Sananda on the SECOND COMING

February 2007

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27th February: You will be pleased at the events for this week, if our information is correct. I have had incorrect inputs, from my sources, just as you have had. However, it is apparent that there should be the culmination of the deliveries of the bank documents to the many recipients this week.

Although I will be coming, only in the spirit, with the first landing in one of the shuttles from the Capricorn, there will later be my coming in the flesh.

That will be, as you know, a most important and long-awaited event. There are many of my Christian churches who will soon be instructed on some new gospel principles so that there will be some degree of uniformity in their teachings to their members.

For your church, the most important change will be the concept that each person can have a sequence of lives. That should become a welcome doctrine for your church leaders to teach.

21st February: - through Lauren

It's Feasting Time -Sananda and the Spiritual Hierarchy

Blessings, beloved. I have come with great tidings. It is high time that those who have sacrificed for the all of humanity be granted their wishes. We of the spiritual hierarchy are present with you today to ensure this message is heard by many. What we wish to convey is of the highest order, of pressing concern for all.

The changing of the guard is about to present itself in your physical dimension. The many and courageous minions of truth have forced the Light to the final breaking point and now before you lies the fruits of your hard-earned labors.

What we would like to address, especially to the people of your nation, is that the coming changes will have great ramifications for all. The spill-over effect from the many institutions of corruption will have far reaching effects into the daily lives of many. This opportunity that is opening before each of you presents many options and opportunities for those who walk in the Light. The most beneficial aspect will be the freedom of the people of Earth followed by the cessation of wars abroad. Those who follow the Light will be greatly bestowed upon and have important work to do for the restoration of an aching planet.

The time for many great deeds is afoot and before each of you lies a divine portal to the manifestation of your dreams. If you follow the path of your heart, you will assuredly receive thy bounty in earnest. Coming shortly is a bestowal of grace upon humanity, the unprecedented Light of truth that will uplift and unite all. Rule your strong-will with a fist of iron and allow no lower vibration to pull you down: it is feasting time. Much change is ahead and it will be for the benefit of every American to surrender to the goodwill of man. With wealth available, many of you can finally make the changes you have sought so diligently: may the fun begin. It will be a time of adjustment for the masses, who are unprepared, but this will undoubtedly be your time to shine in glory. This is the time to have your voices heard and your trumpets will indeed sound.

We have information to share regarding how changes will begin to manifest:

There will be a new law in effect rather quickly that will allow for the complete and total elimination of debt due to the corruption of your corporate and government fraud. This law will be enacted to begin a true declaration of independence, coupled with the resurrection of the original American constitution.

Following these changes will be the fulfillment of monies due to the recipients of prosperity funding. The monetary exchange rate will level out with the implementation of a new system that is already in place and ready to be made public. This new monetary system is also designed to balance the economy and reduce inflation.

Regarding taxation of labor, no labor shall be taxed as per the original constitution. The abiding and lawful citizens of this country have been lied to in demeaning ways and the faith of humanity has been compromised due to these illegal labor laws. The tidal wave of truth has already begun to wash upon the shores of the unjust and it is just a matter of tipping the scales before all hell breaks loose, in a very literal sense.

Now in the days of truth and integrity shall the new reign of Lightworkers unite to reestablish order in the land. The uniting of these families will result in massive and swift change for the better. These changes will be the necessary steps that have been repressed and ignored by government officials. There are soon to be many technological advances made to ensure the rapid recovery of your Earth and the uniting of fellow man. These changes have been ordered from on high and in some cases have already been instituted. The coming prosperity will ensure the proper avenues open to those who have been held back in vain.

Once the government changes are properly instituted, there will be many available options for each of you. Options you may never have considered before will suddenly avail themselves and fill your lives with great freedom and joy. Life is meant to be abundant and there is plenty for each of you to fully inhabit the richness of Earth's pleasures. Take time to re-evaluate your forward movement and be sure to examine all possible scenarios, for there will be rapid movement once these changes are in place. We recommend using this now time to fully realize your plans. The coming months will be swift and energy will flow with rapid force. Utilize your tools and talents to put the pieces together in a way that suits your highest potential. Now is the time for making dreams real.

I Am Sananda Emmanuel with the Spiritual Hierarchy and together we offer this news from on high. A great thrust of change is at the fore and all the preparation has served each of you well. Let go of all outdated thought systems and embrace the new way with joy in your hearts. This is the advent of the Second Coming and each of you have served your brothers and sisters well. Blessings and good fortune abound. Adonai."

14th February:
This will be a special Valentine's Day. There is about to be a culmination of events, hopefully that will culminate today, that will make the beginning of great changes to be made in your country and reverberate throughout the world. There is much good that will be done by the reconstituted U.S.A. when the NESARA program is announced and proper constitutional government is restored to the United States. That will be good news for nearly all of the people of America. Funds will soon be made available. That will be good news for you and for many others.

Much of the doings that are going on in your government will soon be dramatically changed. There will be the resignations of your president and vice-president and the announcement of a new president. Then there will be the end of war in the Middle East. Then there will be the distribution of funds to many people, in addition to the prosperity funds that are now being distributed to the recipients. Much of the funds that will be used will come from sources that have been hidden away illegally by some of those in control of the government. For example, the privately-owned Federal Reserve System will be abolished and funds kept by those owners will be returned to the U.S. for proper use.

To help in these events there is some need to assure people that these changes are for the great benefit of Americans in general, and that they need not be greatly concern, unless they are a part of the illegal government that has been stealing the government funds for so long.

7th February: There are events that are transpiring that will soon allow for us to have our fly-overs and the few landings of the shuttles from the Capricorn in your country. It won't be long now. Events in your nation's capitol are fast approaching the time for a dramatic change in your government. It is difficult for us to state the exact time of the coming changes, however, there does not appear to be many more things that the present administration can do to further delay the inevitable announcement of the resignations of your president and vice-president. They have been wrongfully involved in the illegal use of billions of dollars. Soon the piper must be paid. It will not be long now. That is my hopeful message for you this morning.

5th February: There are to be great changes in your nation's monetary system this week with the release of the bank documents. You will be able to both develop the technology for the on-site stabilization of high-level, radioactive liquids and also to provide for the commercialization of the space-tapping, new-energy devices for commercialization.

In addition, I will warn you about the coming events in your nation. There will soon be the resignation of your president and some dramatic changes in the government with a return to constitutional government. However, those events will be delayed as long as possible by the current president and his supporters.

Be cautious in your dealings knowing that there will soon be some dramatic changes in your nation's leadership. Keep a low profile so that you will not be seen as any type of person who would be opposing either the current administration or the coming administration.

Our information is that the bank documents are in place and the recipients of funds should begin to receive notice from their banks as to the release of their prosperity funds.

1st February: You already know that the resignations of the president and vice-president were signed many months ago and have awaited the distribution of the "prosperity funds". Now the time is here for the resignations to be announced. We are not sure just how soon that will happen. It will be interesting to see if the president can retain his office for many more days.

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