Sananda on the SECOND COMING

January 2007

(updated on a daily basis - when there is NEW information)

29th January: Gather your best men and women about you. You have a great work to perform. It won't be long before you will be welcoming my coming to visit with your country. You will be pleased to witness my Second Coming [first, in the Spirit] and you will have some of your friends there to also be witnesses of this long-planned, historic event.

26th January: The funds that you are to receive are now in the banks and those who have promised to fund you will be able to have access to their funds, essentially immediately. You may want to contact those who promised to buy shares in your company and tell them that the time is correct for their investments. It will take some doing, however, your efforts should be directed toward the development of the charge-cluster technology as rapidly as you can accomplish the task.

25th January: It will take many years of changes and developments and marketing of the new-energy devices, using the charge-cluster technology that you have been given, to be able to again have a less-polluted atmosphere for Mother Earth.

24th January: Your president has told the nation (last night) what his administration will try to accomplish this year. What he has not told the people is that his group, his controllers, are stealing vast sums of money that has been and is being paid into the government. It is not long before that information will be made known to your country and there will be the resignation accepted of your president.

A large return on investment has been achieved on the prosperity funds that were invested many years ago, and these funds will be distributed to the owners of these funds.

22nd January: You will receive some notable help from some of us on this side of the veil. However, there will be some of us who will be closely affiliated with what you are doing and the two crew members from the Capricorn, who will be working with you in your laboratory, will have all the answers that you need for the development of a new-energy device to help change the way the world produces and distributes energy.

19th January: There is much good that can be done in this world with the development and commercialization of the new-energy devices that you have been developing. Tapping into the vast energy of space is an excellent method by which low-cost and plentiful energy can be provided to help many people. In addition, and very important, is the fact that the production of this energy can be accomplished with almost no pollution. That is in great contrast to what you have now. And you will receive help from us on this side of the veil to develop and commercialize this new-energy technology.

17th January: It is with great pleasure that we are witnessing the final distribution of the bank documents [related to the Prosperity Funds and Farm Claims] to the thousands of recipients of those funds. That process is being scheduled for completion this week. We trust that there will be no further delays. Then there will be great announcements of the return of your government to constitutional government as it was supposed to be. That will make America, again, a leader among nations.

However, it will take some time for your country to make amends for all the wrongful actions that have been taken. There will be an end to war. America no more will be the warlike nation that it has become. War will cease, gradually, throughout the world and that will help to usher in an era of peace that has been forecast for many decades.

I shall be most pleased with the peace that is to come to this world. Hopefully, peace will be coupled with an outpouring of help to many persons who are hungry. Is that to soon to come to pass?

That will be one of the great issues that will allow your country to help in saving the lives of many children around the world. Your church will be strongly involved in just such an operation of helping to provide food and clothing for many peoples, as they have been doing. However, there will be a great new effort made and plenty of food, and clothing will be made available for distribution.

16th January: This is a long-awaited week for all of us. This is the week that will see the culmination of the deliveries of most of the bank documents to the thousands of recipients. You will be highly pleased at the results.

Much of the planning and diligence from the crew here on the Capricorn is in anticipation of the coming announcement and distribution of funds. As you have long been told, that will culminate in the removal of the Air Force orders to try to shoot down any of the shuttles. Then there will be the long-awaited landing and fly-overs. I shall be there in the spirit with the coming of one of the shuttles to your valley.

We shall be ready and we will welcome that event and your coming. In our opinion that will be a great historic event and some of our group have already decided that there must be a marking stone or monument where people can come and say "Here is the site of the first landing of a shuttle from the Capricorn." I think that will be a great thing to happen.

When I come in the flesh and go to Jerusalem there will be established a means for several ways to communicate with me. You will still be able to communicate with me by telepathy. I can make some arrangements for such telepathic communication to occur at a specific time, especially soon after I return to Jerusalem and am able to make some progress in resolving the issues that separate me from many of the religious leaders there.

15th January: There is much good that can be done in the world with the correct application of science and religion. There has been, as you well know, a great deal of controversy about science and religion and for science to remain aloof from many concepts of God. However, there are a lot of scientists, like yourself, who are both scientists and religious advocates. You have no trouble of reconciling science and its progress with your belief in God. In fact, you pray that you will be helped by God in your scientific endeavors.

There will soon be a great deal more emphasis on allowing some concepts of deity to be a part of your scientific world. My coming, first in the spirit and later in the flesh, will make quite a stir among some of your scientific friends. That will be an interesting time and I shall enjoy seeing what science can do to handle the real me.

9th January: You will soon be aware of the final activities that must take place before the first fly overs and landings of shuttles from the Capricorn can take place. There is not much left to be done now, expect for the government changes that will bring about the removal of the Air Force orders to try to shoot down any UFOs. There are many sightings of UFOs, in various parts of the world. Of course, as you know these sightings are denied by most of the European nations and by your government.

There will continue to be more of our shuttles, and the shuttles from other Mother ships, that will be flying over various parts of the world in preparation for our coming among you in peace and to help change Mother Earth's polluted atmosphere. That will be a great culmination for us with our assignments from the Galactic Federation. We shall be highly pleased to be among you and helping to clean up the atmosphere and some of the waters.

There will be more fly overs of our shuttles especially where there is the correct weather to assist us in being able to fly over and then disappear in the sky before the Air Force jets have been launched to try to shoot us down.

8th January: There will be a world-wide effort that will culminate in peace, in the coming of more space aliens to help in various countries, and the end of war. War will no longer be tolerated, just as we have not tolerated the use of atomic weapons of any type. There will be peace and our various crews from various ships will ensure that the peace is established and preserved. You are soon to live in a peaceful world. That is the world that I will be coming to visit in the flesh . That will be a much better environment for my services and my duties to the peoples of this planet.

Be of good cheer, funds will soon be available.

4th January: You will soon be able to take my messages to your church leaders. You will want to get the letter out to the church leaders that you have prepared. Now is the time for that to be done
(NOTE: addressed only to this particular receiver, not readers in general!)

Much of the work that needs to be accomplished to make a great change in your government is now underway. If my information is correct, this will be the week for the completion of the changes that were begun many months ago and have been prevented by actions of your top government officials.

There should soon, hopefully this week, be the announcement of the acceptance of the resignations of your president and vice-president. That will be the welcome sign for there to be a restoration of constitutional law in your country. We shall be most pleased to have that happen. America shall again, after some demonstrations of peaceful intent, become a leader among the nations of the world. That will be a joyous occasion for all of the citizens of America.

How soon do you think there will be a change back to our original constitutional law here in the U.S.?

If my information is correct, there could be an announcement as early as this weekend. However, there is also pending an announcement of the change in your currency. Which will be first, we are not able to determine as yet.

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