Sananda on the SECOND COMING

December 2006

(updated on a daily basis - when there is NEW information)

22nd December: These are important and historic times that are evolving on Mother earth.

Do you know the timing of your coming yet?

Not for sure. There are final events coming that will soon allow for our planned shuttle landing ..... However, it is time for you to send the letters out to My many church leaders to tell them about the coming, in the spirit, and later in the flesh of Sananda-Jesua.

19th December: You will have an end to war, although how quickly the current forces can be withdrawn is open to some debate. There will be a great prosperity come about, especially in the U.S. and Canada, and this prosperity will spread throughout the world. There will be many new developments, both politically and economically that will, in general, benefit most of the citizens of the world. There will gradually come about a world of peace. War will be vigorously abandoned as a means of solving problems.

There will be great religious freedom and well as political freedom. However, it will take a few years for some of the "bad guys" to give up their control of their countries and restore some kind of a democratic government to their countries. The U.S. will again become a leader throughout the world in how a democratic government and people can properly administer and enjoy a freedom for all, or most of, its citizens.

December 2006
through Gillian MacBeth-Louthan


You have asked for me, you have cried to me. You have loved me and you have hated me. You have looked upon my picture with fire in your eyes and you have looked upon my picture with tears in your eyes, but always daughter/son, I have looked at you with love.

You get angry at me and those like me because we answer your questions not. We lay it not out as a banquet for you. We give you not the directions to the next step or turn. We do this because we love you. We do this because we know it is only through your own aggravations and your own sadness and your own trials and tribulations, that you will find the key to unlock the door to what has never been closed, let alone locked.

In humanness there is great frustration as one continues to forget their divinity. One takes everything verbatim and it sees not the energies between the vowels, the consonants and the words. It is what you do not see that holds the truth for you. It is what you cannot speak that gives you the answers that you seek, and it is those that have no love for you that give you the gift of the greatest love of all.

Look where nothing is. Look in between the breaths, the heartbeat, the sighs, the sounds of life for what you seek.

You enact as if reading from a script. You wear the garment that man has worn throughout time and that garment makes you act as man has always acted, react as man has always reacted. The humanness is given to you only as a cloak. There comes a time in your life that you must take that cloak off and see yourself for who you really are. The words of others, the infarctions of others, the injustices of others, can only adhere themselves to the cloak of humanness and will slide right off of the nakedness of your divinity. You are at that point of removing your cloak and knowing that what seems to be isn't.

I am everything that you cannot see. I am the space in between the hummingbird's wings, I am the silence in between the buzz of the bees. I am, as you are, everything inbetween. Earth is a playing field, an illusion, it does not exist truly. When you stay at a place inbetween for long enough, you will understand this. That nothing on earth can hurt you or adhere to you unless you allow it. That all of these things you have spoken of and worried about are but game pieces, and life is the game. You react to how this individual and this person moves their game piece. In every interaction you are given an opening and invitation into a divine lesson and into a divine truth.

Many of the individuals that you teach and that you love continually walk in a direction that seems backward or negative but once again it is not. You have put on the human cloak again and initiated the program of judgment. You are not here to save anybody. In reality you are here to learn for yourselves. You in truth are here for me, you are my students, you are my hope, you are my love.

I am in truth here for the father element, and the mother light. The God that you know of is even limited and is here as a representative for an even higher frequency of the universe. The word universe in itself is also limited. We are all separate octaves of the same light each one of us becoming a little more dense, a little bit more physical, a little bit more programmed, until one day the very densest part of the light, or what you have named as the light, remembers that it is more, and then the next level remembers it is more, and the next, and the next, and the next.

At this point in evolution and existence, humanity has remembered where they will dwell. You will look at your life and not react to it but just love it. For each situation you have given to yourself as a gift and you will unwrap it whether you unwrap it today or you unwrap it a hundred years from today, it does not matter. It is in this unwrapping that you will find yourselves. Even in finding who you are, you will realize that you are but one drop of light in the ocean of all existence. You are one conscious drop as the very molecular structure of your humanness is a conscious drop, as the earth herself is but a conscious drop, as your solar system is but one conscious drop. Everything chooses where it is at. It loves itself at this point and then it releases itself to become more. Have no expectations of this planet, for in your expectations you limit the outcome of what is to be. In your expectations, you create less than, whether it is an expectation of the weather, of me, of your students, of your loved ones. Just by expecting you create less than.

You are 100% responsible for you and your expanded awareness into more light and more thought and more love but you are not responsible for anything else. Always it is for you. It is for the divinity in you, it is for the Christedness, it is for the holiness in you. When you let go of that you do it for others, then you will have found the place of love. Then you will have found another room of the mansion and then you will have found what you so seek of this time and this place. All else is a creation of fears and of limitations.

If all humanity were to suddenly Remember, then this earth would disappear, for it would no longer be needed. It is but a 'place of remembering' and that is all. All livingness responds to your thoughts, your fears, your abilities, your inabilities, your limitations, your perceptions. Life gives to you what you think you deserve.

Allow me to come to you. I'm but a breath away, a hair away; come into my room. You invite me so often to come to you, come to me. You will not lose your humanness as you so think. Come into my section of the mansion, visit with me. Let me clear the hairs in your eyes away, that you may see clearly. Let me take the cataracts of your soul and polish them for you. Let me give you the contacts of new light that you so seek. Walk through your day with peace as I give it to you. The unrest within you is an invitation to me. It will disappear in a minute, if you will it and want it. Let go of preconceived ideas of who you are and why you are here.

We are all cut of the same cloth; we are from the same fabric of light. We paint our faces in disguise to appease ourselves and to please others. We put ourselves on pedestals to be above everything when the plane of existence is an equal plane. Do it always for you, the divinity within you, the Christedness within you.

15th December: You are very concerned about the timing of the resignation of the president of the U.S. I understand your concern. You know that this long-delayed resignation has to occur before we will be able to have the fly-overs of the shuttles from the starship Capricorn. I cannot guarantee just when there will be an announcement of the change in your government. We, also, are very anxious that it happens very soon. Our visit with you and the fly-overs are dependent on the same changes in your government. There must be a new administration for the removal of the orders to the Air Force not to try to shoot us down. We are very concerned and we hope that there will be the final resignations accepted even yet this week. However, I do not have complete assurance that this event will take place.

That is my message, or my lack of total information, that you seek.

12th December: There is soon to come some dramatic changes in your government. Then there will be a new administration and, hopefully, the new president will soon make the changes to the orders to the Air Force to try to shoot down any UFOs. Then our shuttles will be able to have the long-planned fly-overs and the few landings to show the world that we come in peace and are true aliens to your world (at least some of us). There are many activities that we plan to accomplish when we can land and be among you. Most important is that we shall help some of those who can and do call on us for our help.

As we have often stated, we come to help, however, we will not help anyone develop new weapons. There is to be a world of peace established and it will begin with our coming among you in North America. Then there will be other alien ships and peoples who are assigned to other parts of the world. There will be further landings and further help by we aliens, in many parts of the world. There will be peace. Our coming can be noted as being the beginnings of peace in the world. We shall use our best efforts to help those of you who are devoted to peaceful pursuits.

We do not see any further problems that will prevent our peaceful arrival and fly-overs. We shall have a shuttle land for a brief time, as you have been told.

5th December: There will soon be great changes in your government. The deliveries of the bank documents is proceeding, according to our Washington friend. Upon the near completion (70 percent) of the deliveries those documents, there can be the announcement of the NESARA program which will be of great benefit to nearly all people. That will be a great historic day when the government is changed back to the constitutional form that existed before the changes made during Franklin Roosevelt's administration. There will be many new topics that will emerge, especially in the changes that will be made in elections and in how the Congress of the United States is operated. These are great historic days that are upon us. You will be pleased with the final coming of these changes that you, and many others, have awaited for so many years.

Will these changes also help to provide the affairs that will allow you to come and be among us in the flesh?

Yes. However, I shall come among you, in the flesh, at a time of my own choosing and it will come as a surprise not as a known date. However, there will certainly be my coming not long after the restoration of your proper government.

3rd December: through Jess

The political changes are ready to begin. Why don't they, you ask? The timing is not yet right. The release of the money is contingent on the readiness of the players to remove the government. This means that the complicated scenario for removal must be in place completely in parallel with the distribution of the packets for certification of transfer of money and the preparation of the system for notifying all the recipients. The money has to be in place at the same time as the readiness of the coup participants to move. This is a scheme that is strung out and positioned all over the world.

There are international facets of this scenario that must be synchronized and coordinated. You saw the detail that would be connected with Lauren being a coordinator for the flyover. This scenario connected with the announcement is tenfold more complicated and intricate. You really can't conceive the intricacies that must be dealt with to put this all in motion. It is more than just an announcement that money is available and a new government will take over. There has to be the stability to back up the announced words and the maneuvers that will bring this all into play.

The idea is to have this completed by Christmas. Yes, I know this is now turning into another year of preparation and delay. But changes are taking place on levels and dimensions you don't see. Your visible evidence is unfortunately for you the last piece of the puzzle that must be placed in position. Your waiting and anticipation is stretched beyond what your current preconceptions are easily able to accept or tolerate. You must being to flow with the changes that are taking place around you and assume the steps are being taken to implement the final procedures necessary to install the new regime that is open to working with us. They are just about ready to materialize in your public perception. Again I can give you no firm date. This is all Michael's decision. We are all Michael's decision. The immensity of that idea gives you the scope of the details of this undertaking here on Earth.

The changes you seek are ready to manifest. Yes, the stage is set for it all to happen. It could be this week or next. It just depends on Michael's determination of absolute readiness. We wait his signal to begin our part of the event. Meanwhile, we are all working on laying the groundwork for the activities that will start once the announcement is made. We must be ready and in place so that there is a continuity that bolsters and augments the revolution in thinking that will be started with the official announcements of fiscal change and governmental renewal. It's a two-pronged maneuver, and both have to be ready so each can take place.

That is enough for today. Enough is enough, don't you think?

1st December: You will soon have a new government and there will be new elections called. The new presiding president will declare peace in the world and our military men will return back to the United States. There will then, hopefully, be no more killings of our young men and women in the armed services away from their families in foreign lands. You know what it is like to serve your country in foreign countries in times of war.

Much of the good work that can be done by our country for the benefit of the citizens of other countries will then become more likely to be accomplished. There will be much that can be done for the benefit of many people by helping to use some of the riches of the U.S. to help others. That will be a good thing for all of the world. In addition, there will be large amounts of goods, clothing, and food that will be donated and distributed throughout the world. Much of that distribution will be accomplished by church welfare programs. That will be of great benefit to both the receiver and the givers. Peace will spread throughout the world. Then there will be much that can be done by peaceful nations helping each other. Next there will have to be great changes made so that the earth's atmosphere is cleaned up, that the carbon dioxide is considerably reduced. This can only be accomplished by the elimination of the burning of fossil fuels. That will be a multiple-year project, however, it will be accomplished.

The distribution of funds is currently in process.

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