27th October, 2005: through Angela

Over the hills and valleys the finger of God comes, to touch all of Humanity on this day. Not one person will be left out. From the smallest infant, to the old man breathing his last breath, all will be saved. Yes, all will be saved. I did not come merely for the holy, I came to earth for all, and I will not break my promise.

I shed tears of joy that your suffering will soon end. I give my heartfelt thanks to those who have worked tirelessly for this day.

I will be in Utah for the First Contact. Some of you will see my form, or my glow. You will feel my presence in a new way, and you will never be the same.

I am coming with all my glory and all of my power, but it will be cloaked for but a little while longer. And then you will see me in a new body, a different body, but the same Spirit.

I am the Spirit of Gentleness, the Spirit of Forgiveness, the Spirit of Reconciliation. I will bring peace to your heart, and to the heart of every nation on Earth.

Ring out the bells, dance in the street, make music, enjoy a feast. The day we have waited for has come. Allelujah!

I am Lord Sananda, glorious and free, as you shall soon be.

6th December, 2005: First message through Lauren

Walk softly I am with you
Listen softly I am here
Shroud lightly it is near
The time has come to be with me
All who listen share in glee
Listen up, listen close
To my friend and yours
She is wondrous, she is wise
In her words, my truth lies
I've come to tell you I've come this day
Soon her words are what I say.

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