourselves. This cannot be underestimated as the energies required to push this change over the edge are the same energies that will affect everyone and everything. If you can see them for what they are, you are in a position to choose differently. We say to you, choose peace. Choose calm. This will go far in your endeavors and will assist others greatly.

Now as the time is assuredly upon you, realize that no more is it necessary to struggle. Struggle is resistance and resistance is fear, so resist nothing. We say this as a requirement for all of the ways in which your society will need to change. It will be a process of the unexpected as you become awakened to all that has transpired over the long history of time. It will be a shocking moment of realization for all who welcome change into their lives and it will be the seat of denial for those who have not the strength to change their ways. We say to those, come to the Light of Truth and it will set you free. Only in truth is there salvation and only in salvation is there true freedom. Freedom for all is the goal of this mighty venture and freedom for all it shall be. We leave you with one final thought this day ..... Take with you the armor of truth and all else will become putty in your hands. Hold the light for others to see the way. Stand tall in your glorious pursuits to righteousness, and allow all others to feed off of your valiant glory.

I Am Sananda Immanuel.

20th June: These are perilous times for those who have been seeking so vigorously to prevent the change in your government.

However, it is apparent that there will, very soon, be the resignation of the president and the installation of a new administration. That will be the beginning of a dramatic new era for the United States and soon for the world.

There is much consternation among those who will no longer be in control of your government and no longer be able to steal enormous amounts of monies from the people's government. There will be an end to such thievery which has gone on for several decades.

There will be the return to constitutional government that you have not had since the Roosevelt administration in the 1930s. Then, gradually, there will be the restoration of the proper role of a free and democratic society to set an example before the world of how a government and its people should be governed. Thus, there will be an enormous awakening of freedom and plenty.

This will all be happening with the release of trillions of dollars of funds to the many recipients. These funds will, in many cases, be used to promote good throughout the U.S. and the world. There will be a new administration and a new way of life for all of America. This should be the week for the culmination of these deliveries and some important government announcements.

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