Sananda on the SECOND COMING

March - December 2007

(updated on a daily basis - only when there is NEW information)

*** NOTE: little of signifance has been reported for some time, ***
this will be the last page on this subject until after the NESARA announcement

31st December: Good morning. I do have a final message for you for this old year of 2007. Tomorrow we will welcome in a New Year. This new year will be the year when, I am sure, I will be coming both in the spirit and later in the flesh to visit with my friends and associates on good old Mother Earth. I shall first, of course, be coming to visit with you, in the spirit (in "Zion").

That long-withheld event will soon happen. Then you and I will visit with your religious leaders and help to restore some gospel principles that have been lost to your ecclesiastic leaders.

There is much going on in your government where they are doing all they can to postpone the developments that will replace your president and vice-president. However, if our information is correct, they have run out of means by which they can further delay the distribution of the bank documents. It does appear that "come hell or high water" (as you might say) there will be the deliveries of the bank documents this week.
Is there anything that I should be doing to further my efforts to communicate with my church leaders?

There are events that are beyond our immediate control that must happen before I can be with you and we can deliver my message. Keep up your prayers and your practice. It won't be long now and there will be great changes coming to your government.

8th March: You have been told, by an email message, that He who was known among you as Moses has come again in the flesh and is here to again provide some degree of aid and assistance to humanity. You may have the privilege of communicating with him although he is in a far-off country. Try to communicate with him. You will enjoy such communication and so will he.

There is much to be accomplished in these days of the renewal of Mother Earth and the cleaning up of her atmosphere. You will be pleased to learn of others who will also be returning to earth to be helping in these latter days of unusual fulfillment of prophecy. As you know, at a time of my choosing, I'll be with you again in the flesh. I will, of course, be pleased to greet and work with others who were part of the biblical history such as Moses.

Help to make sure that the world-wide Internet is fully operational. That will be a glorious means for communication for all of us in these latter days of restoration of Mother Earth's being.

2nd March: There is much to be done to prepare for the great changeover that is coming in your government. There is still great resistance to allowing your people to know that we aliens are here among you and that the shuttles from this starship come and go but are denied to exist by your government's policy to thwart our coming and being among you.

However, great changes are coming to your world and some of these changes will be brought to you by our starship and the other starships that are assigned to other parts of the world. It will not be long now and we shall be able to come and go and allow you to understand that we come in peace.

I believe that I can speak for most of the crew of this starship. They are coming to do whatever they are asked to do, provided that there are no weapons involved. They are willing and are able to help develop new technology, to solve problems, especially problems where a clean up of air, water, and lands is involved. They will hearken to calls made to them. In addition, I believe that there are plans to connect to your vast worldwide Internet so that many can discuss issues with them.

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