Sananda on the SECOND COMING

Part 8: September, 2005

(updated on a daily basis)

30th September: Your country lies on the cusp of a great change in government. There will be much consternation as well as a welcoming of the changes that will soon be announced. The shuttles will come and go uncloaked as soon as the Air Force officials, including some that you call "White Knights" are in control and will issue the order to rescind the long-held order to try to shoot down any UFOs. For us that will be the long-awaited change that we must have for the shuttles to land and be seen and to communicate with you. However, that is not my problem. I shall come with the first landing and be there with you, in the spirit, until I come in the flesh. You are to be the one who will ensure that there is good media coverage at the time of my landing with the crew of the Capricorn's shuttle assigned to your landing place. It sounds as if I expected the media to welcome me. However, that is not to be expected, unless you have an excellent telepathic person involved from the media. (said with a smile).

With or without [telepathic] media coverage, we shall be delighted to have you among us. I believe that there are many you will recognize that somehow your spirit (the spirit of Jesus Christ) is among us and influencing our lives.

Thank you, but don't expect too much. I shall do my best to make my presence known to the leaders of the many so-called Christian churches. You and our dear friend will be the instruments that will help. However, I don't expect that there will be media coverage. However, I would welcome media coverage.

Much of the ills of the world that are sometimes assigned to devils, demons, etc. are man-made. There must be the proper type of government (which will take some great efforts) and a recognition that you, mankind in total, are the developers of your destiny. It is [all of] you, working together, in peace and understanding, who will change the world. True, there are some of us, ancient religious leaders, who will be present, but the actions to make a better world, a more peaceful world, is up to mankind. That is a great and immediate challenge to all of you. Hopefully, many will rise to the occasion and make sure that the following generations will be born into and live in a new type of a glorified world. That is the destiny for earth and for you and your friends - you have a significant role in helping to bring about some of the very early, preliminary changes. Are you up to that challenge?

29th September: I shall soon be landing with my spirit body in your midst. I shall be pleased to have any of my church leaders listen to my messages through the use of my chosen speaker. I expect you to help make the arrangements with those church leaders who are willing to listen to my voice and learn of my soon-to-be Second Coming. This will be the action that as you might say, "separates the men from the boys".

There must be a better communication between me and those who seek me in their prayers. There are many of you who do that, but very few of my church leaders who are in full communication with me. That needs to change. There should be a more general acceptance of the ability of many, if not all of mankind, to learn to communicate mind-to-mind, or telepathically, as you would label it.

There is much to be done to be able to have my messages directed to all those who call themselves Christians. This is a great task and is one of the features of My Second Coming and the message that I have to bring. As you have been told before, the other new gospel doctrine is that I am not alone in being resurrected. All mankind have been, will be, or can be resurrected and have additional life experiences

Dear Sananda, I have been asked to ask you about ghosts or apparitions that sometimes occur. What can you tell me?

There are many spirits that upon departure from earth life come directly into our presence. This is especially true of fervent believers in me. However, there are many, such as your own father, whose spirits were not linked to the mental brain-kept images of an after-life. Sometimes these spirits are essentially quiescent, at other times there is an opportunity for them to remain earth-bound until helped to make a transition. In most cases of ghosts, but not all, it is the earth-bound spirits that one would occasionally sense or even see. At other times, there are heavenly-dwelling spirits who are permitted to bring a message to someone still on earth. As more people learn to become skilled in mind-to-mind communication, this ability is not necessarily severed upon death. As you know, from your own experience with your first wife, she was able to get a message to you and then link with you so that you could exchange thoughts, Right?

Yes, dear Sananda, and it was a most comforting and unexpected experience for me.

So tell your friend who asked, that there is time for some spirits to stay around and times when spirits are allowed to return briefly to give a message or to help the grieved, or in some cases, to warn of pending danger.

28th September: You are one of the very few scientists who can also communicate telepathically. However, that is destined to be changed. There is a great need for better communication, especially from churches to me and/or to other religious leaders.

I shall have messages to send to any of the churches that use my name or churches that pray to me and ask my blessings for their members.

It is also meaningful for me to communicate more directly with church leaders rather than through a network of communication linkages as is done with the church you belong to. I desire to communicate telepathically with the various pastors, ministers, bishops, priests etc. That will require learning by many to handle telepathic communication. That is a great effort to be made by me or by others on my behalf. The book that our friend, Angela, has written on telepathy will be a boon to those who desire to become telepaths. There is much good that will come from that book and those who strive to become accurate telepaths.

It appears that there will be more women than men who will learn telepathy. That means some changes in some of my churches so that this ability can be used for the benefit of my various churches.

27th September: We (all of us here on the Capricorn) rejoice in the word received that the banks have "assumed delivery" and have made the arrangements for the release of the humanitarian funds to appropriate trustees. This is a time that we have long waited for. You are to be commended for your long-suffering and your long-waiting for the receipt of the funds for your laboratory.

You will have help from the Mother ship crew, as you have requested. My role will be to provide information about My Second Coming and make arrangements for the ushering in of new doctrines to be taught by my many Christian churches. Your role includes helping our dear friend Angela provide my messages to those church leaders who will respond to the letters that were mailed to them.

Now it is time for me to plan on being with you, in the spirit, for a short time, with the arrival of the first shuttle landing in your valley.

Thank you, dear Sananda. Will you personally be able to come and visit with us while in the spirit, in our laboratory?

Yes. While I have received your daily communications, it will be wise for me to visit with you in your laboratory. I shall let you know when that visit might occur.

Thank you, dear Sananda. We shall be most grateful to have your presence with us to inspire our staff with your spiritual presence. Bless you and much love to you.

26th September: It is a great day in your world, for very soon there will be the opportunity for us to land in your valley and for me to be there, in the spirit. I know you are wondering about my coming in the spirit when all think that my spirit can be accessed and be present among you and [among] many congregations every Sunday. Some explanation is needed. My spirit can be addressed and contacted and I can receive messages like I am receiving from you. However, to be the most effective, I can't splinter myself into many spiritual bodies and be everywhere. I can spiritually receive from many, and send messages to many, however, to be with you in the spirit requires something like a bodily visit but instead the visit of my spiritual body. Is that understandable to you?

Yes, dear Sananda. It makes a lot of sense. For healing what are the limitations?

For the most important (and the most difficult healing) I need to have my spiritual body or my body of flesh and spirit present. However, most of the prayers received for healing can be greatly aided by spiritual messages [sent] to your own spirits. Most of you have the ability to heal yourself if you would but realize and work toward that effort. You yourself have learned to address your "mind, body, and spirit" (as you use the words) and then repeatedly tell yourself what you want healed or accomplished. You have been doing that for over 40 years. There needs to be many others who learn to meditate and do the same thing. My spirit can also help when there is a prayer or request directed to me, especially when in a state of relaxed meditation.

Most short word prayers never get past the ceiling. However, don't forget to pray, it helps you internally. That is my message for you today.

23rd September: There is much to be done to help communicate with more of my church leaders. I have tried to inspire some additional help for you and your good friend. The letter is appropriate and I am pleased at the help that is being extended to you. Get the [address] list to those blessed helpers as soon as you can.

There is much at stake here for my church leaders. They must learn to communicate with me or their flocks will suffer from the lack of my messages to them. It is a great blessing that I am to bring to those church leaders who pray to me and expect to have, at some time, My Second Coming. It is a challenge for them to understand that My Second Coming is so imminent. That [Second Coming] and my message that all of us have past and future lives to be lived, to grow, and to develop into more god-like beings. This is the real heart of eternal progression that is your blessing and mine.

Will we soon know of the culmination of the NESARA program?

Sooner than you might expect. However, this is not the proper media for that question. Your role is not dependent on political changes, but on getting the funds and the people you need to do the important development work that you are attempting.

22nd September: There is much suffering in the world and much of it is needless. Wars are no longer to be allowed as we progress into a more peaceful time: a time for both myself and several other ancient religious leaders to come forth and instruct our various adherents that peace is God-given, war in man-given. There must be an end to the unnecessary [actions of] men killing men. Killing is absolutely not given from the greatest All-in-All, your God. Love, peace, family togetherness, the end of racial strife: these are the things that we will change as we pursue our various God-given assignments in this world.

I shall soon be with you in the spirit. Your preparation in helping me to communicate with more of my church leaders is greatly appreciated. And there will be a few who will respond to your letters and my inspiration. They will assemble and hear my message that I have for them. Be of good cheer, you are doing what has been the role that you have been prepared to accomplish.

My greatest joy is the wonderful development of your friend and mine to be able to receive and write a book of messages from "the other side" and also in being able to teach many others to become great telepaths. She will be especially rewarded in the times to come. Give her all the help you can.

21st September: You are to be a helper in making arrangements so that together we can bring my message to several, perhaps many, of my church leaders. This is to precede my coming in the flesh. My coming in the flesh will only be for a few days before I go to Jerusalem. There is some time [for my presence in the spirit] beginning, as I have told you many times, with the first landing of the shuttle in your valley. I will then be around for doing some of the inspirational efforts that will separate those inspired [church leaders] from those who just claim to be inspired by me. We shall have some good contacts and my message will get to some of my churches through those inspired leaders. I would like to believe that I could communicate with and inspire all of the church leaders who call upon me and proclaim their ability to link to me and provide my blessings for their members. The end result that I hope to achieve is to align [many of] my church leaders with the knowledge that I am here in preparation for My Second Coming and that I have some new doctrine that I desire to be taught to my many churches.

It will be ten o'clock in the morning when we come. The day is yet to be selected.

20th September: There is much going on in your world with a great deal of consternation amongst those whose self-appointed tasks of stealing funds from the government will soon end. The restoration of proper government in the U.S. will resound throughout the world. It will take some time for the nefarious wickedness of some of the U.S. leaders to be replaced by the concerted efforts of many good people to restore proper government to the U.S. and to set an example of prudence and honesty in government for the rest of the world. You will be pleased at the results.

It has taken many years of diligent efforts to overcome the difficulties that were placed in the path of those who seek to restore America to its former glory as a leader of righteousness and representative government. The world will be a better place, but it will come gradually, as the better example of leadership is promulgated from America to the rest of the world.

Your group in their efforts to help clean up radioactive wastes, polluted waters, and improve the way in which energy is provided, can also set a good example of the type of dedicated corporate activities that can be accomplished. You have an old saying that evil thrives when good men do nothing. So good men of this world, hearken to the example of those good men who strive to make the world a better place. You can do small things or you can do large things, but do something to make this world better for you having been here.

19th September: You are to be one of the persons who will probably sense my presence when I come at the time of the first landing of the shuttle in your valley. We have a lot of things to accomplish before I come in the flesh. I had hoped that there would be an earlier completion of the events. Anyway, I shall soon be with you [in the spirit] and together with the help that is being developed, we shall get some messages to many of my churches that are in your valley. Do your best to get the letters out inviting church leaders to listen to a message from the soon-to-return Second Coming of Jesus the Christ. Hopefully, there will be a few who will listen to my message that I will have for them. I will do my best to inspire them to respond to the letters that you will send. Be sure that you get the book "Moroni Sounds the Trumpet" in the hands of church officials as soon as possible.

16th September: It is true that we shall soon be among you, I in the spirit and some of the aliens from the Capricorn in the flesh. However, there are still a few days before we can leave our sanctuary and be freely among you. Our first landing day has not, as yet, been selected. The end of the incorrect government and the return to constitutional government is highly regarded by all of us. This is the beginning of a new millennium. A millennium of peace, prosperity, and the removal of avaricious persons from leadership positions in your government.

It is time for the American people to wake up and do a better job of selecting your leaders. There will be many disclosures of your failures, as a people, to properly consider and elect those who will be the most responsive to the needs of the country as contrasted with their own desires to become more wealthy while in office. There should be some strong legislative changes made in your government and the way in which politicians are provided with monetary opportunities instead of service opportunities.

Well, enough of this preaching to you. It is time for citizens to become more responsible. I wish you the best of good management for your affairs. I shall soon be with you in the flesh for a brief time, then I shall go to do my duty, along with other ancient religious leaders, in and around the Jerusalem area.

15th September: You are one of the few that I can communicate with and I am pleased with your prayers and your efforts to be a better receiver. There is much to be done upon my arrival, in the spirit, at the time of the first landing of the shuttle in your area from the Capricorn. I shall be pleased to have you and your gracious friend, who is such a talented receiver, to help me provide a message to some of my church leaders.

There is much that I shall try to accomplish, in the spirit, before my time comes to be among you in the flesh. You are to be a helper for me, but not to the exclusion of the important work you are doing. There is much that can be accomplished with but a little help from you. You will need to get the mailing [to church leaders] completed as soon as practical because it won't be long and I'll be among you for a season. There is much good in the world and there is much new good things that will occur. Together, all of us, we must make the world a better place to live, grow, develop, and learn about the true nature of our beings.

The major message that I will bring is the concept that each of you being able to have a series of lives, a series of learning and growing. Thus gradually, you become a more knowledgeable, and a more capable being. You have had several past lives. You are expected to have additional lives in which your further growth and development will provide you with the spiritual capability to dwell among the highest beings created by Mother/Father God. That is the message that I shall want to tell to many of my church leaders. It is time for all to understand that this life is but a part of the total existence and development of each of you.

Another part of my coming, in the flesh, will be to help usher in a new world of peace. I shall be joined, in due course, by some of the other ancient religious leaders. Together, we shall do our best to change the wrong concepts of killing those who have a different religion. There must be peace and it must be widespread throughout the world. That is the great task that has been given to all of us. You and your church will help. It is my desire that all churches that bear my name, or call themselves Christian, learn to be more Christ-like in their teachings and in their doings, especially when faced with the resurrected Christ. They need to know and to teach that all can be resurrected, even a number of times.

Dear Sananda, we are most pleased at your coming. How long will you be with us before you go to Jerusalem?

After my coming in the flesh, it will only be a few days that I will be among you in this part of my world, before I go to Jerusalem.

14th September: We understand that you will soon have the "show-and-go" shuttle landings. Are you still planning to come then?

Yes, I shall be there in the spirit at the time of the first shuttle landing in your valley. It will not be long now and we will be able to tell you the day and hour of our coming. Hopefully, you will be able to get some of the press there to take photographs and see what some of our alien friends look like. It will be a great new beginning for the interactions of several races to meet with the humans on this planet. That will be a great start of a long-lasting, friendly relationship with these star-faring aliens. However, to me they are wonderful, long-living, intelligent beings that are a great part of the wonderful universe in which we live, grow, prosper, and develop our individual lives. One of the interesting new topics that will be taught to the people of many churches will be the fact that resurrection is not just for me, but that all of you have a sequence of lives where you grow and develop.

What will be the most important part of your visit with us before you come in the flesh?

The important part will be to be able to give information, through the voice of my beloved helper, to many of those churches who bear my name. They are to be given some of the new gospel principles that are to be taught. The most important of these is the sequence of lives for each of us. That will be my important message to all of my churches.

13th September: Well my friend, it will not be long and I will be there among you. The final distribution of funds is to take place today, according to information I have been given. That means that tomorrow there should be the announcement of the change over to Constitutional government. That will come as a great surprise to most of your countrymen. For us it will be a day of rejoicing. Soon thereafter, I shall come in the spirit, at first, to be among you with the landing of the first shuttle to land in your valley. It has been a long wait. Are you prepared for this great event?

Dear Sananda, I shall do my best to notify the news media, just as soon as the final day of the shuttle landing is made known to us. This will be a great day for all of us.

Yes, it will be a great day and with it will come great responsibilities for you and your friends. My second coming will soon be the topic of conversation after I come in the spirit and do my best with your help to tell people about My Coming in the Flesh, at a time of my own choosing.

There will be many disbelievers, even in your own church. However, with your help and the help of our wonder woman to convey my messages to church leaders, there will be a belief grow in My Second Coming to happen fairly soon. Are you ready for the events that will unfold in the near future?

I will do my best to be ready for the first landing and for your coming in the spirit. I hope that I shall be able to properly sense your presence. It will be a most wonderful day in my life. Bless me that I shall be able to know that you are among us.

I will bless you and your good friend who will be my voice. It will be historic times for all.

12th September: I shall soon be among you [in the spirit]. The time is fast approaching, FINALLY, when I shall be able to meet with you, to meet with others, to visit in the spirit with many, and then, at a time of My choosing, to be among you in the flesh for a short time before I go to Jerusalem. It is with great anguish that I witness the killing of Jews and Palestinians in that part of the world where I was born and reared and made my message known to many. There must be peace among all nations, and among all people, regardless of their culture and religious beliefs. That is the challenge of My Second Coming. It will be a great service that I shall provide to mankind: to help, along with some of the other Master Teachers of the past, to restore peace to all of the earth as rapidly as we can. You in America with your ability to help send supplies to various parts of the world where they are needed. You and your church, will be called upon by Me to provide a great deal of help.

Peace must be accompanied with proper food, clothing, and shelter to all of my people. Your church will be of great help when I go to Jerusalem. Of course, it will be my privilege to talk directly with MY church leaders and make arrangements for the great outpouring of help that is needed. You will all be called on to help in this great effort. Do you understand?

Yes, dear Savior. I understand and will do my best to also help in this great endeavor for your Second Coming.

Thank you. You are to help, when I come, by introducing me (with a smile) to your church members when I come to speak to them and to show them that you are not addle-brained.

Thank you, dear Sananda. I shall rejoice in the restoration of my mental stability among my neighbors.
[Note: I made the mistake of commenting in a church meeting about my communication with Sananda. The leader of our congregation then went to the two adult Sunday School classes to announce that I was having mental problems but was not dangerous!]

[see also Sananda's message on the Anniversary of 9-11]

9th September: There are important items for me to take care of with my church leaders so please get the letters out to these church leaders and ask if they will be willing to have a conversation with me before I come in the flesh.

My major role will be to help change the way in which some topics are addressed in the many churches that use my name or that pray to me. There are many who will benefit from what I can do for them, however, there needs to be a focus on what my message is, specifically, that it is time for all of my churches to understand that it is not only I who can be resurrected. Most of you have had a past life and each of you can have additional life experiences by returning again from your spiritual bodies to the housing of flesh and experience new lessons. A careful study of the scriptures in the Bible will show that there have been many who have been resurrected and come back to earth. That is a doctrine that should be and will be taught more in those churches that properly accept me and my teachings.

8th September: I am soon to be among you, in the spirit, by my choosing. Of course, my spirit can interact with your spirit without my being there among you. However, it is of considerable interest to me to consider first-hand what the presence of my spirit can do for some of you. Therefore, I shall be coming at the time of the landing of the first shuttle in your area. My wonderful friend from Canada will also be there and together, the three of us are going to make some interesting changes in the religious communities. So get your letters out to my church leaders and invite them to listen to the message that I will have for them. The message will use Angela as my voice and each message will contain information that will assure the recipient that it is indeed not Angela who is coming forth with this information. Your role will be to make the arrangements.

There will be a lot of good that you will be able to accomplish, with my help. However, it is important to me that I will be able to communicate to, at least, some of my church leaders in your area. I'll take care of your particular church members later, but I would like to have some interaction with others of my many Christian churches.

7th September: This is a time of great changes, especially in your government, as the restoration to Constitutional Government is implemented. That has been a real problem to arrange or, I should say, to help arrange. There are many of you who are involved in restoring true freedom to your mainly peaceful land. You are also quick to rise to the needs to help others as many of you are doing for the calamity in New Orleans and other places suffering effects from the hurricane.

There is a much needed change in the way in which your banking system operates. The new currency that has been printed will be provided soon. There will be a great reduction in personal debt as the homes and credit card debts are paid off by the announcement of the NESARA program. There will be many of you who will donate funds to some of my churches. That is appreciated and I shall soon be among you in the spirit to help you in return for your help to My Churches. You will have some new gospel to listen to and learn. I am not the only person to be reincarnated. You will soon be taught that you also, all of you, can be reincarnated to have a more full life and have more experiences in your essentially eternal progression. You yourself remember two of your past lives, right?

I was helped to recall two past deaths and the times proceeding prior to those deaths. So I do have some knowledge of two past lives.

You will be able to do [recall] even better. However, it is important for you to understand and provide the tasks you will be given in this life from me and for me so that I can be more effective in My work. I shall soon be with you in the spirit and later in the flesh, prior to the time that I go to Jerusalem. You will be of considerable help and you will be appropriately rewarded, if not in this life, then in the next (said with a smile).

My blessings on you and your friends who are aware of Me and My Second Coming.

6th September: I shall soon be with you in the spirit as the landing time is fast approaching. You will be the recipient of my blessings and so will many others who have been fervent in their search and prayers for my presence in their lives. Then it will not be long thereafter until I am again on your beautiful earth as the resurrected one whose coming has been foretold for many generations.

However, in the meantime, there is still much work to do so that Mother Earth can be cleaned up and at least partially restored to her paradisiacal glory. There is coming a thousand years of peace and it shall begin soon. There will be an end to wars and a beginning of a great deal of more respect for all of Earth's children. Humanity is to become more glorified and less contentious. There will be many who will admire the changes and a few who may be taken from the earth due to their insistence on trying to maintain or achieve a ruling status over their fellow man. These changes will come gradually and not in an instant. I will be among you in the spirit soon to help get the changes made. Then I shall be with you in the flesh for a time that has been allotted to me.

There will be peace declared and preached and practiced by all who bear my name in their prayers or in their hearts. I shall rejoice with many of you as peace spreads out over the earth. There will be troubled times in many places, but these will be alleviated and peace will be restored. All mankind must believe that all others of different cultures, races, and practices are still to be loved and respected even if their culture is vastly different. Mankind will help mankind and that will begin, in earnest, here among those who pray and ask me for my help. I will soon be with you for a short time before I go to Jerusalem.

Dear Sananda, thank you for a beautiful message. We shall do our best to help. What is your desire as to our contacts with some of your local church leaders?

Prepare letters again to send to them and tell them that I will have a message for them, if they so desire. They need to understand that I will use Angela as my voice because there are so few that can receive my messages [via telepathy].

5th September: We have provided some of those who have developed new technology with the inspiration to find better ways. We will do our best to help with more than inspiration. You will be one of the first to have some of the alien scientists working with you in your lab.

There is much to be done to help me also. I shall desire to have you and Angela help me get messages to many of the leaders of My Christian churches, many of whom are in your area, as an answer to the progress of the Church missionary activities among them. It is my desire to have a better alignment among my many churches in terms of the gospel messages that they preach. As I have told you before, it is the principle of reincarnation for all mankind that is important to teach so that members are better prepared to understand and be ready for another life experience. At some stage each of you will be able to remember your several lifetimes of experience. You, for instance, have some memory of two past deaths. It will be important that, in some cases, some of you in the flesh have the complete memory that is with your spirit.

Dear Sananda, Are you still planning to come, in the spirit, for the first landing here in this area?

Yes, that is my plan and I hope that with your ability to see auras, you might be able to detect my presence.

Angela, hopefully, will also be there. She will sense My presence. However, I don't expect that anyone will be taking pictures of Me. Perhaps I can add a bit to some of the pictures that will be taken of the shuttle landing.

2nd September: I am busily involved in trying to influence some of the searchers for finding trapped people in attics of their homes with no way to communicate where they are. I am doing my best to influence the searchers to listen for or exchange rapping signals with some who are trapped and in serious condition without food and water.

Never again should there be such a catastrophe in any country. There is no need to build below sea level. In addition, the changing climate caused by global warming will cause some amount of rise in the ocean level. In addition, there will be some dramatic future changes in some of the land masses that will also affect the ocean levels. It is now time to abandon or increase the elevation of the city of New Orleans.

You and your scientific friends have a great challenge ahead of you to do all you can to ensure that such a catastrophe is lessened. Buildings must be more sturdy because there will be other wind storms occurring as the climate is being changed.

Back to the religious side of my coming. We must have a better alignment of churches so that all of them are more cautious of teaching their members about the coming climate changes and how to be prepared for their own families and how to help store food and other items to help when need arises. America is soon to be a richer nation and must do more to help other parts of the world fill their needs and become more self sufficient. Wars must cease. Peace must prevail. Humanity must adopt love and respect for all other humanity regardless of religious affiliation. That will be a part of the message that I will soon bring to many of my church leaders.

1st September: The church of which you are a member has moved immediately to send many truckloads of supplies and volunteers to the storm destroyed area in and around New Orleans. That is what my churches ought to do. Those who are volunteering to help will be blessed by Me and by those who are being helped. Those who did not survive are being carefully cared for on this side of the veil. Such devastation does occur at times. It is a natural consequence of some of the results of human exploitation of the earth. There should be government leaders who long ago would have responded to the clear signals of global warming and begun efforts to maintain the earth's atmosphere to the proper historic [carbon dioxide] levels that allows the normal plant and animal life to flourish.

Much of my time, when among you in the spirit, will be devoted to aligning the messages that my many churches teach so that there will be more of an emphasis on future lives for each of my many followers, indeed, for all humanity. However, there is a condition of will involved. It is you, each of you, who will help to determine where and when you desire to have another life experience.

You chose this time and asked to be allowed to serve your fellow man. For much of your life, especially during the past twenty years, you have had that kind of experience that you had selected for your sojourn on this earth at this time. Your memory has not been restored so that you can remember much of your past lives, however, that will come in due course, when it is appropriate.

Currently, I have much need for your developing skills to be my messenger. I shall soon be among you, in the spirit, and will need your help and the help of our beautiful friend to get some messages from me to some of my church leaders. That is my message for you today. Any questions?

Dear Sananda, is there anything that I should be doing to help those many people who are suffering from the hurricane damage?

You are doing what needs to be done by you. Donations are needed by those who can afford to help. With the soon-to-be release of a great deal of money, there will be many donations to help rebuild the lives and homes of many people. Continue with your assignments and my blessings on you and your friends.

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