Sananda on the SECOND COMING

Part 7: August, 2005

(updated on a daily basis)

31st August: Your friend and mine is doing a wonderful job in getting the book printed that will be a prelude to My Second Coming. She will soon be asked to join in with my desire to use her voice to give specific messages to some of my church leaders and you will be asked to help with the arrangements. She has done a marvelous job and will require significant rest. It is not easy to do all that she has been doing.

We are all saddened by the floods and loss of life and homes in the Southern US. The only bright spot is that there will soon be the release of a large amount of funds which will help [known as "prosperity funds"]. There will be many of the recipients of these funds who will then donate funds to help restore homes and other property that was lost or destroyed by the huge hurricane. For those who need help, ensure that any of the relief agencies know about your needs. There will be many who will help but they would like to do more than just donate to one relief organization. Their help will come often in terms of around $100,000, which will go far to restore a home.

Contact some of your church leaders. I shall do the best that I can to get messages to the church leaders as to how they, in turn, can help to receive and distribute funds to their parishioners and others who need help. Remember there will be significant funds which are now being distributed and many of the recipients of these funds will want to help. That is the important message that I have today. Any questions?

Would it be appropriate to ask those who are not a part of any particular religious group to contact the local Bishop of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints? This church is known for giving help to other than their own members.

Yes, that would be appropriate. It is known that donations given to that organization are fully passed on to those in need. There is no percentage taken out for handling. Therefore, those recipients of the prosperity funds who want to help can make their donations made available to the local Bishop of any of the nearest congregations of this organization.

29th August: Great things are beginning to happen that will allow for the first shuttle landings, for my being with you in the spirit and then later for my being with you in the flesh. In the meanwhile there will be the announcement of the NESARA program and the restoration of constitutional government.

These events will be of great benefit for all people in North America and then spread throughout the world. There will be a great deal more prosperity and there will be a lot more sharing of your abundance with others throughout the world.

I note that you have been asked what you can do to help with the cleaning up of the arsenic water from wells in Africa. I shall help you in that regard by influencing those that are in control to get samples to you. In addition, your suggestion that the Church might help is good. I will use my influence to inspire some actions from the brethren and sisters so that there will be the desire to help. However, it will be up to you to show some of the church leaders that you can help. Correspond with church headquarters and see what you can do to let them understand your capability for processing water.

26th August: I shall be pleased to soon be there in the spirit and with the help of our dear friend, be able to get some new Gospel messages to some of my church leaders there in your area. I will be pleased to communicate with them, especially to have them begin to teach and to preach the truth of reincarnation, which is not only for me, but for everyone. You and all of the readers [of this message], have had past lives whether you remember them or not. In your next life you will also be able to remember much of this life that you are now fulfilling. You have been assigned to do a good work. You have responded to our call.

There is a great deal of confusion and worries among many of those whom you call the Illuminati. They are seeing that they are no longer to be able to become even more rich by continuing to take away the money from various sources. The war in Iraq was done to make more money available to them, both from military support and from the oil being obtained. There will soon be an end to their money-grabbing and an end of the war in Iraq and elsewhere. We shall soon have a peaceful, but not perfect, world.

Dear Sananda, thank you for your great help and service to all of us. We shall be delighted at your coming in the spirit and even more delighted when you return in the flesh. Is there anything special that I should do to ensure that we will be the recipients of the funds that we need?

All processes are underway. There will be a few banking days and your funder will have funds to wire to you. Check with your bank and ensure that there will be no delays in your being able to have access to those funds.

Additional Message:-
There is something that I wish to discuss with you and that is the Christian Churches. As you are aware, their minds are tightly closed. We will open them [the pastors] by referring to their own past. Yes, I will speak to each member there and will disclose to him some facts about his life that he has kept hidden. Then he will know that it is I who is speaking to him. This will make my efforts and your efforts with me much easier.

25th August: We shall soon be among you. The earth is to be visited by myself and by my ancient friends such as Mohammed. Together, in various parts of the world, we shall be working our instruments of peace so that there will be no further war. That is the end result of what we are coming to do. However, it will take time. We are not coming today. There is much preparation that is required before My Second Coming. You will be asked to help prepare the way by helping me get my message to many of my Christian church leaders. With the help of our dear friend, there will be new Gospel principles given to my churches, especially the principle of many lives for each of us as we grow, labor, obtain experience, and become more nearly what is needed to be a permanent celestial being. You remember two of your past deaths. After I come, you will be taught to expand your memory and remember other past lives. You will be surprised to find how you have been trained for the tasks that you are now being asked to accomplish. Through my inspiration you called yourself on a mission to "help change the way the world produces and distributes energy". Soon you will become my messenger to help me communicate with some of My church leaders until they have learned to become telepathic in their own right. Keep on with your prayers and your practice. You will earn a great reward for your efforts.

You have been living the kind of life that extends your health and vigor. However, we shall help you and increase your ability to work and serve. Keep on being a vegetarian. That is important. Keep up your prayers and your dedication to become the best available receiver for me.

24th August: There are great events that are now unfolding in this country that will affect the world. This is the day when the funds will be released that will be provided for your funder and which you will soon receive. I know how important that is for the work that needs to be done to help clean up the earth's atmosphere. It will take much of this decade to be able to get sufficient changes made in the way in which energy is produced for there to be a major impact and improvement on Mother Earth's atmosphere, however, it shall be done and you will be one of those who will help.

There is much to be done to get some of the new Gospel principles made available and instilled in the hearts and minds of my many church leaders so that new principles will be taught. The major change is the recognition that we have many lives so that we can have many experiences to further our growth and development. You have the choice of where and when you may come again to this or to another earth.

You will be coming back to this earth and this will be a part of a major increase in your intelligence and experience. You have been diligent in this life and you will be suitably rewarded for your good works. However, you have further good works to perform in another life to come. There will be many who will also return and some of them will be familiar to you. In the next life you will not be so removed from the mental contact with your spirit and your spirit's memory. That will allow you to provide some good tasks that will help those around you to have better lives. There will be obstacles to overcome, but that is life and that is how experience is gained.

23rd August : You are soon to be blessed with the funds that you have waited for so long. Then you can get to work and hire others to help you in your goal of "changing the way the world produces and distributes energy". You will have help in this important task. More important, for me, is the information of My Second Coming. Your help in distributing the book about My Second Coming is needed and I expect you to give that task some priority in your doings. There is much that can be done to promote the book. If possible, a person could be hired to help in the distribution of my book and other books that you may want to handle.

Most important is that you and our mutual dear friend be available to help me in communication with many of my church leaders who are in your area. Interestingly enough, there is a hive of religious activities among my many churches, more so in your area than in any other U.S. area. They are, of course, struggling to counter the attraction of your Church. We shall be sure that they also receive the information of My Second Coming. It will be hard for many to believe that this long-forecast event is soon to occur. It will be interesting to give them some new gospel to preach and teach. Thank you in advance for your help.

Dear Sananda, I shall do my best to ensure that your message gets to the people and the church leaders. There are lots of doubts about the season of your Second Coming. Do you have anything to offer on that aspect?

It is important that I get there, in the flesh, and be able to complete my work in your area and then get to Jerusalem to help promote the much needed peace in that area. It will be a great surprise to many that My Second Coming will so soon be an historic occurrence.

22nd August: We are very soon to complete our efforts to land and be among you. This is the week, FINALLY, unless there is some momentous change, that the NESARA program will be announced.

PEACE will be declared and then there will soon, thereafter, be the first shuttle landings. I will be there, in the spirit, with that first landing in your area. Be sure and tell your dear friend - of course she will ask and I will tell her, that her presence is needed for us to begin to bring messages to some of my church leaders in this area. You are to help facilitate such arrangements and ensure that the messages that I deliver through our dear friend's vocal cords will be recorded by you for proper handling and dissemination.

You are greatly concerned with funds, I know, and your prayers will soon be answered. You will have funds to work with before I am among you.

19th August: Dear Sananda, I am of the opinion that Moroni will soon blow his trumpet to announce your Second Coming. Do you have any comments on that subject or other topics for me this morning?

You know that the this is the season of my Second Coming and you know that I will not let anyone know of the day or the hour of my Coming until it is a fact to be witnessed by many. I will come with angels as prophesied. In the meantime, I will soon be among you in the spirit. As I have told you, I shall come in the spirit with the first landing in your area. And I expect that our dear friend will also be present. She is probably more capable of sensing my presence than you are. However, if you are not too mentally involved with the media and others, you will be able to also sense my presence even though you can't see me. However, it is possible that with your ability to see auras that you will be able to see my spirit body. I will try to make my aura more visible to help you be able to see me in your midst. Of course, no one will believe you if you point to me and say, "There He is."

You may want to ask your friend who has been able to see auras and the colors of auras for most of his life to be among the witnesses present. He will be able to see that I land and am there among you. That is my message for you this morning. There are important developments about to take place and be announced to the world.

Dear Sananda, will we be able to see some of the angels that are to accompany you in your coming?

Sananda: (with a smile) In the older days of prophecy when there was not even words to describe shuttles, aliens, etc. the word angels was used because the prophet was given a message showing that those accompanying me were flying through space. Only angels were known to be able to do that. Instead of saying that I would be accompanied by aliens from a starship, the word 'angels' was used. So I will be with some of my 'angels' and come among you. Later there may be many more 'angels' to accompany my Second Coming. My blessings on you. Continue your good works.

18th August: My message today has to do with the coming of the change in your government. This change or restoration back to Constitutional government is long overdue. The Dark forces that have worked mightily against this important government change are now through with any successful stopping of the NESARA announcement. That is the good news for today.

Thank you dear Sananda. I am most grateful to you. Are any of the leaders of my church aware of your Second Coming.

Unfortunately, no. There is too much dependence on ancient prophecies that I, and others, have changed. There will not be the huge destruction prior to my Second Coming as was told to church leaders and others. There is no need for that destruction any longer. We shall be coming in a much more peaceful way, I and my angels, so that there will be more rejoicing and not the travail that would accompany the previously prophesied destruction. However, the time and hour of my coming will not be disclosed to any. However, you and others know the season of My coming.

Thank you dear Sananda. You are most gracious to provide the time and information.

17th August: It is important that I arrive and come to work among those in conflict in Jerusalem. The Jews and the Palestinians are both My people and I must assure them that they are both loved and that they are meant to be brothers and not warriors. There are many who will challenge my ability to guide, direct, and teach them. It will be a challenge for them to accept the Second Coming, however, with God's help, it shall be accomplished.

My task, however, is first to help establish my presence among you and my many church leaders of the many Christian churches. Your valley is a good place to start and we shall soon be working closely with you and with your dear friend to help me in contacting and teaching those of my churches who will listen to my message.

The book, soon to be printed, will help in assuring many that I do indeed exist, that I will be coming, and have a message for my church leaders and, of course for everyone who will listen or read.

16th August: There will be many others who also will learn to become telepaths that I may have such persons available in many of my churches and is many of the congregations throughout the world. The time is soon coming when there will be a new earth which is being readied for its aggrandizement. Then there shall be many who will be in communication with me as the earth and its people grow and develop toward a more glorified earth and a more glorified and peaceful inhabitants. The old shall be left behind and replaced with new events, new information, and new messages for my churches throughout the world. That is the coming forth for the earth and for mankind.

Wars will cease. Peace will be restored throughout the whole world. Those who insist on being killers of men, will be transferred to a kingdom not of this earth and not a kingdom of glory. There shall be no place for rulers who destroy their own people or who steal and abuse their own people. There will be a new type of ruler and a new type of government in all parts of the world. There will be peace and more freedom. There will be sufficient food and education for all that all might share in the bounties that this earth can and shall give forth.

Dear Sananda, that sounds like the type of earth that will be the answers to many prayers. How long will it take for such an earth of peace and plenty to become reality?

It will come quicker than you think. The beginning will be made soon after my arrival in the flesh. I shall be with you for a time and then I shall go to Jerusalem and begin the peace-making that is needed in that part of the world. It is very important to know that other ecclesiastical leaders from ancient times will also be reincarnated and will be with me to help to prepare the earth for its new glory. You will hear much about the arrival of these great religious leaders in the near future.

15th August: There has been some delay in getting the NESARA program announced. However, my sources now tell me that there are no more problems and that the program will be announced this week. If those who are communicating with me concerning the NESARA program are accurate, then this should be the culmination of events that will greatly change the U.S. government and restore Constitutional government again.

The most important work that I have is to bring My Gospel up to date among the many Christian churches that use my name and believe they are preaching my proper doctrine. There will be some changes that will be required by me and you will help to get my message to those church leaders who will listen. Your and our dear friend's help shall be most important for me to communicate to those of my church leaders who will listen. Those who will not accept our invitation will be visited after I come in the flesh, however, it would be well for them to harken to my voice before I come in the flesh.

There is much to be done both now and later to bring peace to the world. When I go to Palestine, it will be a challenge to bring peace among the Jews and Palestinians. However, that is my assignment and with God's help, it shall be accomplished. There are many who will be devoted to my messages and gradually, there will be peace acceptable to all sides. In addition to my help, there will be some of the other ancient religious leaders who also will be commanding their adherents that peace is the way of the God that they all hold in common belief. Soon, at least within a few years, there will be peace established throughout this world and then this beautiful earth will take on further aggrandizement.

Will the other ancient church leaders also work with telepathic communication?

Yes, until they come in the flesh, as we say, then their voices shall be heard and can be heard, with the help of modern communication, throughout the world.

Thank you dear Sananda. We rejoice in the knowledge that you will soon be among us in the spirit prior to coming in the flesh.

12th August: There will be considerable news today about the 9-11 disaster and should culminate, at least before the weekend is over, with the official announcement of the NESARA program. It will be an important and historic time for you and all Americans. Then there will be the planned shuttle landing for the short-term first visits. I will be there so see if you can sense my coming.

I shall do my best and I expect that our dear friend will also be there and we can sense your presence. As you know, I do have to relax to receive telepathic messages from you. However, if you can, try to augment your presence by some increase in your spirit's appearance. At any rate I shall welcome you with utmost pleasure to know that you are among us for a part or a prelude to your Second Coming.

It will be an important time for all of us. There is much to do to prepare the world for my second coming. It is important to me that I can get your help and that of our dear friend to get my message to some of my church leaders before I come in the flesh. My time is important and I will not have all the time that I would like to have to be in Zion [USA] before I go to Jerusalem. Any delays will cause further loss of life in that part of My world. Please do all you can to help me in my meetings with the various church leaders of the other Christian churches.

Yes dear Sananda. I understand and will be here to help. We shall do our best to get our dear friend here also.

11th August: Dear Sananda, it is always with joy in my heart that I turn to have a visit with you. Thank you for being such a wonderful teacher and I pray that I will be worthy of the time and effort that you have spent with me.

There are many who would be most pleased to have the time that I have spent with you. However, you will have the opportunity to repay me many fold for the time I have taken to help you become a better telepath. If you continue to develop, as you are doing, then you will be my messenger and that will repay me for my efforts in helping you. As you know, in the times to come, especially after I go to Jerusalem, there will be a great and important reconstitution of some of my churches with the important role that will be given to those in all the congregations for members who have telepathic capability. This role will not be limited to the priesthood, the women in my church are just as important and just as ready to be communicants as are the men. So, do your best to get the message out, especially at the proper time, that I will be expecting there to be telepathic members who will serve as messengers to their own congregations so that my message can be specifically addressed to the needs and desires of my various churches.

There will be, I strongly expect, with my second coming, a revitalization in most of the Christian churches. In addition, my friends from other religious groups will also be coming back and there should be a world-girdling religious awareness that there is a Great I Am and that all should be willing to express prayers and gratitude for the Intelligent Direction that has been and will be given to earth and its inhabitants.

Dear Sananda, thank you for your time and patience. I will do my best to be your messenger. Do you foresee the release of humanitarian funds this week?

Yes. Unless there is some sudden and dramatic actions taken by the present administration, the funds will be released and other great events unfold this week and soon thereafter.

10th August: I am pleased to be with you. In your meeting last night, your announcement of my coming was met with much disbelief. I assume that you are not surprised. There will be many more who likewise will scoff at the concept of the resurrected Christ really being around and planning for a Second Coming. That is why it is important that, when possible, you and I and our good friend do our best to get me in communication with some of my Christian church leaders. It is time to tell them of My Second Coming and the changes that should be introduced into the various gospel messages of the various Christian churches. As mentioned before, the most important concept is that we have a series of lives, deaths, and resurrections. That is the way to personal growth, development, and a fullness of the spirit of man. This concept is true for some of the alien nations, especially where lives are relatively short. Some aliens live lives of many decades even hundreds of years. They can get their education and spiritual development in one life time. No so for man. You know that you can recall at least two past lives. You have learned in each of those and in several other past lives. What is needed is for your memory to be restored so that you can benefit from the events of those past lives.

Thank you dear Sananda. I shall be most grateful for the restoration of my memory. Is there some action that I should take to restore my memory of past lives?

After my coming, I shall see to it that your memory is restored. You have received word from your friend J. that you will be refurbished. That is correct and the time is not far off when that great event will occur for you and a few other selected persons. The concept is that certain selected persons will be refurbished so that they are rejuvenated and restored to normal middle-age health. The concept is that those selected have some special assignments that should be continued. In your case it is to continue with the messages from the aliens and from me that will be of importance for you to continue to receive and distribute. In addition, you will be coached to teach more about My Second Coming and the new gospel principles that should be included in the teaching of My Gospel to many different Christian churches. That will take some doing and you will need your full health to continue in that work. That is also true for our dear friend. She, too, will be refurbished. In fact, some of that [refurbishing] has already been accomplished.

9th August: Dear Sananda, it is with pleasure that I greet you this morning and wish you a belated Happy Birthday, yesterday! Do you have a message for me this morning?

A simple message to begin: You will soon have your funding and I shall soon be with you in the spirit. My blessings on you and your dear friend whom, we expect will soon be coming to join with us in your valley.

There is much consternation about the combination of events that are happening and scheduled to happen. Your president is soon to be out of office. Already his case is before a federal court. His and the vice president's role in the bombing of the World Trade Center (9/11) will soon be public knowledge. There will be a lot of unhappy people. However, on the good side will be the soon-to-occur announcement of the NESARA program and the restoration of constitutional government. That will be of great benefit to all of us and will make my task of communicating with leaders of my churches a lot easier.

Much of the tasks, that we shall accomplish together, will be the knowledge that there is the Second Coming and that many religious leaders must become aware of that fact and begin to tell their adherents about the Second Coming that will soon occur and that it is not just a biblical story sometime to happen event. The time is soon coming and during this interim it is my desire to get some of the new gospel messages to some of my church leaders. Especially important is the concept of eternal life and the gradual development of the spirit, both human and alien, for having many lives and learning many things to prepare each person to become as gods knowing many things. You yourself have much to learn and a part of that learning will be some restoration, after I come, of some of your lost memories. That will help to restore to you a fuller understanding and use of your spiritual self along with your current human mind and body.

Thank you for your teaching me. Do you have information about the final distribution of the prosperity funds, specifically, do you have any information about whether there can or will be future delays?

To the best of my ability to ascertain, I believe that there are sufficient barriers put in place now, so that the deliveries will finally be made beginning today. I am not omnipotent and there is a large group of humans who are driven by greed and will do all they can to stop the deliveries of the bank documents. However, if there are any further delays, the delays will be met with very strong efforts to remove any barriers. Sudden changes or sudden ideas can be implemented very rapidly at times, therefore it is difficult to absolutely ensure short term deliveries. However, the deliveries will be made, even if there are some unexpected delays. That is my message.

8th August: Here on the Capricorn are several reincarnated humans who will be coming and will greatly surprise some of their family members. This activity is, in part, a religious exercise, so that the churches will know that there is reincarnation of more than just me. That is an important concept. Each of you shall have and have had many lifetimes of experience to develop yourself. Further lives for many of you will be needed to fully develop that enormous capability of your mind and spirits. There will also be a much further interest in telepathic communication, which has been much too dormant in your society, especially in the West. So there will be much to learn and some new concepts. There will also be a revitalization of churches as the truth of the Second Coming is more fully realized. That will be of great importance to My Christian churches. And those church leaders who fail to accept and understand the new doctrine or fail to recognize me in My Second Coming - those churches shall diminish and vanish. That is my message today.

Dear Sananda, thank you for your message. How soon can we expect there to be world peace?

Soon after My going to Jerusalem, there will be other ancient leaders and together we shall install peace among our many adherents. For those who war for economic rather than religious reasons, they shall be removed so that peace will be restored worldwide. So within a year there should be a much more peaceful world.

Thank you dear Sananda. We shall greatly welcome your coming and the world peace that will follow. Many of us are sick of the unnecessary killing.

5th August: There is not much longer now, according to the best information that we have and we shall be landing our first shuttle show-and-go landings. However, dramatic new decisions on the part of the Illuminati (as you call them) does make it difficult to provide short term exact information.

There is much to be done by you and our good friend to help me in my communication with a few of my Christian church leaders. It is important to me, and will be important to those who are members of those churches and who pray to me, that they learn more about the true nature of My Gospel, especially that I am not the only one to be reincarnated. That will be a strong and new lesson for many of my people. However, that message must get out to all of those who call themselves Christians. That message is important. That is where I shall expect some help from you in making those arrangements. Will you be available for that assignment?

Yes, Dear Sananda. I shall do my best to help.

There are other Gospel topics that also can be provided that suit the nature of the church leaders with whom I provide a message through our good friend's voice. These messages will be different for different church leaders, preachers, etc.

With your continued prayerful consideration, I shall be able to help in various ways to ease the transition from your current survival mode to a full-scale excellent laboratory operation. That will be one of the blessings that you will receive. And while on the topic of blessings, your friend and ours, Michael, shall also be blessed for his dedication to get messages from the Capricorn out to the world on the Internet.

Thank you dear Sananda. We rejoice at your compliments for our efforts. Do you have any suggestions about the publication and release of the book "Moroni Sounds the Trumpet"?

The book will cause quite a stir among the members of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints. It is best to get the book into every book store that will handle the book in centers of Mormon population, especially Salt Lake City. It will soon find its way into the hands of the Quorum of Twelve. My message in that book is clear enough and should awaken a great desire among some of these higher ranking apostles, etc. to meet with me and welcome my Second Coming. So do your best to get the book distributed. It will be up to the author to determine the best method for the publication of the book. You should continue to offer your help to get it published.

4th August: There will be many whom I shall want to contact with your help and with the help of our dear friend Angela who is such a talented receiver. I would like to make some real progress in having the concept of reincarnation being taught as a major gospel principle. There is a great lesson to be taught: that we can and do live many lives; that we can grow and progress with each life experience; and that we can grow to be as gods (small "g") as we progress through various stages of more nearly god-like attributes. You yourself have had experiences that have molded you for this task. However, your memory of all but one or two past lives has not been restored to you. At the proper time you will be able to recall many past lives. Our dear friend has achieved the ability to remember much of what she has experienced in past lives. That is not to mean that you were any great and glorious historic being. It just means that in a modest way, you were being prepared, if you qualified, for this time and this assignment.

Actually, there were others who were also prepared to meet the requirements for being a messenger for me. However, they failed to develop and you, with more modest capabilities have been prayerfully and honorably endeavoring to become the messenger that I shall need. My blessing on you for your efforts in this calling. There will come a time when even your neighbors (said with a smile) will understand and accept you for what you are and not as one who has lost his marbles. That is my message for you this morning.

Dear Sananda. I shall be most grateful to be of some help as your messenger and to help you communicate with your various Christian Church leaders. Will we be able to get their serious attention?

There will be precious few who will listen. But they will be richly blessed for their understanding and for teaching the new principles which shall be given to them. There is a new day dawning for all Christian churches who will recognize that I am here again to be among them for a time. There should be much rejoicing in that message and with your help, and that of our dear friend, we shall get the message to some for their betterment and for their enrichment.

Thank you dear Sananda. We are blessed with your coming both in the spirit and then in the flesh.
[Note: Sananda has agreed to talk in my church, with my introduction, so that my neighbors will understand that I have been having real life experiences and have not just become addle-brained in my old age.]

3rd August: There will be a time in the near future when these daily communications will no longer be a regular event. I shall soon be among you in the spirit and will be busy working closely with your dear friend and mine to help in the communication with some of my church leaders. It is important for me to get as many as are willing to hearken to my voice, to begin to spread some of the new doctrines, especially the knowledge and teaching of the capability of all souls to have additional life experiences. This is such an important doctrine that has not been preached in any but a very few Christian churches. You will be able to help me in this endeavor.

(Said with a smile) Your time for restitution among your neighbors is coming when I speak at your church services and you get to introduce me!

That is my message for you this morning. Keep in close communication and I will have some important news for you.

Dear Sananda, will your Second Coming (in the flesh) be readily received by your many Christian church leaders?

I would like to think so. However, it will be only with some final, grudging acceptance as the truth of my Second Coming spreads through various churches. Then there will be a gradual acceptance. Perhaps after I go to Jerusalem and am active there in helping to restore peace among Christians, Jews, and Palestinians, there will even be an acceptance in Rome of my Second Coming (said with a smile).

2nd August: Good morning, I will require some of your services to help me in corresponding with some of my church leaders. There is much that I desire to inform my church leaders about. Paramount in my teaching will be the reality of reincarnation and the ability that you have to exist in many lives, both on this and other planets. You yourself recall one of your past lives where you were killed by an Indian arrow in the stomach and in this life you developed an ulcer there. When you learned the source of that malady, it immediately went away. Our past lives can affect us. However, there is now coming a more improved understanding of the nature of reincarnation and the experiences that we can have through many lives. As we grow and develop through these experiences that we accumulate, then it prepares us for a spiritual advancement into the higher realms. You yourself already are aware of some of your family on the other side. You are in communication with your past wife and with your mother and daughter. That is, I am sure, of some degree of pleasure for you.

There will be many others who will benefit from learning to communicate with dear ones who have passed on. There are over a million grieving spouses and parents that have lost their loved ones due to this unnecessary conflict in Iraq. Some of them will learn to communicate with their loved ones. The teaching of telepathy is the start for such communications. Your friend and mine, Angela, will soon have a book published on how to learn to be telepathic and communicate mind-to-mind. Many of you who will read this will want to get that book and learn to become telepathic. just as you have done. That is my message for you this morning.

Dear Sananda, thank you for your patience with me as I have struggled to be a more perfect telepathic communicator. Do you have any suggestions for those who would also like to learn to communicate with you?

If you can, join a group that is formed to learn telepathic communication. There will be several such groups and they will be based on the work of myself and Angela. There is more progress that can be made when you are sharing experiences with a group than when you are trying to become telepathic by yourself. That is my suggestion.

Thank you dear Sananda. We greatly appreciate all that you are doing for us and we look forward to your coming in the flesh.

[Note by Telepath: I had been practicing relaxation and a method of communicating with my "mind, body, and spirit" when I first was introduced to telepathic communication by Angela. I found that all I had to do was to focus my attention (when fully relaxed) outward instead of inward and I began to receive words or concepts in my mind. It has taken many months of practice, but I can now receive messages with a good degree of accuracy.]

1st August: (final message through Candace) With great love to All that read these messages, I AM Sananda Immanuel, and I come to you today with a message. Unless a future update becomes necessary, this is my final message of this project, started 2005 01 31. Candace is, as we have said before, an active sitting member of the Second Coming committee. The very good news is that we got a significant portion of the prosperity funds delivered to the major participants over the last couple of days, and it will not be long now until the NESARA announcement.

With the "Enough is Enough" message, star warriors went into active battle with the Illuminati who are nearly decimated now. In this I mean the military aligned with the Illuminati is about out of their power. We have taken out many of their flying saucer machines, and many hi-tech weapons of the laser type that are portrayed in your science fiction films. Although we had disabled the saucers some time ago, we re-enabled them, and set some fine traps, and the Illuminati fell right into them, guns a-blazing. We did lose a few of our craft, as these were intentionally made as targets to draw their fire.

After the NESARA announcement, our plans continue to have space-craft landings in the USA. Some media personnel, if brave enough, will be allowed aboard the Capricorn and other ships to film the interior, shake hands, then put this out on the local evening news.

I ask everyone who reads these messages to be a resource to those around you. Many servers have been set up around the world with NESARA information in a variety of languages [for example: NESARA INTERNATIONAL and worldwide website addresses].

Shortly after the Second Coming event, we hope to have many websites with Faster than Light Technology connection to participating star ships. It will take time to get it fully established. The big ships cannot land on Earth, the gravity would be affected, but e-mail services will eventually include many ships 100 million miles or more away. There will be ways to contact the Galactic Federation headquarters on Mars also. Websites will be created by various ships, with information on where they are from, and about how their peoples live.

Those of you who are star persons, even back to 2000 years ago, should be contacted at some point over the next several months by ships here from your planets.

We are again seeing an increase in the work of the Illuminati in interfering with the announcing of the Second Coming. Remember one "AHN" of a few months ago, putting out material to debunk our work? This is a high ranking CIA project, meant to divide you, with some success. We have seen a great increase in the mail, and on several forums, of the presence of CIA types, posting messages to draw you away from our work.

We have put up with many such problems since the work of the Phoenix Journals in the '90s. We were often called the Anti-Christ, in part because the material was very straightforward, giving the actual knowledge deprived of Earth's peoples. There are 200 unpublished journals in preparation at this time. Not everyone desires to read by computer, nor have a computer online. The Phoenix Journals also expose the games of the Anti-Christ.

The Anti-Christ steals a great deal from this work we are doing. There is the time spent in defense of this project, our pre-announcement of the Second Coming. I remind all of you, that in early April, Christ Michael delivered the Stand-Down messages to those in power. These papers had the seal of Nebadon on them, and still the Illuminati did not withdraw, they increased their plans. If they would just wave the white flag, all would be over.

But again, in the waiting, we prevent problems after the Second Coming. There were the plans of the Illuminati to continue their influence on Earth afterwards, from behind the scenes. The humanitarian funds would have been much enjoyed by them. There were the plans of many small bombings to continue the fear and establish rejection of NESARA and the Second Coming, and these many plans are now exposed and interfered with.

The wait has been well worth it, in the bigger picture. I am personally satisfied with our pre-announcement project: it brought the Illuminati out in droves, exposing themselves. We gained a great deal of intelligence from it, and destroyed many of their plans. We were able to determine the weak points within the White Knights by sending 25,000 star people to Earth. Many work in the darkest corners of the world, preparing our way. I say our way to remind you that the Second Coming is all of us, including each of you! The way will now be smoother.

I am asking all of you to get back to your serious dreams and planning as our events unfold. Be in peace of the process that is working so very well, even though we have delays. All in God's time, as the expression goes. Time is of the essence, the Earth will be in the photon belt fully year around later this year, and the effects increase. We must be about our Father's work, my friends, and not be caught up in Anti-Christ games.

Namaste, Sananda Immanuel

1st August: You shall soon be visited with some of the crew from the Capricorn and I will be there with you in the spirit beginning with the first landing in about two weeks from now.

There is much for me to do to try to contact the leaders of my many churches who use my name in their churches but who do not always have the right spiritual contact to be communicating with me. I will do my best, with the help of my friend Angela, to get a message to at least some of my church leaders. The message will be, in part, that there is to be taught the concept of reincarnation. Jesus Christ is not the only person to be reincarnated. Many of you have lived past lives but fail to understand the concept. There is what might be called eternal progression, which can be helped by a series of lives and different experiences in those lives.

You, for instance, have had a small child that died in infancy. She will return to have another life and she has had previous lives. This was a progression on her part to explore the vicissitudes of a short time and dying from a liver disease.

There is nothing unusual in the lives that you are now living except that you are now living in times when the fulfillment of some of the great religious prophecies are going to happen during many of your lives (those who will still be here to enjoy the changes that will accompany my second coming). It will be of great interest to many to actually be here for the second coming and for some of you to have the personal experience of talking to or working with me.

There will be those who will immediately rejoice at my coming. Unfortunately, it will take some doing, on my part, to convince all of those church leaders that this is indeed the second coming and that there strongly needs to be those who will learn to communicate with me telepathically. I have not had a good telepathic person available since the early days of your church. However, I have been successful in properly influencing the behavior [of my leaders] and the growth of the church has been satisfactory.

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