Sananda on the SECOND COMING

November 2006

(updated on a daily basis - when there is NEW information)

17th November: There is much going on in your world today. There are great efforts being made to stop the distribution of the bank documents. However, the forces of good are also making strong efforts to get the bank documents delivered. It does appear that the deliveries will be completed this week. There is not such assurance, as yet, as to when the announcements will be made. It may drift into next week. However, in any event, there should be plenty of good news to make this coming Thanksgiving Day [in the U.S.] a memorable time for all to welcome in a new government and a return to constitutional government after so many decades of illegal usurpation of government powers.

The present administration will soon come to an end and be replaced by some who have the interest of America at heart rather than the interest of their rich friends.

Much of the doings of the current administration is already beginning to slow down and will soon come to an end. The new president will be in office as acting caretaker while new elections are called and held. Then there will be new laws to rescind some of the illegal laws that have been pushed into action during the past several decades. The United States and its citizens will rejoice at the return to constitutional government.

It will only be a few days, we believe, after the change in government before the new president will issue the orders to cancel the shooting down of any UFOs. That will be the beginning of great changes to come to this nation and its people by bringing the developments that are ready for us by the aliens who will soon come and be among us.

14th November: There are great events going on in your government that will soon be made public and cause a great deal of commotion. There are those who are aware of the coming government changes. However, there are many who will be greatly astonished at the government changes that will soon be announced. In addition, this is a great week for those who invested their funds, many years ago, and who will receive a great return on investment that is currently being made available to those investors.

Much of my doings here on board the Capricorn are involved in training others and in planning what I can best do to help humanity when I return to Earth in the flesh. There will be many who will accept My Second Coming and many others who will greatly question even My First Coming in the flesh. I shall have a great task ahead of me, when the time comes for me to return to Jerusalem and attempt to convince both Jew and Gentile that there should be one gospel being accepted by all religious organizations who accept God and His Redeemer.

However, that is My assignment. It will be a pleasure to begin my Second journey to Earth, in the flesh, at your church headquarters. It will likely be a great acceptance and a marvelous experience for those who have the opportunity to see Me and hear Me in the flesh after so many centuries of My absence, in the flesh, from Mother Earth. That is My thoughts for you this morning.

2nd November:

This will be a great week for you if our information sources are correct. There should be some kind of a government announcement by the end of this week. That will occur along with the announcement of the resignation of your president and vice-president. If our sources of information are correct, the current administration has done all they can to stop the culmination of the events that will lead up to the dramatic changes in government.

Your nation will be most surprised at the sudden great changes that are coming in you government. Also there will be the long-delayed distribution of the prosperity funds which will allow for much good and much prosperity to come to this nation of yours. Great changes for the better of all mankind shall follow the distribution of the prosperity funds and of the land-grant funds.

The present administration and those wealthy people who control the government, have, apparently done all that they can to stop or delay these final events that are a prelude to the coming government changes. It must be remembered that there are many wealthy and powerful people who are the investors in and the recipients of the prosperity funds. They, too, have powerful influence to determine the events that are progressing toward completion. Do not underestimate their power and their influence. I do believe that the culmination of the deliveries of the bank documents will continue and be essentially completed this week with the announcement from your government to be made.

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