Sananda on the SECOND COMING

August 2006

(updated on a daily basis - when there is NEW information)

30th August: I shall be pleased to be with you in the spirit in the not too distant future. Then, later, at a time of my choosing, I shall be with you in the flesh for a time before I go to Jerusalem, but I have told you that before.

There are many things to accomplish to change the way your government must be changed. There has to be an era of peace. Peace must be declared in Iraq. The U.S. military forces must leave and allow those who are fighting each other to be controlled by their respective religious leaders. Mohammed will be the most likely to appear or at least communicate his desires for peace to his adherents.

Then the U.S. must be willing to become a peaceful leader and help many other nation's peoples to obtain sufficient food and water for the needs of their citizens. This is the role that the United State of America is intended to play on the world's stage. You have the technology, the wealth, and those who desire to help others. Soon it will be time for that part of our nation's leaders to do what is humanly wonderful to do, to help others who are less fortunate than yourselves. You will have the support of most of your citizens to carry out such a plan to help others.

It will not be long now. Events are coming to a conclusion so that this nation's leadership will soon be changed. New leaders will be in charge of the new peaceful pursuits of this great nation.

23rd August: You are fortunate to be a vegetarian. You still have the promise of a longer life. You will note that when I gave permission to eat meat, I should have said when vegetables were not available. I did warn that "it is not pleasing to me" for man to eat meat. You are blessed in many ways due to your abstinence from eating meat.

I am pleased that there will finally be the delivery of the bank documents to those who have been long waiting for their funds to be returned to them, both the farm funds and the prosperity funds. Some deliveries have been made and other deliveries of bank documents are assured. You may learn that such happening is ongoing today and this week. There are a very large number of persons who are scheduled to receive the bank documents [about 300,000]. That will mean a large outpouring of funds into the economy of North America, especially U.S. and Canada.

22nd August: There are great events that are finally being handled and arranged so that there will be able to be a return to the great constitution that made America great and will again serve the world.

There will soon be a vast amount of wealth poured out to the people of North America, especially in the U.S. and Canada. This wealth will make for a free and wealthy people and this wealth will be gradually shared with many. Each of you will soon receive the benefits of the wealth that has been withheld from you for these many years.

Then there will be those who will want to share their wealth with some of the deserving poor of the world. I shall do my best to help ensure that the great and marvelous Relief Society program receive and use some of that wealth for the distribution of aid, especially food and clothing, to thousands of poor throughout the world, and to bring much joy and comfort to many of the world's suffering poor. This will be a great and glorious time for me to know that my Church is being of great help as it has spread throughout over a hundred countries.

Great events are scheduled to ensue very soon now.

21st August: There is a great deal of consternation among your leaders. Unless something much unexpected happens, there will finally be the distribution of the bank documents this week, perhaps even beginning today. That will be a welcome event. There have been some leading banks who refused to help in releasing the bank documents or the funds. As you have been informed, a third set of banks has been set up and arrangements made for the distribution of the bank documents to recipients. It is strongly hoped by all that this time there will be no barriers to finally get the bank documents into the hands of those many recipients who have waited for so many years for the return of their funds.

There will be a great deal of wonderful events that will be begun or augmented by many of the recipients of these funds.

Much of our doings aboard the Capricorn are just waiting for the moment when we can come and land and show ourselves to many. Of course, it will be some time before I shall be with you in the flesh, however, I shall soon be with you in the spirit.

It is true that I can communicate with some people who are good at telepathic communication regardless of where I am. However, there is a great deal more I can do to get the attention of and provide a message to others if I am closer to them. Our spirits, in a sense can intermingle. Also, it is important to me to get messages to many of my church leaders, as you have been instructed, by using our dear friend as my voice to communicate my messages with church leaders who do not have telepathic capability. That is an important part of my early coming in the spirit. You will be expected to help in that task.

20th August: through Zilanthra

The Second Coming is of great importance to all living creatures on planet Earth. All yearn for Divinity in their existence. All yearn for something of a higher nature to fill that which is missing in their being. For those who are aware that there shall be a Second Coming in the flesh, it is in their nature, in their third dimensional make up that they desire to know the when, the date of the event that is to occur. I, myself, cannot supply anyone with the exact date. It is described in this way: as energy changes and rises on the entire globe, the Second Coming comes closer for All. As the consciousness in every human is raised, the Second Coming comes nearer. As the belief of every human comes nearer to their Divine nature, Second Coming becomes closer.

There are many factors that decide as to when Second Coming will occur. There is much, there are massive changes that will occur in order to bring Second Coming to fruition. All of the events that shall occur as precursors, as forerunners, must occur, so as to raise consciousness of humanity even more. The time will come when a certain exponential number has been reached in the masses, when enough hearts beat as One heart, when enough human beings feel Love in their hearts for one another, when the Dove is released in every home, community, every country.

The way must be prepared for those like myself to be able to manifest into physical bodies that we may feel the warm skin of our sweet Sister Earth beneath our feet. Only when mankind has prepared the way for their Elders, for the Ascended Ones to be able to breathe the air, to accustom to the energies and vibrations, shall Second Coming occur. It is up to each heart of your home planet as to when we shall walk the Earth.

Lightworkers, those who are awake and understand the process of creating their reality, understand how reality of Heaven on Earth is to be created. As consciousness is raised, more of like minds shall learn this also and begin to create their Heaven on Earth. We shall come as the icing on the cake. We shall come in honor of your co creating together what you perceive as Heaven on Earth. This shall happen. As in all other group endeavors, focus is required to bring Second Coming into reality.

When all hearts carry the pure intent of all walking together on Earth as One, the Second Coming shall indeed occur. The hearts and the minds of man must be responsible in their co creative powers. It shall happen as soon as humankind makes it happen. It shall happen as long as it takes to bring into manifestation.

Thoughts are the most powerful tool that a human has. Each one sees things differently. Some messages are indeed influenced by the messenger's own energies. You are all aware of how one's own desires can be influenced; messages are influenced by some messengers pre conceptions. Some wish for the Second Coming to happen, so their messages say this. For those, such as yourself, who are not concerned with when it shall occur, messages are clear, they are the true messages.

I am aware that the Second Coming has occurred within many. There are many humans who walk together with us, in this manner has the Second Coming occurred for these ones. This is an example to follow for all: heed my words, heed my actions, my Love, my compassion, all of my attributes. Live as a Christed One, do the work of a Christed One, speak as a Christed One, feel and behave as a Christed One. In this manner shall the Second Coming occur for more of you. When the Second Coming occurs in all humans, the Second Coming shall occur in the way that I shall walk with you all. I shall not be the only one to walk with you. There will be a tide of beings as we all walk side by side, hand in hand, brothers and sisters all, with love in our hearts , with peace in our hearts..

The message that I have brought you today speaks of the true ways of a Master. Wherever two or more are gathered in my name, a Second Coming occurs. It is not for me, Sananda Immanuel, to give any human a date, as I myself do not know the date. All events occur in Divine Timing. Our efforts in the last few years have moved more slowly that originally planned, therefore you are all already aware of how it all works. As consciousness rises, all else rises. Lift your hearts, lift your eyes, lift your consciousness in all the ways you have been presented with. You are all powerful beings. Now is the time to express your power, express your thoughts. Live Godly lives; in this way, all things shall come to pass. We are very close, each step brings Heaven closer to you.

If you could see with your higher eyes, you would see that Heaven is already here. It is only for you to accept this, understand it with your spiritual hearts and accept it into your lives. The gift has been presented, it awaits for your acknowledgment and allowance of it to grow in your hearts. We are here, Heaven is here, what more could one possibly desire.

Those who read our messages may interpret these messages differently. That is what is so unique about humans. All perceive differently. In other words, all believe what they need to believe at the time they read the information.

Not all have patience of a saint. Not all have learnt patience and understand that it is the journey that is so important. I would say to all, practice patience. It is a strong virtue and serves well. Allow others their realities, it is right for them. Use your discernment as to what is right for you.

Second Coming is imminent; first it must be real in your hearts and you must live it. Only then will I be able to walk with my Brothers and Sisters of Light. I AM Sananda Immanuel.

17th August: This will be a week of great consternation to many persons who have not been aware of the coming changes to your government. This will be a kind of a prelude to my Second Coming by having the restoration of the original constitutional government that was usurped in the 1930s. There will soon be a restoration of that document and it will benefit all mankind.

Many of those who are now in power will be dismissed from government. Some will be arrested and their actions monitored. Some who have stolen billions of dollars will not be able to exchange their ill-gotten gains with the new currency that will soon be announced.

There are many changes that will ensue, including the landing of the shuttles and the many flyovers that will occur. As you have been told, I shall come in the spirit with the landing of the shuttle from the starship Capricorn that will occur soon in Salt Lake City. That will be a major beginning for me in my Second Coming.

11th August: There are great activities progressing in the deliveries of the bank documents for, at least, four of the funding programs. I am pleased to report that good progress is being made, especially in the delivery of the bank documents for the long overdue Farm Claim Funds. I do not have as good a handle on the current activities for the distribution of the prosperity funds, however, there will be a continued progress until those funds are delivered, hopefully this week.

There is no longer great resistance for the delivery of these prosperity bank documents that there has been. There has been illegal attempts to control the deliveries that have been thwarted. However, it is a monstrous task to get these bank documents into the hands of the thousands of recipients and we do not have sufficient information to be able to tell you just when the deliveries will be sufficiently completed so that a public announcement of changes in the government can be made. However, we are assured that there will be a continuation of the deliveries until they are completed.

10th August: Some of us are already among you, some of the aliens that appear to be humans are already among some of your cities and helping prepare the way for the great changes that we shall bring to Mother Earth.

9th August: There are lots of changes that will soon be made in your government and there should no longer be government protection for certain actions that are taken for the benefit of the wealthy with complete disregard for the common folks. There is much that will be accomplished by My Coming, first in the spirit, and later in the flesh. We shall have a new world, a healthy world, a world where there is much more direct communication by many people with me and with other religious leaders by the use of telepathy.

8th August: 8-8-8 MESSAGE: through Lauren

Today is the beginning of the flood, the flood of cosmic energy of the divine which will distributed for all. Today we take special notice of the war in the Middle East. It is becoming somewhat of a travesty for even those who pay no mind to current events. This war will cease in the name of peace but it will take a strong force to reconcile affairs. That is what today represents. Today is the necessary flood of energy that will take the conflicts to new heights. It will be in this stream of energy that many will see their demise. It will be in this force of Light upon Earth that many will come to the end of their rope. What we offer humanity at this time is the virtue of transcendence from the evils of the world. In this way all will have the opportunity to decide what is moral and just.

Today will be the beginning of choosing what your destiny will be via your heart center. It will be for those of the Light to begin their service for those of lesser belief. We of the hierarchy are here to initiate those who are ready to take the leap into higher consciousness. We are willing and prepared to anoint each of you with your connectivity and power. We await your call, ask and you shall receive. It is a conscious decision to be in the Light and this will become evident to all who conquer and divide.

For those of you who choose the higher ways of love and peace, there will be great celebration. For those who choose to remain in the gridlock of 3D reality, there will be continued opportunities to walk forward out of duality. Gather your peers and talk of your choices. Realize the potential that each of you holds for a better world, one without war. As you engage in these talks of peace and joy, you emanate the frequency necessary to lend credence to the upliftment of man. We are urging each of you now to step forward, one at time or in groups to have your voices heard. Take to the streets or the newspapers, or talk at your dinner tables or with friends about the atrocity of war and what can remedy the world. Gather enough voices for impedance. Your power is in numbers, you have always known this. Utilize the combining power of thought with this special energy surrounding your planet to tamper with the grid. Utilize your strength of heart as you open your minds to the possibilities of the unknown. We will be inspiring you with ideas yet to manifest in your plane. An open mind will take you farther down the road with the power of the universe behind you. Each of you has the ability to tap into the vast realm of unlimited possibilities. So why limit yourselves to what you already know? Stretch your limits and quiet your mind and you may be surprised at what's presented to you.

My brothers and sisters, this 888 is a wonderful time to begin your new lives in service to each other and your Earth. Use the divine energy and inspiration to become what you have designed in your mind's eye. No need to wait for changes to commence for you to begin your missions, instead use your missions to begin the change. In the quiet of your mind, the seeds have been planted. Take hold of your dream and watch the seed sprout before your very eyes. All who offer themselves in service to the new world have already been given their mandate. Listen to your heart and it will tell you where and how to begin. We are offering support to all of you.

Lastly we wish to reiterate the purpose of the Lion's Gate portal. This opening was originally created to implement and anchor the ray of Christ consciousness on earth. It is a universal stream of intelligence that has seeded humanity for many years. In awareness of this opening available to each of you, you can utilize its opportunities by being active in your conscious thoughts. The energy has the ability to gather your thoughts rapidly and form them into matter in an instant. Choose these next few days to consciously bring to your mind the ideas that you wish to manifest. Use this energy to take you beyond your limits and visualize yourselves immersed in these realities in every way. As you gain access to the influx of energy you will find that you can hold on and ride it to your destiny.

I AM Sananda Immanuel and I offer you a gift on this special day. Do with it what you wish, as it is always up to you.

7th August: This will be a notable week, as had been so carefully planned for last week. It is our information now that there will be no further operations by the present administration to delay the deliveries of the various documents. There should be a notable culmination of events this week that will lead to the restoration of the Constitution of the United States. That will be a great historic day. Hopefully, there will be no actions to prevent that historic achievement this week.

There is then much that you will be able to do. First, use your best efforts to assure all of your friends and contacts that this change in government will be for the great benefit of the United States and its citizens. There will be some changes and some loss of jobs, especially in some government departments that will no longer be legally operated. There are expected to be big changes in the entire tax structure of the U.S. government. There are to be lots of funds that will be in circulation. That does not mean that there will be a uniform distribution of funds to everyone, however, there will be funds available so that there should not be any who would suffer due to lack of food, clothing, or shelter. Then we expect that there will be a great outpouring of love and help for many of the world's people. First, and foremost, there will be an end to war caused by the United States in its conquest for oil. In addition, you will be provided with funds so that you can achieve your goal of helping to change the way the world produces and distributes energy.

5th August: through Lauren
Today I have a missive to share with you by ways of energy in your realm. There are stories circulating of one thing or another and it is of great importance for those of the Light to remain centered and focused at this time. We of the hierarchy are urging our fellow workers of Light to heed this call, that to make amends with yourself is to make amends with your fellow man and is the only way toward the higher dimensions.

There have been untruths reported by circles in your communities and this should not be tolerated by those who wish to move forward in the Light.

This is not to say that those who engage in pointless rhetoric should intervene on behalf of the Light, but more to disengage, on behalf of the Light. There is a time coming when all will need one another, a time where those who reject our ways will be fraught with misunderstanding.

In these times to come, those of you who have endured the wait and undergone massive changes in your lives are those who are to set the example for others. We plead with you now to please detach from the uncontrolled energies that are flying around you and to allow all others to experience what it necessary without your impedance. Times right now are difficult for many, your efforts to remain neutral and stay focused on the outcome is most needed.

Those of you who find a draw to engage in the clashing of egos as they fight and swarm to remain in control will only take part of the energy that is desperately trying to release from your reality. This is not necessary.

In fact, it is hindering the process of transmutation. Attach not to those things that bring disharmony to your well being. In the end, this will have much greater virtue. It takes a strong faith to realize that the outworkings of the remaining egoic/personality issues that are being transmuted are separate from you. But they are. What you are releasing, individually and collectively is a long history of lower vibrations created by the human ego. To allow this to escape the earth at this time is imperative to the incoming energies that will replace them. This is why we remind you again this day, through our beloved channel, to release yourselves from everything that is not of the highest good for all. Vulnerability and humbleness is a great virtue, one to be especially proud to attain. Utilize these virtues and allow for yourselves to recognize the shadow in all of you. It is only there as a reminder of what you are not, for you are all Love and Light.

Your community is one of extreme compassion. Use this to your advantage and allow others to see your weaknesses as they too learn from your mistakes. All of you have something to gain from the misgivings of others, none of you are above it at this time. Take special notice of the things that bother you most and realize that the mirror for change is evident within the actions of those around you. This is the idea behind polarity, that in order to see yourself for who you truly are, you need to see the reflection of yourself in others. This is the path to self awareness, looking to others to see yourself in all. When you begin to notice the good in all, then you have found the good in you. You can only see what you are vibrating, so if you are seeing Light, you are emanating Light. If you are seeing fear, you are emanating fear. And so on. This is universal law and it is a divine opportunity to release all that is not in accordance with your higher self. Ponder this thought each day and be honest with yourselves, for only the truth will set you free. The truth of yourself is the truth of all. When you realize this on the deepest levels, you can have no enemies, for the only enemy lies within. If you are drawn to engage in the power struggles of the ego, realize that you are only competing against yourself.

My brothers and sisters, we realize that you are all being thrown into the fire of great change. This is happening individually and collectively and cannot be avoided. Use this awareness to help you realize what surrounds you. Utilize your inner sight to guide you in this time of external change. We are supporting you and showing you the way to freedom, but you must pay attention at all times in this last push of your current cycle. Use your skills of mental acuity to stay firmly aboard the rocking vessel on your turbulent seas. We will, of course, throw you a life-line if you fall, but that is only if you can recognize it. Times are chaotic, the energy is tumultuous. Stay in your space and know that the intensity cannot go on much longer. You have a saying that if you can't take the heat, to get out of the kitchen. The heat, my friends is boiling up from the last vestiges of the human and perilous ego. Stay out of your own way and keep focused on the truth and you will prevail. Know that not one of you is above the workings of this collective cleansing, but you are all capable of freeing yourselves from the chaos. This we have referred to time and again in these last days, for it is the chaos within that creates the chaos without.

I Am Sananda Immanuel and I am biding these last days with you. We can feel your pain and confusion but assure you that you are an arm's length from freedom. Keep your sights on the horizon and let everything that is not of virtue pass you by. We are watching over each of you with so much love for your endeavors and we are prepared to welcome you back home. Be in peace and praise yourselves for your patience.

4th August: Can you and your friends aboard the Capricorn use some influence to clear the way for the distribution of the bank documents that are so desperately needed so that the government changes can be made?

There are some limits prescribed for most of us. However, There are other great spirits who are determined that there will be no further delays and that the culmination of the financial arrangements can soon be made and announced.

2nd August: through Jess

The money changers in the temple have been routed. This means that the President has screwed up royally - or imperially - by not allowing the repatriation of the Leo Wanta money. This move on his part has caused the whole deck of card to collapse and fall flat. The process is now started for repatriation of the whole amount of 70 trillion dollars, which will affect the currency stability throughout the world. With one fell swoop - to use that expression - Bush has signed his own death warrant. The money is liquid currently, depending on hard currency from other countries to pay back money that has been illegally paid them. They must return the money, and they don't have it at this point in time. The rest of the global economic community is not happy. Suit has been filed and legal action will be forthcoming and followed through. This should bring down the President and his henchmen aides.

Will it? This is a question you must answer as a people. The distraction of the war and the attacks on Lebanon and Iraq have defused the attention of the public in such a way that the truth of the money scandals and the government involvement in the 9/11 attack has been ignored. This is coming out in piece-meal fashion, but not enough are paying enough attention to erupt in a groundswell of resentment and wish for change.

What will it take for this to sink in? What more must you do as Lightworkers to convince the public majority that change is beyond a conjecture? It must be acted upon and it must be implemented. We will help and we will provide the stimulus and the fuel, but you must take charge and act with us. You think we can do it all. We cannot resolve the issues you have created yourselves. You must act out your concerns and your scenarios that you have put in motion. This is your game plan and you arranged the plays for your own purposes. We cannot interfere in your own pathway. We can only offer help and sustenance, and an ability to improve your insight into the complexity of the situation.

This change you must do. The Lightworkers are setting the example and providing the ballast for others to begin moving. Their role is to hold the energy in place. Others must connect to that energy and become activated to fulfill their own purposes. They know this, but are not awake to the step that must come now. The example they must have will be the chaos that seems to break out. You must remain steady while explaining the transitoriness of the apparent reality for the future. This is the role you must play now. The drama is moving into another act and you must play your parts here.

The time frame is still operational. July was the month of final decision and August will be the month of activation. The references you read in messages are always contingent upon current circumstances. At the time they were said, the date was the most probable outcome. As soon as the date is announced, however, factors begin changing the parameters and the reality transforms into another with a different outcome. We work as faithfully as possible within a fluid scenario for physical realization. Our goal has not changed, only the interlocked passage that must be taken to get there. This is determined by your decisions. I've told you this before, and you must realize that the reality you see is the reality you have created. We are not your dimension, and we cannot interrupt the flow of the energy you have set in motion. We can instruct you as to the best direction, and even explain the outcome you should pursue, but we cannot take the steps for you. That is the role you have requested and have agreed to play out.

I speak for all of us involved in this transition into a higher dimension when I say that you have arrived at the gate and are now deciding how you will cross over into the new dimension of Light and energy. Some will not. Others will opt for a different route than the more direct one that presents itself. That is their decision based on their own life path and the purpose they are working toward. But all are welcome into the land of freedom and abundance that has been promised. The gate is open, and we are watching you approach and come through. Ask for our help even more than you have. Ask for our guidance. Ask for our understanding of you and how you can best find yourself.

This is all for today. Namaste. Lord of Nebadon and Planetary Prince of Urantia Sananda Immanuel Esu Kumara. I use all my names and titles as a closing signature.

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