Sananda on the SECOND COMING

September 2006

(updated on a daily basis - when there is NEW information)

26th September: There are some great events that are coming to help those who ask for health-giving assistance. Here aboard this starship (and I assume, aboard the other starships assigned to other parts of the world) there are a number of medical specialists who have specialized in human health control. For those few who can receive health messages from us or from the spirit world, there is a great emphasis on proper food preparation and consumption. In early days, mankind grew and consumed a large variety of meats. Their lives were considerably shorter than the lives of many people today. Mankind has learned the benefits of better nutrition, especially from the plant kingdom.

In those days there was not the ability to grow and ship commodities from various parts of the world to your stores. You were only able to get lots of fruits and vegetables during the growing season, although there developed a good deal of methods for storing, canning, and preserving fruits and vegetables.

It is of great benefit for health and vitality to abstain from eating meats of all kinds and to get your proteins from nuts and grains. That is my message for those who are ailing and desire to have the benefits of the healers that are aboard this (and other) starships. My advice to those who desire better health is to begin immediately to change the way you consume food. Avoid tea, coffee, tobacco, and liquors of all kinds. Then you will be better prepared for the visits from those healers who will come to help cure many of those who need their help. That is my lengthy preaching for you this morning.

How will those who desire to have medical help from the healers aboard the Capricorn make known their desires?

By prayers, or even better, by telepathic communication with us. As you know, I do my best to hear and answer prayers.

21st September: You are to be most pleased with the events that transpire this week and, if all goes well, will culminate in an announcement by your government of great changes to be made and in the restoration of your constitutional government. That will be a great boon for America and eventually for all mankind. In addition, you will soon have my Second Coming to be announced and which, I believe, will make a great difference in the way various religions are taught. It will be my privilege to be there with you in the spirit and, with the help of our dear telepathic friend, be able to provide some new doctrine to my many churches.

Then there should be a great effort that will be made to enlist the attendance and prayers of many more of those who deem themselves to be Christians. They will be taught that the Second Coming is soon to happen, at a time of my choosing. Your own church, will soon be aware of the soon-to-be Second Coming and, as promised long ago, I shall come first to Zion, in the flesh, before I go to Jerusalem.

It will not be widely known that I come in the spirit with the first shuttle landing which is soon to happen. It will be made known mainly to just a few of you. It is, of course, very important that our dear friend, who is such a good telepathic communicator, will be able to help me provide messages to many of my church leaders in your area. That will be a very important part of the preparation for my coming in the flesh. You will also be prepared to help me provide some messages to your church leaders, before I come to Zion in the flesh for a short time before I go to Jerusalem.

20th September: There will be a great amount of consternation among many when the new government program is announced. You should be ready to help improve the understanding of those many to whom the coming of shuttles from the Capricorn will be a surprise. There are many who will rebel and think that there will be an alien invasion of the country, of their homes, etc. You must assure all others that these aliens come in peace and that their only desire is to carry out the commands of the Galactic Federation to help clean up Mother Earth's atmosphere and some of her waters. You will need to be vocal and strong in your support of these aliens who will be soon coming and showing themselves to your country.

Be sure you are able to install the truth of the peace that will be brought with the arrival of these aliens who will be coming to other countries as well as North America (which is the assignment for the Capricorn).

1st September I shall be pleased to be with you in the spirit in the not too distant future. Then, later, at a time of my choosing, I shall be with you in the flesh for a time before I go to Jerusalem, but I have told you that before.

There are many things to accomplish to change the way your government must be changed. There has to be an era of peace. Peace must be declared in Iraq. The U.S. military forces must leave and allow those who are fighting each other to be controlled by their respective religious leaders. Mohammed will be the most likely to appear or at least communicate his desires for peace to his adherents.

Then the U.S. must be willing to become a peaceful leader and help many other nation's peoples to obtain sufficient food and water for the needs of their citizens. This is the role that the United State of America is intended to play on the world's stage. You have the technology, the wealth, and those who desire to help others. Soon it will be time for that part of our nation's leaders to do what is humanly wonderful to do, to help others who are less fortunate than yourselves. You will have the support of most of your citizens to carry out such a plan to help others.

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